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Open Letter to Mr. Jai Ram Ramesh

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“There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It supercedes all other courts. ”
- Mahatma Gandhi

An Open Letter To Mr. Jairam Ramesh
By Shankar Sharma
23 March, 2011
22nd March 2011
Dear Mr. Ramesh, 
I refer to the two of your interviews referred to in the news items below. 
“Ramesh says achieving 33 per cent forest cover unrealistic” 
India cannot abandon nuclear power: Jairam Ramesh”
It is difficult to decide to put these statements in which of the following categories of human frailty: ignorance, or naivety, or political concession to please industrial houses, or confused understanding of two diverse subjects.

To say that achieving 33 per cent forest cover is unrealistic is tantamount to say that our environment can be completely compromised for the sake of so called GDP centred development. 33% forest cover has been the target recommended by National Forest Policy, which the present govt. has not disowned yet. Without recommending a different target figure, to say that the earlier figure is unrealistic is sacrilegious to say the least.  What is the revised target figure you are proposing: 20%, 10% or even 5%?  What is the guarantee that this revised figure will not be laughed at by the next MoEF?  Has MoEF the support of any objective scientific study to arrive at such a conclusion?

The figure of 33% target recommended by National Forest Policy has been done after a careful analysis of all the related issues, even though that target itself is considered by many scientists as inadequate to ensure a health environment to our people on a sustainable basis.  Looking at how the density/quality/extent of our forests is being reduced every year, the figure of 33% can certainly be termed as inadequate. The wise people in your ministry seem to confuse trees with forests.  I am living in the midst of
Western Ghats, and on observing the continuous degradation of forests here, and on talking to the villagers, scientists and environmentalists it becomes very clear that the concerned authorities have no objective to adequately protect our bio-diversity.  Fast degrading forests, as we have today, even in 50% of the total area of our country cannot provide us the quality and quantity of ecological services our country needs.  Instead of making honest efforts to increase the provision of such ecological services, MoEF seem to be focused on how to reduce such services even further to benefit few industrial/corporate houses.

The large number of mines, power projects, SEZs, industries, airports, townships etc. being licensed all over the country within or in the vicinity of ecologically sensitive areas will further reduce both the density and extent of forest cover.  One would have expected that MoEF to have a basic knowledge that dense bio-rich rain forest stretches can support millions of people as they are doing now in Asia, Africa and South America than the large number of polluting industries, which have already made life miserable for such people. 
It is very disturbing that the MoEF itself say that forests are expendable for the lop-sided growth we are witnessing today.  In this background all other actions and appearances of MoEF will be seen as mere ostentation.

The statement attributed to you on the subject of nuclear power is even more baffling.  It seems obvious that the officials have misrepresented the facts to you when you were in Power Ministry, and/or you have completely got your facts wrong.

Despite a massive investment by DAE since 1950s, the percentage of installed nuclear capacity is only 2.8% of the total installed power capacity; and its annual energy contribution is even much less because of poor performance of the nuclear power plants. Compare this with negligible investment by the govt. in renewable energy sources. Starting from 1990 this sector has already achieved about 13% of the total installed capacity. What sort of environmental and social risks can you attribute to this sector? 
Can our poor and densely populated country afford to take the risk of a nuclear emergency?  If a techno-economically advanced country like
Japan, with a huge focus on safety quality and emergency preparedness, is struggling to contain the evolving nuclear holocaust is it not foolhardy to say that our country, which has rarely been associated with high quality and openness, is better prepared?  Are the advocates of nuclear power ready to put their names as guarantors of safety in each of our nuclear power plants? 
Has no one told you that the post independence history reveals that the tall claims of nuclear power additions in our country have turned out to be just false claims?  Even before a single unit of nuclear electricity was produced in the country, by 1969 the AEC predicted that by 2000 there would be 43,500 MW of nuclear generating capacity.  As of now the total nuclear capacity is only 4,700 MW.    For such a meager share of our power production capacity, shall our society be condemned to face nuclear holocausts just to prop up the nuclear establishment?  Your statement seems to support the business interests of French, Russian and American nuclear industries at the cost of overall welfare of our people. It is better to remember that about 44% of the people in our country, who have no access to electricity even after 64 years of massive investments, would rather prefer not to have electricity as compared to the option of multiple crises of a nuclear accident.

You may like to remember that the people of this country are most likely to blame your ministry for the huge consequences of any nuclear accidents.  

You seem to be a victim of the wrong propaganda that nuclear power will lead to the overall reduction of GHG emissions. Increased use of nuclear power did not really reduce
Japan's emission levels.  Between 1965 to 1995 Japan's nuclear power capacity went from zero to over 40,000 MW. During the same period its CO 2   emissions increased from about 400 million tons to about 1,200 million tons.  What is needed to reduce the overall GHG emissions is to resolutely move away from the Western life style of heavy energy consumption and consumerism.  MoEF's license to start hundreds of industries, conventional power plants, mining, airports etc. will only increase the GHG emissions. 
Has your Ministry ever considered the true cost to the society of nuclear power?  Have the  costs of mining and processing Uranium ore, and the GHGs associated with the industry right from stage of mining, transporting, processing, cooling of reactors, and then for thousands of years in the process of waste management been taken into account?  Can our farmers, mostly with small holdings, be allowed to face the credible risk of becoming destitute in the case of nuclear radiation contaminating the food /agricultural crops they grow?

The statement attributed to you that “ ….and we imposed 35 conditions for that clearance," w.r.t  Jaitapura nuclear power park is hilarious at best.  Everyone knows in our country that once this power plant start operating MoEF will never dare to stop such a high profile nuclear power plant even if all these so called conditions are violated. 

W.r.t your statement that "As far as safety and radioactive waste management is concerned, it is the responsibility of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board," people of this country can only say that it is irresponsible and complete abrogation of the Ministry's constitutional obligations to protect the environment, and bio-diversity.  Has no one brought to your attention that the Bio-diversity Convention has strongly espoused the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE?

In this context I sincerely hope that MoEF will urgently stop its practice of anti–people and anti-environment policies, and take its constitutional obligations objectively and seriously.


Shankar Sharma 
Power Policy Analyst 
Mulubagilu, Doorvasapuram Post, Thirthahally 
Shimoga District, Karnataka - 577432 

An Open Letter To Mr. Jairam Ramesh
By Saraswati Kavula
20 March, 2011
An Open Letter to Mr. Jairam Ramesh,
Dear Mr. Ramesh,
I have seen your recent interview to Headlines Today channel on the 18th March, regarding the nuclear issue. You said, “This is not a stop button, but a pause button” and added that while India must reassess the situation, there is no need to abandon the programme. In fact, you went on to say, that India cannot afford to go without this nuclear expansion, otherwise, where will we get the energy from? With global warming, nuclear is the only solution, since it’s a Clean Energy and doesn’t emit green house gases.
Really? That is a point that we can debate about endlessly. But that is not my intention. You have also said in the same interview, for the first question, well, China is rethinking about their expansion programme, because they are going for Nuclear in a big way, and Germany is shutting down due to public opposition. And you added, but we are not going for nuclear in a big way like China, right now, nuclear component is 3 percent of the total electricity generated, by 2020 it will be 6 percent and by 2030, it will go up to 13%. So, basing on your own words, “How is this 13 percent electricity going to solve India’s electricity problems?”(Forget about energy problems, which include various other things like oil for transportation, cooking fuel etc. By the way, the total electricity component of the energy component of India even by 2030 will not be more than 25% as it is in developed countries like USA now.) So, would it really matter to Not have this 13% electricity in a country, where nearly 30-40% of electricity produced is actually lost in Transmission and distribution? And we don’t like to invest in technology to save these losses?
Second, you said, “Germany is closing its nuke plants due to public opposition” so the interviewer asked you, but in Jaitapur, the public has been opposing the NPP but they have been lathi charged and arrested. Your reply: “Well, that is a state issue”. Really? But it was your unprecedented Haste at granting the Environmental Clearance for Jaitapur plant, that has resulted in the Public uproar, so, simple, just the way you took the example of Germany, withdraw the Clearance for Jaitapur NPP, and then no one will protest, and no one will be arrested, and you would have actually respected public opinion. But then you never had any intention of respecting public opinion, you knew that the public would oppose the project if a public hearing was conducted, therefore, you decided to do away with the EPH process altogether, basing on “economic and strategic interests”, which actually meant to please the bosses in French Government.
So, the interviewer asked, “but these Areva reactors which are being set up are untested technology, so people are saying why are they being installed here?” Your reply, “well, the Ministry of Environment and Forests is not competent enough to assess the technology, it is for the NPCIL and DAE to do that”. So, if your department is not competent enough to assess the dangers from the technology to the environment (including people’s health) why did you give an EC in the first place? And quoting your words which appeared in press in October 2010, “the MoEF has gone through the 1000 page EIA document and has decided to give EC based on our judgment, and “due to strategic and economic interests”, we are granting EC to facilitate the inking of the agreement between NPCIL and Areva, during the visit of Mr. Sarkozy.”
Coming back to the interview on Headlines Today, you went on to add regarding the “untested technology of Areva, which the interviewer said, it’s run into some trouble in Finland where the first ever of these reactors is being installed”, “Well, I am not a salesman for Areva, but though this is a new technology, we are not the only ones using it, China had placed an order for ….reactors, etc etc, even in Finland, very shortly, it will begin operation…” Really, does it sound like a sale pitch for Areva or what?
But you actually sound like a Salesman for the Nuclear Lobby rather than an Environment Minister of the country.
But that’s not all. In your own pronouncements, “you seem to be worried about the green house gases, so you promote Nuclear” but you allow the setting up of Coal fired Thermal Power Plants in hundreds across the country, and then a lot of them on the eco-sensitive coastal zones. Two have been set up in wetlands of east coast. But horror of horrors, 28 plants of 35,000 MW are being set up within 10km radius in Nellore. When someone asked you, “you have cancelled the environmental clearance to Sompeta, NCC thermal power plant, yet you have allowed setting up of such a massive amount of thermal plants in one single place, your reply, “We cancelled the project in Sompeta, as the public over there opposed”. So, by those same standards, you should be canceling Jaitapur NPP, instead you go on and on saying, but we gave an EC with 35 conditions. Who cares about conditions in this country, where it’s so easy to grease people to bend the rules? And anyway, who has written those conditional clearances, someone like Mr. A. Balraj, who was the EAC Chairman for the Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Project in Kakrapalli, and who also happens to be one of the big bosses of the Company promoting Bhavanapadu TPP?
So, what does the MoEF do? Sit around and watch the fun, while the “state issue” takes on – lathi charging, setting houses on fire, killing two innocent fishermen, who have only asked for a right to their livelihood, and 90 year old women are dragged to jail and attempt to murder cases slapped against the innocent, mostly women, whose only mistake was to say, “no to Bhavanapadu TPP” and that too since the filling up of the wetland has resulted in starvation for the fishermen and crop losses for farmers. And the NEAA, said, ‘while it’s true that the said project is situated in a wetland region, since the project started, we cannot cancel it!” So, the MoEF and its Minister, you, take the route of convenience as it pleases you. The innocent fisher folk and farmers of Kakrapalli villages are being slapped with Attempt to Murder cases and being randomly arrested even as I write this letter to you. Who is responsible for this torture and murder and distress of the people of those villages? Who should be slapped with attempt to Murder cases? The revenue officials who conveniently said, its waste land and not wetland? The MoEF, which set up an EAC Chairperson, without checking on his background, (or was it deliberate?) The NEAA which continued the EC with “conditions”, the State Government which simply decided to eliminate those who are asking for their rights, or You, who sitting up there, like the PM, say, “well, I didn’t ask anyone to do it.’ In these days of satellite images, even a school boy can tell if a place is a wetland or wasteland by the click of a button. Now don’t tell me that the MoEF didn’t know about it. Or was it deliberate deafness and blindness?
Just the way, right now, everyone has been crying hoarse, trying to tell you, Jaitapur is a Earthquake prone area, but very conveniently, the reports have been changed, so from being a highly dangerous Grade 4 quake zone, now, Jaitapur is Grade 2. So, “you see, no harm, India has had a long history of using Nuclear Technology absolutely safe”. It’s another story that hundreds of casual workers are exposed to radiation in Nuclear Plants across the country, but then they are not permanent employees, so their numbers don’t count. It’s another story that nearly 192 scientists working in the Indian nuclear plants have committed suicides in 15 years. Wonder why? May be, a conflict of Conscience, where they are restricted to not speak the truth, but they know they are living a lie?
A reporter asked me on another tv show, what are the dangers post Japanese Nuclear Meltdown, I had to reply, “Our politicians and bureaucrats”. When Japan has been hit by crisis, its PM stood by his people, I wonder what politicians here will do, like the former Chief Minister of MP, Mr. Arjun Singh, who ran off to Delhi, while people died in Bhopal, will all of you, who are telling us this is “very safe” give your lives or simply abscond and fly off to a safe haven? I believe the later will be the situation.
The most dangerous of them all, are people like you and Mr. Manmohan Singh with that “clean and green” image, which is the greatest deception of all. It’s easier dealing with outspoken rascals who parade as our parliamentarians; at least we know their intentions, we only do not realize that time and again we are being duped by Smooth Talking folks like you.
Saraswati Kavula
Filmmaker and Activist


Citizens are demanding answers to questions regarding approval, rehabilitation and land acquisition, costs, radioactive byproducts, reprocessing of spent fuel and disposal of radioactive wastes and civil nuclear liability limits of the Jaitapur nuclear plant that remains unaddressed. It must be answered by the Indian government, says activist Gopal Krishna.
Madban, a small village in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra [ Images ] is opposed to the nuclear plant in Jaitapur proposed by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India [ Images ]. The project got environmental clearance on November 28 hurriedly to please French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who visted India from December 4-7. The nuclear reactors would be designed and developed by AREVA, a French company.
Prior to this on October 29, more than 3,000 villagers courted arrest after an agitation. The villagers have refused compensation. Former high court judge B G Kolse-Patil, who was served orders preventing him from entering Ratnagiri district, flouted the ban and attended the villagers rally. Former Indian Navy chief Admiral L Ramdas (retired) and former Supreme Court Judge P B Samant too supported the villagers but were stopped by the police from joining the agitation.
The proposed nuclear power park at Madban is situated near the port of Jaitapur in the southern part of Ratnagiri district. It would be the largest single location nuclear power project in the world. It is based on the import of six nuclear power plants from AREVA. In the first phase, two plants are to be built between 2012 and 2017.
It has come to light that in the matter of the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project a rigorous and scientific environment impact assessment and cost benefit analysis has not been performed.
Union Minister of Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh [ Images ], in the presence of the chief minister and deputy chief minister of Maharashtra officially announced 'conditional' environmental clearance to the JNPP. The citizens of Maharashtra and India are demanding answers to questions regarding approval, rehabilitation and land acquisition, costs, radioactive byproducts, reprocessing of spent fuel and disposal of radioactive wastes and civil nuclear liability limits that remains unaddressed. It must be answered by the Indian government. It is widely felt that it is a Vedanta and Posco kind of clearance given in haste to be repented in leisure.
It appears that the preparations for Sarkozy occupied the Union Cabinet so much that it failed to consult the secretaries of ministries/departments of the government of India on the ramifications in terms of liability from the proposed nuclear plant.
Several organisations and a large number of individuals are campaigning against the plant. The Konkan Bachao Samiti and the Janhit Seva Samiti have been spearheading a campaign against this nuclear power project. There is reliable information that the European regulatory authorities from three countries, Finland, France [ Images ] and UK have jointly written to AREVA, raising certain serious objections to the current design of control and instrumentation for vital safety aspects of Evolutionary Pressurized Reactors plant. It has also been learnt that the US regulator has written to AREVA expressing similar concerns.
Local residents are opposed to the JNPP and have refused to accept any compensation, nor have they demanded a raise in compensation. The project will attract Rs 25,000 crore to Rs 35,000 crore investment in the first two phases. The government is offering Rs 350 crore as compensation to the villagers. It is claimed that there are 2,033 families who would be directly affected by the project on 968 hectares of land. The nuclear project promises power generation of 9,900 MW in phases. 
In a backdrop that presented a fait accompli, the biodiversity report prepared by the Bombay Natural History Society formed the basis for the 35 environmental conditions set by the environment ministry while giving the green signal for the nuclear plant. The report recorded the presence of plant and animal life on land and marine both at and around the plant site. The BNHS has also mapped 407 hectares of mangrove vegetation around a 10 km radius of the nuclear plant as well as in some of the affected villages.
The BNHS report contradicted the official 1,200 page environment impact assessment report prepared by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute and made public in April, 2010.
The NEERI report had described the land surrounding the nuclear plant as "rocky and barren land with no habitation and vegetation" and hence ruled out any adverse ecological impact in the area. The same area was surveyed during the monsoon by BNHS, which found 134 species of plants on the plateau.
In July, 2010 the BNHS conducted a rapid impact assessment of the biodiversity of the region and found the Madban plateau to be rich in plant and animal diversity with very good marine diversity in adjacent sites of Ambolgad and Kasheli.
The BNHS found 1,000 plant species, NEERI couldn't find even 500 species. Indeed if the project proponents are assigned to conduct EIA, the report cannot be objective. Therefore, once again the NEERI report is flawed. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, the project proponent, is an undertaking of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE had commissioned NEERI to prepare the EIA report for the Jaitapur plant in 2005).
Earlier, in a letter to the President of India dated September 1, ToxicsWatch Alliance pointed out that "the cost of a single nuclear reactor can be as high as Rs 30,000 crore as in the case of the reactor planned at Jaitapur by AREVA, a French public multinational industrial conglomerate headquartered in Tour Areva near Paris. Consequently, the cost of a reactor can be 20 times the maximum amount of liability. It means that it might be cheaper for the operator to take the risk of paying the maximum liability than to spend, say, 10 per cent extra in adding safety features to the plant."
It has been found that NEERI's EIA report is unscientific. This EIA report was made available only a month prior to the public hearing on May 16. It has been alleged on factual grounds that the EIA report reads as if it was authored by the public relations department of NPCIL or Areva.
It may be noted, "The accident at Chernobyl released into the atmosphere an amount of radioactivity equivalent to 400 bombs of the Hiroshima variety. The nuclear project at Jaitapur is about 10 times the size of the Chernobyl Power Plant. The huge radioactive accumulations at the plant site are the principal causes of concern which must be addressed."
NEERI did not have the competence to assess the project. It entails issues of radioactive radiation. NEERI contends that the project meets Atomic Energy Regulatory Board norms and standards without conducting any independent assessment, relying completely on the AERB. But AERB reports are not part of the EIA.
Unmindful of its admitted incompetence to assess radioactive risk, NEERI certifies the safety of the plant saying, "Through individual event sequence analysis for different initiating events, it is estimated that the plant is provided adequate safety features and measures to mitigate or minimise any unsafe consequences".
The same EIA report reveals the following, "All the above scenarios explained, namely Design Basis Accidents and Beyond Design Basis Accidents are thoroughly studied and detailed reports are generated as Preliminary Safety Analysis Reports and these reports will be submitted to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for review and approval for construction of nuclear power project at Jaitapur." Clearly implying that the safety approval by the AERB is yet to be obtained and despite this it certified the adequacy of the safety of the plant against "any unsafe consequences".
The threat of a terrorist attack on nuclear plants in India is also considered credible is clear from the specific exclusion in clause 5 (ii) in the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill (2010) which has been passed by the Indian Parliament and awaits the President's assent. It reads: "An operator shall not be liable for any nuclear damage where such damage is caused by a nuclear incident directly due to -- an act of armed conflict, hostility, civil war, insurrection or terrorism".
After the 9/11 terrorist attack in the US, the possibility of terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants is considered quite credible and substantial by US authorities. The DAE has ignored the complete text of a 2009 report presented to the US Congress: on "Nuclear Power Plant Security and Vulnerabilities". Consequently, amendments were made in US law to require nuclear plant design to address this risk but the Indian legislation on nuclear liability does the contrary.
In his testimony to the parliamentary committee, Union Defence Secretary Pradeep Kumar categorically had stated, "under different layers of protection, nuclear assets including nuclear installations are being protected through defence." However, he admitted that "absolute and foolproof protection cannot be guaranteed for any nuclear or other assets in the country during peace or war."
Exceptions for acts of terrorism can easily be used by the supplier and the operator to wash their hands off any nuclear disaster. Testimony after testimony before the parliamentary committee had asked for deletion of the word terrorism from the nuclear liability bill but the same is not reflected in the bill which was passed by Parliament.
Misplaced expression of satisfaction by NEERI with NPCIL's claim of safe storage for 100 years is shocking. This constitutes less than one per cent of the lethality lifetime of the spent fuel. There is no explanation as what will happen to the radioactive waste after 100 years. It is a known fact that India does not have a geological repository for nuclear waste and there are no sites in India suitable for building one.
The EIA report is flawed because of the absence of a specific plan for decommissioning as well. No new nuclear plant can be built in Europe or the US without such a plan. The EIA report is untenable.
The cost of electricity generated from JNPP would be in excess of Rs 9 per unit. This does not include the costs of managing radioactive waste and decommissioning. The current cost of electricity is about Rs 4 per unit. It has been noted in the Rajya Sabha that as far as the cost difference between hydro, thermal and all the available options vis-à-vis nuclear electricity is concerned, the cost difference is 1:3.
If the overall objective of wanting to generate 40,000 MW of nuclear power in the next two decades is considered, the cost difference between conventional and nuclear electricity would be more than Rs 300,000 crore. This amount can build 20,000 hundred-bedded modern hospitals all over the country and 2.5 lakhs of Navodaya Vidyalayas with boarding facilities for 100 students all over the country.
The total installed generating capacity in India as on June 30 was 162,367 MW, comprising 64 percent from fossil fuel, 23 percent from hydro, 3 percent from nuclear and balance 10 percent from renewable energy sources. Evidently, share of nuclear power is quite low. It is possible to generate similar power from alternate sources of energy.
In its last report in 2010, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science, Technology, Environment & Forests, had recommended that "the government should consult all such ministries/departments which are even remotely concerned with the provisions of a proposed legislation", the same has not been done. This recommendation has been ignored in the case of Jaitapur nuclear plant as well.
The standing committee referred to how secretaries of ministries of health & family welfare, agriculture, labour & employment, food & public distribution were ignored in the drafting of the Nuclear Liability Bill was a very serious lapse of the Union Cabinet.
It may be noted that secretary, Union ministry of health said, "Since the response system to deal with any kind of emergency of such type, the hospitals are not well-equipped, it is natural that mortality and morbidity due to multiple burn, blasts, radiation injuries and psycho-social impact could be on very high scale and medical tackling of such a large emergency could have enough repercussions in the nearby areas of radioactive fallout."
She also mentioned that in the entire bill, there is not a single clause which speaks about taking healthcare during radiological emergencies. It reflects only about payment of compensation due to health impacts of such radiation. She suggested while setting up nuclear plants, consideration may also be given to the fact that there should be a hospital having trained doctors near such establishments and arrangements should also be made for free treatment of people who are affected by serious nuclear fallout.
She confessed that "her ministry is nowhere to meet an eventuality that may arise out of nuclear and radiological emergencies." Similar testimonies from secretaries of other ministries provide a chilling and prophetic forewarning.
In compliance of the suggestion of chairperson of the parliamentary committee during my testimony on August 3 and pursuant to a written submission dated July 7, TWA had specifically drawn the attention of the committee with regard to the narrow definition of the word 'installation' and conflict of interest ridden existence of the AERB. In a letter to the committee dated August 12, TWA has questioned the merit of centralised power stations given 35-40 percent transmission and distribution loss from power grids.
The secretary, financial services, ministry of finance, submitted before the committee that "any increase in premium of insurance will lead to increase in the cost of production of electricity for nuclear power. It is argued that higher the liability limit higher will be the insurance premium and subsequently higher will be the cost of electricity production."
Keeping these concerns in mind, opposition against the nuclear plants are emerging in a huge way.
Will the sane voice of Madban village be able to compel the might of a determined state to bulldoze its nuclear project at any cost, to rethink? The issue what is supreme AREVA's interest or the interest of villagers. Once again the insincerity and dishonesty of paying lip-service to Mahatma Gandhi's [ Images ] village republic and autocratically refusing to accord a sovereign status to the village at the same time stands exposed.

INDIA  SOLD  OUT   TO  NUCLEAR POWER GENERATING  MNCs   DIRT  CHEAP                                                                     

Before  enacting the law on “Nuclear  Accident Liability Bill” , Government of India  should consider the following  issues

1.       The term  Nuclear Accident must include the damages caused due to  radiation leak affecting the employees in the nuclear facility  ,  the people living  near the facility  & people affected by the  effluents , scraps  generated by the nuclear facility.
2.       The government of India does not have any right to fix a price tag for the lives of Indians , that too cheaper than US public.
3.       The Nuclear power generating companies must  incorporate safety infrastructure & procedures  as they do in US market , not any obsolete technology.
4.       In  USA & other developing countries , they have very huge , efficient social security network , vast pool of resources  put in by  nuclear power generating companies themselves , to  take care of the affected in case of a nuclear accident . In India we don’t have that type of  social security network nor matching resources , therefore ideally  India must fix a nuclear liability cap much higher than  US market in dollar terms.
5.       Also the company must be made liable  for the complete clean up  of the facility  & surrounding  towns , villages , health care to all the affected victims  on par with US market , in case a nuclear accident happens.
6.       The  Nuclear Equipment Suppliers , Nuclear Plant Operators  together  with their  respective governments like USA , UK must  stand  as guarantors .
7.       The  Life Insurance Companies in India Must pay insured amount  to  nominees of insured  in case of nuclear accidents / radiation affects in addition to compensation by the  nuclear power companies . as of now many life insurance companies are not covering nuclear accidents / radiation affects.

Neither our MPs , Cabinet ministers nor  IAS babus  have the right to decide the fate of common people  & fix a rate for lives of Indians. They are not experts in this field ,  they should not  conclude any deals , decisions in  a hush hush manner .  Many  scams have  come out of hush hush deals . Nobody , no MP , no minister , no IAS  officer has paid from his personal  pocket to the victims  of industrial disasters , etc. After all  MPs , Ministers , IAS babus  are  public servants , they must just represent the voices of people , we  people don’t  want  their  personal expertise & opinions. Our Policy makers  must heed to the public advice of senior  scientists , experts in the field of nuclear power generation .

Ofcourse , as a result  unit price of electricity will get front loaded  , we may not get cheap  electricity . but  the lives of Indians are much valuable than Electricty.  The person who benefits from cheap electricity – Industrialists  does not  pay from his pocket  to the victims of disasters . Development  not at the cost of safety & lives of common people. This must dawn on our ill informed  policy makers at the earliest .

Letter To NHRC On Nuclear Liability For IAEA's Treaty
By Gopal

Justice Shri K.G. Balakrishnan 
The Chairperson 
National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi

Sub: Human rights violations from nuclear damage - its impact on human life and enviro-occupational health

This Hon’ble Commission has been seriously pursuing the problem of “enviro-occupational health”, and has been taking “preventive” as well as “remedial” measures. It is humbly brought to your notice that there is another equally serious enviro-occupational hazard which is exposure from radioactive radiations and wastes. The issue of liability for nuclear damage is directly linked to it. The grave problem of diseases caused to present and future generations by radiation exposures is required to be addressed as it affects environment and human health and violates Article 21 of the Constitution, Directive Principles as well as “human rights” as defined under the UDHR, ICCPR and ICESCR. 
2. That at the outset, the Applicant wishes to refer to the problem of exposure from radioactive radiations. The Supreme Court has looked at the entire issue, keeping in view the Directive Principles as well as Article 21 of the Constitution, and held that “life” includes right to health and medical care etc. There is no database on the records of the Government to show, to the best of Applicant’s knowledge, as to what actions the Government has taken, namely, how many persons have been reported to be suffering from exposure to radioactive radiation? How many have died? Did they receive any compensation? How many persons suffering from it are receiving treatment? 
3. That the Applicant is an environmental health researcher who was invited to make submissions before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests following a written submission on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2010 which is meant to pave the way for India to sign International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC) for Nuclear Damage, 1997.
4. That in its 25 page report on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2010, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests which was tabled in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha on 18th August, 2010.observes, “When the Committee inquired from the Secretaries of Ministries/Departments of Government of India who appeared before the Committee as to whether the draft nuclear liability Bill was referred to them for their views/comments, some of them viz. Ministries of Health & Family Welfare, Agriculture, Labour & Employment, Food & Public Distribution, etc. replied in the negative. The Committee is of the opinion that Government must have sought the opinion of Ministries which are even distantly related to any provision of the legislation. The Committee, therefore, recommends that in future Government should consult all such Ministries/ Departments which are even remotely concerned with the provisions of a proposed legislation.” This Hon’ble Commission may take cognizance of the submissions of these Secretaries and direct the concerned authorities to internalize their suggestions in the text of the Bill to protect the human rights of Indian citizens and safeguard intergenerational equity. 
5. That, in view of the facts mentioned above, the applicant humbly submits that the Hon’ble Commission may kindly initiate appropriate proceedings and issue directions to all the concerned Secretaries of the Central Government and relevant States/UTs with regard to the following : 
How would they respond in the event of a nuclear disaster?
Do they know as to how many industries/factories exist in the States/UTs where radioactive material is used? Is there an inventory of products wherein the said material is used?
What is the total number of workers employed in the nuclear power industries and other nuclear installations? 
Whether there is regular medical check-up and whether medical facilities exist for workers and communities in the vicinity of nuclear installations? 
Whether there is any record of persons who died because of radioactive radiation? 
How many persons suffer from radioactive radiation and whether they are receiving regular treatment for the said disease? 
What steps States/UTs have taken to check/prevent occurrence of radioactive radiations and how many hospitals dealing with the enviro-occupational diseases exist in the States/UTs.
How many institutions in the country have the competence to decontaminate and how many medical, occupational health and scientific institutions can diagnose radiation exposure?
What action has been taken by the central government and the State Governments/UTs have taken to protect exposure from radiation in the future?
6. That it is submitted that this Hon’ble Commission for the purpose of collecting the above information, may also take the benefit of its experience in the case of enviro- occupational diseases which are preventable but incurable. By giving medicines, impact of radioactive radiation can be reduced and life span can be prolonged but ultimately fate of the affected person is painful death. A brief note on the issue of liability from nuclear damage and the submissions of the concerned Secretaries of the central government is enclosed as Annexure A 
7. That the applicant wishes to bring to this Hon’ble Commission’s notice that India has ratified Radiation Protection Convention, 1960 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) but its provisions have not been complied with. India is yet to ratify ILO’s Occupational Cancer Convention, 1974 which is concerning Prevention and Control of Occupational Hazards caused by Carcinogenic Substances and Agents took cognizance of the Radiation Protection Convention and Radiation Protection Recommendation. It refers to the work done by International Agency for Research on Cancer and The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) that provides guidance on all aspects of protection against ionising radiation. Article 6 of the ILO's Radiation Protection Convention with regard to “Maximum permissible doses of ionising radiations which may be received from sources external to or internal to the body and maximum permissible amounts of radioactive substances which can be taken into the body” has been ignored. Article 7 of the Convention calls for “Appropriate levels” be fixed in accordance with Article 6 for workers who are directly engaged in radiation work and are (a) aged 18 and over; (b) under the age of 18, No worker under the age of 16 to be engaged in work involving ionising radiations and Article 8 that seeks “Appropriate levels (to be) fixed in accordance with Article 6 for workers who are not directly engaged in radiation work, but who remain or pass where they may be exposed to ionising radiations or radioactive substances.” Drafters of the Nuclear Liability Bill appear to have ignored their recommendations. 
8. It is humbly prayed that this Hon’ble Commission may enquire /investigate into the problem of radioactive radiation and issue necessary directions/recommendation for its prevention and appropriate remedial steps to the Central Government/State Governments and UTs.

Yours Faithfully 

RTI & Hidden Secrets - An Appeal to VVIP Public Servants

Your Excellency ,
Hereby I do request you to provide me information &  justice at the earliest . I have already sent  RTI request  dt  19.03.2011 through  e-mail to your  kindself. The requisite fees has been sent through snail mail .Full text of our RTI application cann’t be reproduced here due to space constraint in this browser window. Full text  of  our RTI application  is available at following web pages ; ,

DARPG registration nos for this RTI appeal is as under :

H.E.Honorable President of India
DCOYA/E/2011/00068 & DLGLA/E/2011/00035

H.E.Honorable Chief Justice of India
DLGLA/E/2011/00036 & MINIT/E/2011/00070

H.E.Honorable Union Home Minister , GOI
DATOM/E/2011/00028 & DLGLA/E/2011/00037

H.E.Honorable Speaker of Lok Sabha , GOI
MINPA/E/2011/00027 & DBIOT/E/2011/00008

H.E.Honorable Dy Chairman of Rajya Sabha , GOI
DOCOM/E/2011/00049 & DEPOJ/E/2011/00085

H.E.Honorable  Governor of Karnataka , GOK
DARPG/E/2011/02146 & DODWS/E/2011/00034

H.E.Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka , GOK
DOEXP/E/2011/00020 & GOVKN/E/2011/00143

H.E.Honorable DG & IG of Police , GOK
LGVED/E/2011/00007 & DOFPD/E/2011/00024

Thanking You.

Date : 20.03.2011……………………..Your’s sincerely,
Place : Mysore…………………………Nagaraj.M.R.

APPLICATION FOR INFORMATION AS PER RTI ACT 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                       ( SEE RULE 22 OF RTI ACT 2005 ) OF GOI




Hereby ,  we  do request  PIO O/O  Honourable Chief Justice of India  , PIO , O/O H.E.Honorable President of India , PIO O/O Honorable Speaker of Lok Sabha , PIO O/O Dy Chairman of Rajya Sabha , PIOs of  Karnataka Raj Bhawan , Karnataka CMO , Union Home Ministry GOI  and  DG & IG of Police of Government of Karnataka to answer the following questions in public interest , for safeguarding national security ,  National unity & integrity & to legally apprehend anti-nationals , criminals within the judiciary & police.

Main A :
At the outset , we express our whole hearted respects to all constitutional institutions &  to the honest few in public service. Contempt of constitutional institutions , citizens of India is being made by the corrupt persons in constitutional positions themselves. This is an appeal to the honest few in public service , constitutional positions , to bring their corrupt colleagues to book.

  1. does the action of MPs , MLAs taking money / receiving favors from vested interests , to formulate policy decisions , to raise questions in parliament / legislative bodies or to abstain from voting  legal ?
  2. why transparent , fair investigation is not done in such cases ?
  3. just remember , the  vulgar acts of Mr.Bora Babu Singh in state legislature & how some  MLAs   vulgarly behaved with Ms.Jayalalita  in state legislature , years ago. Are these type of vulgar actions by MPs & MLAs  legal ? does not these constitute contempt of the house by MPs & MLAs themselves ?
  4. all the people’s representatives from panchayath member to president of India must read ABCD  Of Democracy  provide along with.since independence of India till date , MPs & MLAs are forcing projects on people against the wishes of people , formulating policies against the wishes of people. Are not such projects , government policies & Laws , undemocratic & illegal ?
  5. is the election commission of India verifying the authenticity of affidavits submitted by electoral candidates ?
  6. how many candidates have been caught so far for giving false affidavits ? are all the violators prosecuted?
  7. are the MPs , MLAs submitting their wealth details on affidavits yearly to vigilance authorities ? defaulters , violators how many ?
  8. what legal action taken against violators , defaulters , for giving false affidavits ?
  9. who is checking the authenticity of those affidavits submitted by MPs , MLAs ?
  10. the agricultural incomes of some MPs , MLAs , their kih & kin raises even during the time of severe drought , floods , fall in prices of agricultural products , their companies register increase in turnover / profits even during recession , the trusts / NGOs set up by them receive huge donations. Are all these income legal ?

Main B :
  1. we do once again offer  our conditional services to the government of india , all state governments & supreme court of india , in apprehending  tax evaders , land grabbers , corrupt police , corrupt judges , corrupt  public servants , labor law violators , etc. whom the the government officials , vigilance authorities have failed to apprehend. Why the authorities , courts , supreme court of India , are not ready  to utilize our service ? are they afraid of being caught ?
  2. the public servants , courts theselves are delaying giving information / records to us in many cases. So in the issues / cases raised by us , the clause of time bar doe not apply. Are these delaying tactics of public servants , courts legal ?
  3. why no proper , timely action was not taken based on numerous police complaints made by us ?
  4. why DG & IGP , Government of Karnataka , has not made any efforts to seek legal sanction for prosecution of VVIPs ( mentioned in our complaint ) , from union & state home ministries ?
  5. the criminal nexus is trying to silence me in many ways , but the supreme court of India & national human rights  commission  has failed to undo the injustices , why ? is it because it is not a high profile case  ? is it because it  is not hi-fi , does not get image ratings , TRPs ?
  6. the public servants are aiding underworld , naxalites & terrorists , by their delaying tactics & denial of information , records. What action has been taken against such anti-national elements in public service ?
  7. how many complaints are made by Nagaraj .M.R. , Human Rights Activist , Mysore (editor of SOS e-clarion of dalit & SOS e-voice for justice) to Karnataka police , to national human rights commission  to supreme court of India till date ? what action taken with respect to each complaint ?
  8. the delay in taking action by public servants  with respect to following cases has resulted in  more crimes , destruction / manipulation of evidences , records  and more injustices to commonman. Why the authorities did not take timely action against criminals in following cases ?


ACCUSED Chief Justice of India 

INDIA -  ,  ,  ,  ,  , 
,  , 
are you ready to catch tax thieves ?  ,  , 
reliance industry where is accountability ?  ,  , 
crimes at infosys campus  ,  , 
crimes by B.D.A against a poor woman  ,  , 
crimes of land mafia in India  ,   , 
currency thefts in RBI Press  ,  , 
killer colas & killer medicines of India  ,  ,

Persecuted IROM SHARMILA of Puttaparthi AP – pushpa kolasani  on hunger strike in anantapur  district jail Andhra Pradesh 

  1. how many judges are caught by authorities for doing improper , immoral & illegal acts , since independence till date ? what action taken in each case ?
  2. what action taken against copy cat judges caught red handed while copying in public examination in Andhra Pradesh ?
  3. have you reviewed all the previous judicial decisions  taken by such judges of doubtful integrity & honesty ?
  4. is it not the duty of government & supreme court of India , to protect  the fundamental rights & human rights of all Indian citizens ?
  5. why the government & supreme court of India has failed to protect the fundamental rights & human rights of  me  & those mentioned in my complaint ?
  6. how many former CJIs   supreme court & high court judges have disproportionate wealth ?
  7. Your denial of information to my previous RTI requests  amounts to suppression of evidence , hiding crimes , what action against erring public servants ?
  8. why my previous RTI requests or part  there of was not transferred to appropriate authorities and information given to me in a consolidated form ?

Main  C  :
Q1. Why not death sentence to corrupt police who murder people in in lock-up / fake encounters ?

Q2. Why not death sentence to corrupt police who apply 3rd degree torture on prisoners ?

Q3. Why not death sentence to corrupt police , who connive with criminals & backstabs our motherland , it's national security ?

Q4. Don't the police have suo-motto powers to take action in the interest of public welfare , law & order ?

Q5. Daily we see numerous reports of misdeeds by police , public servants , industrialists , etc in the media . Then why not police taking any action with respect to them ?

Q6. nowadays we see numerous reports of scams , scandals by constitutional functionaries , public servants in the media. Instead of wasting money , killing time by prolonging formation of parliamentary committees , judicial commissions , why not subject those accussed public servants to narco analysis , lie deector test , etc to ascertain truth & provide timely justice ?
Q7. If a commonman files a complaint , police / courts wants evidences , witnesses to take action against the rich & mighty crooks. Where as if a rich person just gives a complaint against a poor chap , he is arrested , tortured eventhough there are no evidences , witnesses. Why this double standard ?
Q8. If a poor chap tries to collect evidences as per his fundamental rights or as per RTI ACT , the public servants don't give full , truthfull information. Still , police / courts don't take action against those public servants hiding crimes. Why ?
Q9.why I was not permitted to appear as an "amicus curie" before jain commission of enquiry or supreme court of 
india probing late prime minister rajiv Gandhi assassination case ?
Q10. The criminal nexus tried to silence me , by closing my news paper , by snatching away my job oppurtunities in government service, by physically assaulting me , by threatening me of false fix-ups in cases & by attempts to murder me. But no action against culprits , why ?
Q11. Whereas , I was enquired number of times by police & intelligence personnel about this case , but the culprits were not enquired even once , why ?
Q12.who compensates the losses I have suffered due to these injustices ? are not police responsible for it ?
Q13. Is it not the duty of police to protect the lives , livelihood of witnesses & all parties involved , both during case & afterwards ?
Q14. How do you monitor & check corrupt police personnel & increase in their family's wealth year after year ?
Q15. While getting appointed into government service from the rank of peon to IAS officer , police verification is mandatory. While appointing to sensitive defense establishments , research institutes in addition to police verification , central intelligence agencies cross-check candidate's background. However is there no background checks of constitutional functionaries , MPs , MLAs , , who are privy to national secrets ? why ?
Q16. Recently , the opposition parties have made allegations during presidential allegations that close relative of one of the front running candidates have swindled public money by their bank , misused public money through one of their NGO. Is it true ?
Q17.has GOI funded any terrorist outfits in 
india or abroad ?
Q18.india preaches non-violence , panchasheel principles to the world. In 
india , more than half the population are poor , people are starving to death. Inspite these background , GOI funded & aided terrorist outfits in former east Pakistan ensuring the creation of Bangladesh , GOI has funded & aided terrorist outfits like LTTE , TULF , ETC in srilanka , MQM in Pakistan. In turn these terrorist outfits have murdered thousands of innocents in those countries. Are these acts of GOI just & legal ? Is not GOI responsible for all those murders of innocents ? has GOI paid any compensation to those victims or their family mebers ? why not ?
india , to reduce the influence of certain terrorist groups , GOI has funded & aided couter terrorist groups , is it right & legal ?
Q20. In Jharkhand , chattisgarh , etc , the government has armed , trained & funded "salwa judum" to counter naxalites. Salwa judum cadres are terrorizing innocents just like naxalites. Is this action of government just & legal ? 
india, TADA , POTA is being rampantly misused by police. Even where there are no problems of terrorism , TADA / POTA is being slapped against innocents , even children. In M.M.Hills of Karnataka state , STF personnel charged tribal people with TADA on frivolous charges of taking lunch to veerappan , stiching dress for the forest brigand, etc. where as the prominent political, film , sports personalities who have links with underworld , anti national elements & attended parties hosted by dawood Ibrahim , other dons in gulf countries , else where. But these hi-fi people are not charged with TADA / POTA ? why ?
Q22. Film actor sanjay dutt had contacts with underworld & fully knowing well the criminal objectives of criminals , hid the dangerous arms & ammunition in his home , which were intended for terrorizing public. However mr.dutt is not charged with TADA / POTA instead he is charged with illegal possession of arms act ( which is normally applied to farmers who use illegal home made guns to scare away animals , birds in their farms ). Why this favourable treatment of mr.dutt by police ? prosecution ? is this because dutt is politically mighty & rich ?
Q23. Law is one & same for all , the public servants, police interpretes , enforces it differentially between rich & poor ? why this differentiation ?
Q24.recently in 
Bangalore police nabbed criminals belonging to international criminal syndicate selling duplicate nokia mobiles. Every nokia mobile comes with 15 digit IMEI number , this number is also used by police for tracking criminals. In consumer dispute at consumer disputes redressal forum Mysore CD 49/05 , nokia company stated that all it's products come with IMEI number only & stated that the product in dispute sold by tata indicom dealer M/S INTOTO COMMUNICATIONS , Mysore are not their's as it doesn't have IMEI numbers. Further nokia stated they don't have any business relationship with either tata indicom or it's dealer. However the tata indicom dealer stated that indeed his products are genuine , first hand products , but doesn't have IMEI numbers . this proves the dealer in collusion with tata company is selling illegal nokia mobile hand sets & cheating the public. These mobiles are evading taxes , as well as these are without IMEI numbers best buy for criminal elements who want to evade police tracking. What police are doing
Q25. Who , of which rank among police personnel takes the decision to close a case ie to file "B" report , when after certain time limit no leads are found in investigation ?
Q26. How do you monitor corrupt police personnel , who purposefully fail to investigate case properly , so that either the case can be closed with "B" report or the prosecution fails to prove the case in court ?
Q27. Who among police takes the decision to appeal against the verdict of a lower court , when the prosecution fails ?
Q28. Who took the decision , not to appeal against the 
argentina court order acquitting mr.quatrochi accussed in bofors scandal ?
Q29. Do you treat all the prison convicts same in the prison or does the notorious big time rich criminals get spacious barracks with tv, news paper , adequate food , medical care , etc while small time criminals , poor are crammed into pig sty like rooms with 60-70 inmates without any basic requirements ?
Q30. What is the status of my complaint made to the DG & IG of police , government of Karnataka on 
10/12/2004 ? the copies of complaint was released at press meet at patrakartara bhavan Mysore on same day, even copies were given to police & intelligence personnel ?
Q31. Why no action , reply regarding the complaint till date ?
Q32. Our constitutional frame workers gave legal immunity privileges to certain constitutional functionaries , so that they are not burdened with frivolous court cases & can concentrate on their constitutional duties. But these privileges doesn't cover the individual actions of those public servants like rape , murder , dowry harassment , tax evasion , misuse of office , etc. but still law enforcement / police department is bound to send request to home ministry seeking permission & home ministry sits over files for months. This gives the accussed ample time to destroy evidences. Is it right & legal ?
Q33. Does legal immunity privileges cover their official actions alone ? if not what does it cover ?
Q34. What is the time limit for home ministry to give sanction for the prosecution of tainted constitutional functionaries ?
Q35. How many present MPs , MLAs , MUNICIAPAL CORPORATORS , other people's representatives are facing criminal charges ?
Q36. In the past , how many MPs , MLAs , corporators were facing criminal charges , yearwise since 1987 ? how many of them were eventually convicted ?
Q37. How many MPs , MLAs , prominent film , sports personalities have have contacts with underworld , foreign intelligence agencies ?
Q38. How many of them have attended frequent parties hosted by underworld dons in gulf countries , else where ?
Q39. How many MP , MLA , other people's representatives are wanted by police in various cases . but shown in the police records as absconding but in reality are attending the proceedings of the house as usual ?
Q40. When did smt. Sonia Gandhi became a citizen of 
india ? did she occupy any public office before naturalization ?
Q41. In 
india , how many MPs , MLAs , MLCs are of foreign origin or have a spouse of foreign origin ?
Q42. Does smt. Sonia Gandhi have citizenship of any other country ?
Q43. Did she occupy any public office while enjoying dual citizenship ?
Q44. How do you monitor public servants who have spouses of foreign origin & while they are on foreign tour , from national security perspective ?
Q45. Is mr. M.S SUBBA member of parliament a citizen of 
india ?
Q46. What is the status of complaint made by former union minister mr.subramanya swamy alleging that late P.M rajiv gandhi's family received money from foreign intelligence agencies ?
Q47. In many cases like mass riots involving certain political parties , when that culprit party comes to power all the cases involving it's partymen are withdrawn by the government orelse prosecution fails to prove it's case & prefers not to appeal. Just remember 
Bombay riot case involving shiv sainiks & others , when shiv sena – BJP came to power in Maharashtra , all the cases against it's partymen were withdrawn. Are these type of decisions by government just & legal ?
Q48.what damages has been done to 
india's national security due to mole in the PMO, as alleged by former union minister mr.natwar singh ?
Q49. What action by the government ?
Q50. How many Indians are in the custody of police / military in various foreign countries ?
Q51. How many foreigners are there in Indian prisons ?
Q52. How GOI is protecting the human rights of these prisoners ?
Q53. Is the government paying any compensation to victims of police failures , fix-ups , , who suffer in jail for years & acquitted by courts upon finding them as not guilty ?
Q54. Do you register murder charges / attempt to murder charges against guilty police officers who are responsible for lock-up deaths , fake encounters & 3rd degree torture ?
Q55. How many cases has been filed since 1987 till date ?
Q56. What action has been taken against guilty police officers , STF personnel who were responsible for gross human rights violations , 3rddegree torture , lock-up deaths of innocents in forest brigand veerappan's territory , based on justice A.J.Sadashiva commission findings ? if not why ?
Q57. I , as a citizen of 
india as my "fundamental duty" hereby do offer my conditional services to GOI & GOK to apprehend corrupt public servants. Are you ready to utilize my services ?
Q58. Police personnel are always in the forefront of containing crimes , mass fury , riots , etc. they suffer more & even their family members suffer threats from the criminal elements. Do the government provide insurance coverage to police & their family members on the lines of defense forces ?
Q59. What is the amount of coverage to a police constable & his family ?
Q60. Who makes the premium contributions ?
Q61. Do the government provide overtime allowance , food allowance to police who daily work beyond 8 hours of duty ?
Q62. Is the government giving any training to police personnel in public interaction , human rights ?
Q63. Is it right to post professionally trained police to sentry , orderly duties of ministers ?
Q64. What is the ratio of police personnel to total population in 
india since 1987 ?
Q66. Is the forensic science department which conducts narcfo-analysis , lie-detector test , etc under the control of police department ?
Q67. Is it not right to put it under impartial control of NHRC or like bodies ?
Q68. Is the action of some police officers arranging compromise meetings & subtly insisting the poor to tow the line of rich or else face the consequences , is it right & legal ? this happens mostly in real estate matters.
Q69. Did government make any ransom payments to forest brigand veerappan during his various kidnappings ?
Q70. What action has been taken based on revealations by karim telgi during narco analysis about public servants involvement ?
Q71. How many cases of allegations against judges were made in the media about misuse of office , criminal acts by judges from munsiff court to supreme court of 
India ? since 1947 till date
Q72. are the enquiry report findings, action taken reports of such cases accessible to public ? if not why ?
Q73. what action has been taken against guilty judges ?
Q74. are the guilty judges legally prosecuted in all such cases ? or has it just ended with their resignation from services or his superior judge not allotting him any judicial work ?
Q75. why some high ranking judges are not legally prosecuted for their wrong doings ?
Q76. are judges above law ? are not everybody equal before law ?
Q77. do the judiciary subject , all the cases handled by accussed / tainted , guilty judges to review , to undo past unjust judgements ?
Q78. how ? if not why ?
Q79. how do the judiciary monitor the net wealth growth of some judges including the wealth in the name of judge's family members ?
Q80. do all the judges file their annual income , wealth statements on sworn affidavits to the higher judiciary ? defaulters how many ?
Q81. how does the judiciary verifies those statements ?
Q82. is such statements made public , on web ?
Q83. when the judgement of a lower court is turned down by the higher court , what action is initiated against lower court judge for making unjust judgement & meating out injustice ?
Q84. when allegations of corruption , misuse of office , etc against judges are made , why the accussed – judges are not subjected to tests like "poly graph , lie detector , brain mapping , etc" , in the interest of justice & truth ?
Q85. judges are not employees of government , so they are ineligible to be the members of "Karnataka state government judicial department house building co-operative society". Then how come , many judges including supreme court judges are admitted as members of this society & allotted prime residential site worth crores of rupees for a few thousands by the said society at said society's – judicial layout , yelahanka , 
Bangalore ? while the ordinary members like peons , clerks in judicial department are waiting for a site since years , is not the whole thing grossly illegal ?
Q86. in more than 70% of cases before all courts in 
India , central government or state government or government agency is one of the parties. How many judges or their family members , have received out of turn , favourable allotments of sites , gas agency , petrol pumps , etc by the government ? is not such allotments illegal ? what action ?
Q87. when a person under police custody or judicial custody suffer 3rd degree torture by police , is not the judge of the respective court which is handling that tortured person's case responsible for it ?
Q88. has the higher judiciary legally prosecuted respective judges & the police officers for committing 3rd degree torture , on charges of attempt to murder & murder ? if not why ?
Q89. registrar , 
Mysore district & sessions court , has called for the candidatures to various vacancies in that court from the public vide notification no : ADMN/A/10825/2003 dated19/11/2003. Please furnish me the merit ranking list of selected candidates along with my merit ranking for the post of peon.
Q90. registrar , 
Bangalore city civil court , has called for the candidatures to various vacancies in that court from the public vide notification no : ADM-I(A)422/03 dated 19/05/2003. Please furnish me merit ranking list of selected candidates for the post of peon.
Q91. when a person doesn't get adequate food , medical care while under police custody or judicial custody , is not the respective judge dealing that person's case responsible for it ? what action ?
Q92. how judiciary is monitoring food & medical care to prisoners ?
Q93. numerous accussed persons are suffering in jail under judicial custody , for periods far exceeding the legally stipulated sentence periods. For example : a pick-pocketer is in jail for one year , the judge finds him guilty of offence & gives him 3 months sentence. What about the excess punishment of 9 months. Is not the judge responsible for the illegal , excess punishment of the convict ? what action against the judge in such cases ?
Q94. numerous innocents suffer in jail for years & finally the judge finds them as innocents & acquits them of the charges. What about the prison sentence , the innocent has already served ? is not the judge responsible for this illegal , unjust punishment to an innocent ? remedy ? what action against the judge ?
Q95. does the privileges of judges cover both their official actions & the actions arising out of misuse of office ?
Q96. does the privileges of judges cover both their official actions as judges & their personal actions as individuals ?
Q97. are the fundamental rights of citizens supreme or the privileges of judges , constitutional functionaries supreme ?
Q98. what is the criteria adopted for promotion of judges ?
Q99. what is the criteria adopted for appointment of advocates from bar , as the judges ?
Q100. what is the criteria adopted for appointment of retired judges , as governors of states , members or as chairman of commissions , etc ?
Q101. how many judges belonging to oppressed classes – scheduled caste , scheduled tribe , other backward classes , minorities & women are their in supreme court , state high courts & subordinate courts ? kindly provide specific figures .
Q102. what are the legal measures enforced by judiciary , to enforce the accountability of judges & to check corruption in judiciary ?
Q103. are not these measures a failure , looking at present state of affairs of judiciary ?
Q104. does the judges arrange for distribution of alchoholic drinks at the official meetings , parties , at the tax payer's expense ?
Q105. does any judges have included their consumption of alchoholic drinks , in their hotel bill & claimed traveling allowance ?
Q106. what action has been taken against – selectors ie Karnataka high court judges & newly selected women judges involved in roost resort scandal in Mysore , Karnataka ?
Q107. when common people / tax payers & even government employees are not getting proper health care from government at government hospitals. Is it right & just to provide premium health care to judges , constitutional functionaries at 5-star private hospitals in India , abroad , all at tax payer's expense ?
Q108. are the judges subjected to periodical health check-ups to ascertain their health , mental faculties & mental balance in the midst of all work pressures , emotional tensions ?
Q109. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary for accepting applications seeking public interest litigations ?
Q110. why numerous appeals for PIL by me , were not considered ?
Q111. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary , for appointing "amicus curie" in a case ?
Q112. why my appeal to honourable supreme court , to make me as an "amicus curie" in late P.M Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case , was not considered by the court ?
Q113. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary , for initiating suo-motto action ?
Q114. numerous cases of injustices are reported in the media daily , with supporting evidences . why not the judiciary take suo-motto action in all such cases ?
Q115. legal aid boards pre-judge the cases in the name of taking legal opinion , before providing legal aid to the needy ? is it not needy person's rights violation ?
Q116. is not the safety of witnesses , parties in cases responsibility of the court , both during hearing of the case & afterwards ?
Q117. is the use of 3rd degree torture by police on prisoners , during the police custody / judicial custody / prison sentence right ? what action ?
Q118. when the corrupt police officer & government prosecution advocate together cover-up evidences , conducts improper investigation intentionally to fail the case – to cover-up rich crooks , high & mighty people , what action judge takes in such cases ?
Q119. how does the judiciary monitor the wealth growth of police , government advoctes , tax officials , officials of licensing authorities , to ensure proper & fair prosecution of cases against rich & mighty ?
Q120. what are the status of appeals made by human rights activist NAGARAJ.M.R. to the honourable supreme court of India ?
Q121. corruption is rampant for selection of officers to quasi-judicial positions like district / taluk magistrates , tax officers , revenue officers , land acquisition officers , etc. how the judiciary monitors over their quasi-judicial actions ?
Q122. subject to conditions , I , NAGARAJ.M.R. , editor , e-voice of human rights watch , do offer my free services to honourable supreme court of India , to apprehend corrupt judges , are you – the honourable court ready to utilize it ?
Q123. what are the status of my appeals , sent to the honourable supreme court of India , through government of india's on-line grievance system ( DPG & DARPG ) :
DPG/M/2006/80008 , DARPG/E/2006/00057, DARPG/E/2006/00225 , DPG/M/2006/80021 , DARPG/E/2006/00253 , DPG/M/2006/80032 , DARPG/E/2006/01149 , DPG/M/2006/80047 , DARPG/E/2006/01164 , DPG/M/2006/80043 , DPG/M/2006/80085 , DARPG/E/2006/06704 , DARPG/E/2006/07017 , DARPG/E/2006/07018 , DPG/M/2006/80159 , DPG/M/2006/80162 , DARPG/E/2006/07864 , DPG/M/2006/80165 , DARPG/E/2006/07877 , DPG/M/2006/80167 , DARPG/E/2006/08028 , DARPG/E/2006/08029 , DARPG/E/2006/08032 , DARPG/E/2006/08043 , DARPG/E/2006/08044 , DPG/M/2006/80174 , DPG/M/2006/80193 , DARPG/E/2007/00044 , DPG/M/2007/80003 , DPG/M/2007/80010 , DARPG/E/2007/00164 , DARPG/E/2007/00165 , DPG/M/2007/80014 , DPG/M/2007/80025 , DPG/M/2007/80049 , DPG/M/2007/80055 , DPG/M/2007/80056 , DPG/M/2007/80078 , DPG/M/2007/80082 , DARPG/E/2007/02618
Q124. the appeals made to the honourable supreme court of India , copies of which are available at following web pages , , , , ,
what are the status of those appeals ?
Q125. in the media , we have seen reports about judges committing crimes – rape , attempt to murder , swindling government money , untouchability practice , the disrespect to national flag , sale of judicial orders , bail , receipt of monetary gains by way of royalty for books , prime real estate purchase at discounted rate , taking round about long foreign tours along with family in the name of official work , etc. by this way , judges themselves are making contempt of court , constitution of India & citizens of India. How you are protecting the honour of the judiciary , constitution of 
India & citizens of India ? please answer.
Q126. Is the government giving any facilities / affirmative actions to policemen's family as being given to defense personnel , ex-servicemen & their families , like preferential site allotment , lpg agency , ration depot , reservation in college admission , soft bank loans , etc ?
Q126. if not , why ? after all , the contribution of police to national security is on par with defense forces.
Q127. is not some high police officials addressing their subordinates in singular term , abusing them with vulgar words wrong ?
Q128. is not some police personnel calling public with singular term, abusing public with vulgar words wrong ?
Q129. is it not the duty of prison authorities to protect the health, lives of prison in-mates ?
Q130.what action is taken against police personnel who wrongly charged an innocent person of criminal acts , resulting in his confinement in jail , finally acquitted by court as found to be innocent ?
Q131. is it not right to with hold salary , gratuity , pension to such guilty police personnel & pay it as compensation to victims of police failures & atrocities ?
Q132. does our Indian constitution legally permit a citizen of foreign origin naturalized by marriage to an Indian or naturalized by option , to occupy any constitutional office ?
Q133. during british rule in 
india & various other british colonies , criminal cases were foisted against our freedom fighters in India & other british colonies. After india's independence what happened to those cases ? did our Indian government close all such cases or did it continue with the prosecution ?
Q134. in how many cases GOI & other state government continued with the prosecution AGAINST OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS ? why ?
Q135. what about the status of cases against shri.netaji subash Chandra bose ?
Q136. has GOI deported any freedom fighters to 
Britain or it's colonies , to face prosecution after India gained independence ? HAS GOI RECEIVED ANY REQUEST FROM BRITAIN TO THAT EFFECT ? if yes , why , whom ?
Q.137. the honourable supreme court of India failed provide information to me as per my RTI request appeal no : 91 / 2007 in response to your letter no : F1 / RTI / A.91 / 2007 dt 13.12.07 , why ?
Q138 . the honourable union home secretary failed to give me information as per my rti request , he transferred my application to others , in turn they transferred the application to some others. Finally , complete truthful information was not given , why ? as the union home secretary has got copies of all those replies in response to transferred RTI application , will he send me a consolidated reply to my present RTI request ?
Q139. in a high profile case before the honourable delhi high court , we have seen how defense advocate mr. R.S.ANAND & prosecution advocate mr. I.U.KHAN made a secret pact to win the case in favour of rich criminal , totally manipulating prosecution witnesses , evidences & prosecution stand , totally making mockery of justice system . how you are ensuring the delivery of justice , there being numerous such advocates in practice ?
Q140. Smt. Sonia Gandhi is person of foreign origin , she wields enormous clout more than the Prime Minister himself over the government of 
India being the chair person of UPA. Is she legally permitted to summon confidential official records , minutes of the cabinet , to hold the cabinet meeting of union ministers ?
Q141. As per law , is she permitted to hold constitutional offices like prime minister of 
India or president of India , etc ?
Q.142. What are the fundamental rights of a citizen guaranteed under the constitution (Article 21) ?

Q143. What are the privileges conferred on legislators & parliamentarians by the constitution of 

a) Inside the House b) Outside the House

Q144. What are privileges conferred on constitutional functionaries, like

a) President of India b) Prime Minister of India

c) Chief Justice of India d) Chairman of NHRC

e) Central Vigilance Commissioners.

Q145. Are the privileges legal immunity conferred on above mentioned constitutional functionaries ?

a) Cover all their official actions irrespective of merit.

b) Cover both their official & personal actions.

Q146. Are the privileges defined & codified ?

Q147. Are these privileges above freedom of the press ?

Q148. Are the liberty & fundamental rights of the citizens guaranteed by the constitution, above the privileges of the constitutional functionaries or equal or below ?

Q149. Can the Indian legislatures & parliament be equated to the House of commons in 
England which is considered to be a superior court and court of records ?

Q150. Can the division of powers, namely the legislature, the executive and the Judiciary, be equated to the functioning of the House of commons and House of Lords in 
England ?

Q151. Can a citizen be said to have committed breach of privilege of the House or court and causing contempt of the house or court by raising the issues of accountability of constitutional functionaries ?

Q152. Can a Legislature or Parliament enact a new law, to circumvent or to nullify the Judicial orders with respect to wrongdoings by peoples representatives & executive ? does not it amount to infringement of Judicial powers & contempt of the court by the House.

Q153. Are the FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES of a citizen more important than constitutional duties of a constitutional functionary or equal in importance to it ?

Q154. Can a constitutional functionary commit crimes, anti-national activities in the name of constitutional duties, behind the legal veil of official's secret act & go unaccountable for his actions and go unpunished by his legal immunity privileges

Q155. Are the Legislators members of parliament, High court & Supreme court Judges and other constitutional functionaries not willing to codify their privileges for the reason that if codified their privileges would be curtailed and their action would be subjected to legal scrutiny. ?

Q156. By votes of citizens Legislators and parliamentarians get seats in the legislature and Parliament out of tax payer's money, they get their pay, perks & lead 5-Star luxurious lifestyles. Hence whether a vote of a citizen is above (More valid) or a seat of legislator or parliamentarian is above or more valid in a democracy ?

Q157. Judges & Constitutional functionaries are indirectly appointed by voters / tax payers. Out of tax payers money, they get their pay, perks & lead 5-star luxurious lifestyles. Hence, whether the vote of a citizen, fundamental duties of a tax payer is above (more valid) or a seat of judge / constitutional functionary is above (more
valid) in a democracy ?

Q158. If there is a vacuum in the Legislature or parliament, who is to fill up that vacuum till such time that the legislature or parliament acts provide a solution by performing its role by enacting proper legislation to cover the field (vacuum) ?

Q159. While it is an unhealthy practice for a Judge to claim to be a Judge in his own cause, is it not worse for the members of the legislature and parliament to be judges in their own cause ?

Q160. Are the Technicalities of the case more important to a judge or Justice to a citizen, protection of fundamental rights of citizen.?

Q161. Why not the constitutional functionaries initiate suo moto action with respect to numerous cases of injustices reported in Media ?

Q162. Why not the Judges admit various cases of Injustices affecting public, as the Public Interest Litigation" ? In some cases, the Public or the person representing them is unable to afford the high cost of the case. Why not free legal aid is given ?.

Q163. What is the criteria for admitting a P.I.L. & giving free legal aid ?

Q164. Communication - free flow of information is the lifeline of a democracy. Why the constitutional functionaries are not honouring the Right to Information of Citizens ?
Q165. Recently , while assuming office as honourable chief justice of Karnataka , justice. P.D.DINAKAR , gave a blanket withdrawal of all internal departmental enquiries against approximately 200 judges , is it just & legal ? give me the names of accused judges & description of charges against them ?
Q166. does it not show that judges are more equal than others ?
Q167. who are involved in PF scam ? what action against guilty judges ?
Q168. Why you did not give information to me as per RTI Act inspite of appeal ? refer. F1/RTI/A91/2007.
Q169. Almost a year ago , in the Karnataka state new chief justice of Karnataka high court honble Mr.Dinakar (now elevated to supreme court of 
India) just on assuming offices within hours scrapped disciplinary inquiry proceedings against 200+ erring judges. In such a short time no human being can study all the cases in detail , then how come he arrived at this vital decision in such short time? Who are those 200+ judges facing enquiry ?
Q170 .Recently in the Karnataka state , high court found out that a district judge without conducting hearings properly , entering fictious dates of hearings (which happens to be government holidays ) facilitated in exonerating a top politician . has the court enquired into the previous judgements of the accussed judge ? did it find any wrongdoings?
Q171. As per law , while on duty a person should not be drunk , under the influence of alchohol , as it limits the functioning of his senses & brain. That is why the acts & sayings of drunkards , committed / said when they are drunk are not taken seriously. However most of the police officers after evening hours are drunk , in that state only they apprehend many suspects & produce those suspects at the residences of magistrates before magistrate during wee hours / night. Some of of the judges are also drunk during that time. Does the senses of drunken police & judges work properly to do their respective duties in identifying criminals , apprehending them & to issue judicial orders. Are these actions of police & judges in drunken state legal ?

Q 172 . What action  has been taken in 
bhopal gas leak case against the guilty police officials who changed the charge sheet against union carbide officials ?

Q 173 . What action has been taken against guilty police officials , district magistrate , state ministers & central ministers who fully aided the criminals – Union Carbide official  Mr. Anderson to escape law , to jump bail  & flee the country without court’s permission ?

Q 174 . What action has been taken against the above said guilty with respect to their contempt of court  & for aiding a criminal to escape ?

Q 175. What action has been taken against the chief justice of 
India , who changed the legal clause under which the guilty should be tried ?  what action has been taken against the CJI who  became an official of the  trust belonging to the criminal ?

Q 176 . What action has been taken against the Indian Public servant who decided to withdraw cases from US Courts with respect to 
Bhopal gas tragedy ?

Q 177 . What action has been taken against the state labour department & pollution control board officials who have failed in their duties , inspite of earlier warnings by journalists ?

Q 178 . What action has been taken against state cabinet ministers who decided the quantum of compensation money to favour the criminal although they don’t have right to do so ?

Q 179 . What action has been taken against Presiding Judge of the trial court , Chief Justice of India , state police officials , public prosecutors & Central Bureau of Investigation officials who kept quite all along and didn’t  press for the extradition of the criminal Mr.Anderson , for  producing the criminal accussed no.1 before the trial court ?

Q 180 . Is it not SHAMEFUL for the judiciary , police , government officials & people’s representatives who became part of Operation Crime Hush Up & aided criminals responsible for ghastly murders of  thousands & maiming of lakhs of hapless public in Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy?

Q 181 . Are these Corrupt Police , corrupt judges , corrupt ministers , corrupt  labour / pollution control board officials  HUMAN BEINGS ?
Q  182    Why  police are  not registering my complaint   against  CJI & other VVIPS ,Even after years ?
Q   183   don’t the  police of vijayanagar police station 
mysore have legal  jurisdiction  to register  the case  against these VVIPs ? or  just  because the criminals happens to be VVIPs  ,they  are  not booked  by police? If the  said  police don’t have  legal jurisdiction to book  these VVIPs , they should have  transferred the complaint  to  those authorities who have jurisdiction &   authority to book  & prosecute   these  VVIPs , but not done  so , why ?
Q  184  are not all these actions , of  VVIPs & police amounting to  cover up of crimes & criminals ? are  not  these cover ups itself is a crime ?
Q  185.  Even an appeal for justice by post card must be treated as PIL by courts of justice . however my appeals  for justice  concerning public welfare , national security  sent  through  post , e-mail  to supreme court of india are not admitted as Public interest litigation , why ?  does  not these acts of Supreme court amount to aiding criminals , anti nationals?
Q 186   Are not  the honourable chief justice of india  together  with the jurisdictional police & Revenue district magistrate  responsible  to protect  the  fundamental & human rights  of people ?  why the CJI , 
Mysore DC & Jurisdictional Police  have failed to protect the fundamental & human rights of  people  including mine ? For all the previous injustices I have suffered at the hands of the criminal nexus  Honourable CJI , Mysore revenue district magistrate & jurisdictional police  are  together responsible , if anything untoward happens to me or to my family members or to my dependents the quartet  – Honourable Chief Justice of India , Honourable District Magistrate , Mysore , Honourable Police Commissioner of Mysore city & Circle Inspector of police , vijayanagar police station  , mysore  will be responsible . 

 These corrupt  parasites will feel  , understand the pain only when they also suffer in the same manner. Let us pray to almighty – In  whose  Court of justice  MATCH FIXING is not there & every body is equal , let us pray to that god to give these corrupt parasites ghastly deaths nothing less nothing more.

1. PIO , O/O Honorable Chief Justice of India , Supreme Court of India , New Delhi.
2. PIO , O/O  H.E.Honorable President of India , Rashtrapathi Bhawan , New Delhi.
3. PIO O/O Honorable Speaker of Lok Sabha , GOI , New Delhi.
4. PIO O/O Dy Chairman of Rajya Sabha , GOI , New Delhi.
5. PIO , O/O Union Home Minister ,GOI , New Delhi.
6. PIO , O/O H.E.Honorable Governor of Karnataka , Raj Bhawan , Bangalore.
7. PIO , O/O Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka , CMO , Bangalore.
8. PIO , O/O DG & IG of Police , Government of Karnataka ,Police HQ , Bangalore.

Fees Paid :
  1. IPO 90E 787047 for rupees ten only.
  2. IPO 90E 787048 for rupees ten only.
  3. IPO 90E 787049 for rupees ten only.
  4. IPO 90E 787050 for rupees ten only.
  5. IPO 90E 787051 for rupees ten only.
  6. IPO 56C 376730  for rupees 5 only + IPO 56C 376731 for rupees 5 only.
  7. IPO 56C 376732 for rupees 5 only + IPO 56C 376733 for rupees 5 only.
  8. IPO 56C 376734 for rupees 5 only + IPOIPO 56C 376735 for rupees 5 only.

Enclosed :
  1. Police Complaint dated 19.03.2011
  2. Show Cause Notice Dated 19.03.2011
  3. ABCD Lesson of Democracy.

DATE : 19.03.2011 ……………..………………………NAGARAJ.M.R.

MYSORE - 570017.
Honourable DG & IG of Police , 
State Police H.Q , 
Honourable Circle Inspector of Police, 
Vijayanagar Police Station, 
Honourable Sir,
   Subject : Violation of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS & HUMAN RIGHTS by Honourable Chief Jusice of India &  H.E.Honourable President of India & other public servants 
                   Karnataka Police are NOT registering & acting on my  complaint  to them dated  04.07.2009

A  person committing a criminal offense is a CRIMINAL. The Person  who aids a criminal in his criminal act , in hiding the criminal act , in destroying the evidences  of criminal act  is also  a CRIMINAL. The 
person whose duty is to prevent criminal acts from  happening , who intentionally fails in his preventive duties  and  thereby facilitating  the criminal in committing crime is also a CRIMINAL.

Information  given by government  authorities are EVIDENCES , denial of information  amounts to hiding  of evidence ,  improper , half truth information given  amounts to MANIPULATION & DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCES. In this way many of our public servants including judges & police themselves are criminals , but are not prosecuted by the authorities , why ?

Due to delay in giving appropriate  information , many crimes have  taken place which could have been prevented. As the delay in taking action , giving information / evidence is on the part of government 
authorities , the issue of TIME BARRED FOR ADMISSABILITY doesn’t arise. At the outset , we express  our whole hearted respects to the honest few  public servants in public service including judiciary. However, the corrupt in public service don’t deserve  respect as individuals – as they are  parasites in our legal system. Still we respect the chairs they occupy but not the corrupt individuals.

All the following articles / issues , whole articles published in the weblinks mentioned below forms part of this appeal. The term “JUDGE” mentioned throught includes all public servants  discharging  judicial 
functions right from taluk magistrates , quasi-judicial officers to Chief Justice of 
Indian Legal / Judicial System is manipulated at various stages & is for sale. It is a SHAME. The persons who raise  their voice seeking justice  are silenced in many ways. The criminal nexus has already 
attempted to silence me in many ways . If anything untoward happens to me or to my family members , my dependents , Honourable Chief Justice of 
India together with jurisdictional police officer will be 
responsible  for it.

The Vijayanagar police in mysore stated that  they don’t have legal jurisdiction to book the criminals I have mentioned in the complaint & by taking a statement from me to that effect  closed the case 
temporarily on  11.09.2010  after sitting over the complaint  for years together. Is it not the  duty of  DG&IGP to seek the permission from home ministry to legally prosecute the alleged criminal VVIPs ? 
Why he was silent ? Ofcourse the lower rung police officers practically don’t have power to prosecute high & mighty ?

Hereby , I do request the  DG & IG OF Police , Government of Karnataka to seek the legal sanction from union home ministry & Karnataka state home ministry , for the prosecution of  below mentioned criminal VVIPs & to reopen my complaint here with.
In India , as per constitution of india all citizens are equal , have right to equal oppurtunity & equitable justice irrespective of caste , creed , religion , etc. the constitution has guaranteed these to every 
Indian citizen by way of CONSTITUTIONAL FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. Also , every humanbeing on earth has got HUMAN RIGHTS, by virtue of his / her birth. However in 
india , CONSTITUTIONAL FUNCTIONARIES / PUBLIC SERVANTS have forgotten this & are acting as lords , autocrats - unquestionable public masters. CONSTITUTIONAL FUNCTIONARIES are PUBLIC SERVANTS 
appointed to serve the public, public are the kings of democracy , they are the taxpayers & paymasters of this very same public servants. In 
India , corruption has spread it’s tentacles far & wide , it has not even spared the judiciary. The last resort of commonman for seeking justice is judiciary , even there corruption has spread .In present day India , if one is rich , he can committ any type of crime & get away clean from courts of law. there are corrupt police officials who modify FIR , suppress evidences ,manipulate evidences , takes up different line of investigation ,  fix innocents , coughs-up false confessions from innocents by 3rd degree torture , file B report closing the case , decides not to appeal in higher court of law , etc , ALL FOR A PRICE. Just see the list of millionnaire police officials who are caught by karnataka lokayukta.

Next step , the prosecutor & defense advocate strikes a deal , manipulates evidences , manipulates way of presentation of case & way of argument favouring the rich crooks for a price , as observed in high profile BMW case involving public prosecutor IU KHAN & defense counsel RK ANAND. In this way , if corrupt police & advocates , together manipulate the due process of law , the presiding judge is left high & dry even though the judge is honest, he is left helpless. to add to this , when the judge himself is corrupt , people’s last hope , democracy is dead. Nowadays we are hearing too many reports of irregularities in judiciary.

our publication has filed many appeals as PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION before hon’ble supreme court of India but the vested interests there are not accepting it as PILs. WHAT DOES PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION MEANS ? ISSUES WHICH ARE OF PUBLIC CONCERN AFFECTING MANY NUMBER OF PUBLICS. 
The issues raised by us for sample : 
1. sale of fake medicines & adulterated food products , beverages , colas affecting the health of millions of Indians & public of importing nations who are importing the same dangerous products from india . 
2. demolition , eviction of houses , lands belonging to poor dalits , tribals , backward castes by government authorities whereas regularising  illegal land encroachments , illegal buildings by high & mighty people in total disregard to law. in some cases government has even made contempt of court , by defying court orders & enacting special laws all to favour rich land grabbers. 
3. take the cases corporate frauds, violation of labour laws , pollution board laws , tax laws , etc by companies. 
4. The reports in media about certain highly placed public servants leaking india’s defense secrets to foreign countries & some politicians , film stars attending parties hosted by anti nationals DAWOOD IBRAHIM & underworld dons in gulf countries & elsewhere. these type of appeals are for public good , national security , as public are affected by them. still supreme court of india is not considering our repeated PIL Appeals.the courts have the authority to consider even a post card , e-mail as a PIL Appeal , the courts even have the right to initiate suo-motto action for public good , inspite of absence of any appeals / complaints. over & above this at the time of my very first appeal my income was very low & i was a retrenched factory employee who was eligible for free legal aid, even free legal aid was not given to me. Now , even to my repeated RTI Appeals  the Honourable chief justice of India & H.E.Honourable President of 
India are not giving the requested information . these action of CJI & PRESIDENT OF INDIA is aiding high & mighty criminals , anti nationals , amounts to suppression of information , truth , evidences , which is a cognizable offence.


ACCUSED Chief Justice of India 

INDIA -  ,  ,  ,  ,  , 
,  , 
are you ready to catch tax thieves ?  ,  , 
reliance industry where is accountability ?  ,  , 
crimes at infosys campus  ,  , 
crimes by B.D.A against a poor woman  ,  , 
crimes of land mafia in India  ,   , 
currency thefts in RBI Press  ,  , 
killer colas & killer medicines of India  ,  ,

We do have highest respect for all constitutional bodies , public servants , but it is an appeal to the honest few in public service ,to bring to book their corrupt colleagues.The Honourable Chief Justice of India & H.E.Honourable President of India have violated their oaths of office , failed in their constitutional duties , suppressed material truths / informations & thereby repeatedly violated my Constitutionally guaranteed FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS & BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS & Obstructing me from performing constitutionally prescribed FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES AS A CITIZEN OF INDIA.

Hereby , i do request you to legally prosecute the below mentioned public servants  ACCUSED CRIMINALS  viz

1.        H.E.Honourable President of India 
2. Honourable Chief Justice Of 
3. Union Home Secretary , GOI 
4. Governor , Reserve Bank Of 
5. Director-General & Inspector General Of Police , government of karnataka 
6. Commissioner , 
Bangalore Development Authority 
7. Commissioner , 
Mysore Urban Development Authority 
8. Commissioner , Mysore City Corporation 
9. Labour Commissioner , government of karnataka and 
10. all public servants belonging to tax dept , pollution control board , etc mentioned in the above cases with web links, on the above mentioned charges.
 the whole issue of this news paper & the related materials at the weblinks provided, forms part of this 
complaint. If i am  repeatedly called to police station or else where for the sake of investigations , the losses i do incurr as a result like loss of wages , transportation , job , etc must be borne by the 
government. prevoiusly the police / IB personnel repeatedly called me the complainant (sufferer of injustices) to police station for questioning , but never called the guilty culprits even once to police 
station for questioning , as the culprits are high & mighty . this type of one sided questioning must not be done by police or investigating agencies . if anything untoward happens to me or to my 
family members like loss of job , meeting with hit & run accidents , loss of lives , etc , the jurisdictional police together with above mentioned accussed public servants will be responsible for it. Even if 
criminal nexus levels fake charges ,  police file fake cases against me or my dependents  to silence me , this complaint is & will be effective.
if anything untoward happens to me or my dependents , the government of india is liable to pay Rs. one crore as compensation to survivors of my family. if my whole family is eliminated by the criminal nexus ,then that compensation money must be donated to Indian Army Welfare Fund. afterwards , the money must be recovered by GOI as land arrears from the salary , pension , property , etc of guilty police officials , public servants & Constitutional functionaries. Thanking you. 
Jai Hind , Vande Mataram.

Date : 19.03.2011…………………………Your’s sincerely, 
Place : 

In india democracy is a farce , freedom a mirage. the most basic freedom RIGHT TO INFORMATION & EXPRESSION , is not honoured by the government,as the information opens up the crimes of V.V.I.Ps & leads to their ill-gotten wealth. The public servants are least bothered about the lives of people or justice to them. these type of fat cats , parasites are a drain on the public exchequer . these people want ,wish me to see dead , wish to see HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH closed . so that, a voice against injustices is silenced forever , the crimes of V.V.I.Ps closed , buried forever.
To my numerous appeals , HRW's appeals to you ,you have not yet replied. It clearly shows that you are least bothered about the lives of people or justice to them .it proves that you are hell bent to protect the criminals at any cost. you are just pressurising the police to enquire me ,to take my statement, to repeatedly call me to police station all with a view to silence me.all of you enjoy "legal immunity privileges" ,why don't you have given powers to the police / investigating officer to summon all of you for enquiry ?or else why don't all of you are not appearing before the police voluntarily for enquiry ?at the least why don't all of you are not sending your statement about the case to the police either through legal counsel or  through post? you are aiding criminals ,by denying me job oppurtunities in R.B.I CURRENCY NOTE PRESS mysore , city civil court ,bangalore , distict court , mysore ,etc & by illegally closing my newspaper.
there is a gross, total mismatch between your actions and your oath of  office. this amounts to public cheating & moral turpitude on your  part. are making contempt of the very august office you hold. are making contempt of the constitution of india. are making contempt of citizens of india. are sponsoring & aiding terorrism & organized crime. are violating the fundamental & human rights of the citizens of  india and of neighbouring countries. are violating & making contempt of the U.N HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER  to which india is a signatory. are obstructing me from performing my fundamental duties as a  citizen of india.
you are hereby called upon to SHOW-CAUSE within 30 days , why you  cann't be legally prosecuted for the above mentioned crimes .

If i am  repeatedly called to police station or else where for the sake of investigations , the losses i do incurr as a result like loss of wages , transportation , job , etc must be borne by the government. prevoiusly the police / IB personnel repeatedly called me the complainant (sufferer of injustices) to police station for questioning , but never called the guilty culprits even once to police station for questioning , as the culprits are high & mighty . this type of one sided questioning must not be done by police or investigating agencies . if anything untoward happens to me or to my family members like loss of job , meeting with hit & run accidents , loss of lives , etc , the jurisdictional police together with above mentioned accussed public servants will be responsible for it. Even if criminal nexus levels fake charges ,  police file fake cases against me or my dependents  to silence me , this complaint is & will be effective.
if anything untoward happens to me or my dependents , the government of india is liable to pay Rs. one crore as compensation to survivors of my family. if my whole family is eliminated by the criminal nexus ,then that compensation money must be donated to Indian Army Welfare Fund. afterwards , the money must be recovered by GOI as land arrears from the salary , pension , property , etc of guilty police officials , public servants & Constitutional fuctionaries. Thanking you.
Jai Hind , Vande Mataram.

Date :  19.03.2011……………………………………………..your's sincerely,
Place : Mysore , India……………………….............................Nagaraj M R

A B C D of Democracy – A Lesson for all people’s representatives

People are the kings , self rulers in a democracy . Peoples representatives must just represent the wishes ,  aspirations of people. When  people in Jaitapur , Maharashtra state of India  are totally against a nuke plant in their area  and they don’t want it , still the authorities are forcing this project over their head.
Since 63 years of independence , In India the learned IAS babus & Netas are forcing their agendas , SEZs , Projects over the people for their own selfish gains , against the wishes of people. This is not DEMOCRACY.
In india, indirect democracy is the form of governance. In this form, people's representatives are bound to raise the questions , issues concerning their constituents on their behalf , on the floor of the house. However the sad part in india even after  63  years of democracy , is the lobbying is at it's peak. The lobbying is a gentleman's white collared crook's way of forming favour seeker's group , creating a corpus to pay lumpsum bribe & influencing decision making.

The people's representatives are bound to represent their people first , then their party & party think tanks. India has come to this sorry state of affairs , widespread corruption , huge black economy & rampant poverty, all due to inefficient legislations & enforcements.
These think tanks & IAS lobby, consider themselves as most super brains on earth & gives out suggestions . the present state of affairs is a barometer of their brilliance. These think tanks & IAS lobby are the hand maidens of lobbyists / bribers.

Now consider the following example :
Mr.raj gandhi is a member of parliament from mandya constituency in karnataka state. He is a MBA graduate & member of ruling Indian progressive party. The multinational giant M/S GREY HOUND CORPORATION wants to enter into paper manufacturing business in 
india. It's sight falls on the public sector paper giant mandya national paper mills (MNPM) in mandya district of karnataka. The MNC effectively lobbies with the government. The ruling party think tank & the cabinet advisory group recommends to the government to make strategic
disinvestment in the PSU M/
S MNPM. They bring out graph with full power point presentation stating that it is good for the company as well as the government. The lobbyists follows it up with media reports on the positive aspect of strategic disinvestment. A favourable impression is created in the minds of literate public. The cabinet
committee okays it.

The " strategic dis investment issue " comes before the parliament for legislation / approval. The ruling party issues a party whip to it's members to vote in favour of dis investment. However M.P mr.raj gandhi who is an MBA in his own wisdom also favours the dis investment. However ,most importantly the constituents – people in mandya parliamentary constituency through protest marches , mass post card campaigns lakhs in numbers expresses their disagreement with the dis investment & urges their MP mr.gandhi to vote against the disinvestment legislation.

On the D-day in parliament , mr. Raj gandhi as per his party whip & his own wisdom votes in favour of strategic disinvestment legislation, much against the wishes of his people , constituents & mis represents them in parliament. the democracy has failed here. in This way democracy is being derailed since 62 years in 

In democracy, party whip , MP or MLA's own wisdom / brilliance, think tank & IAS lobby recommendations are all secondary , the constituent's of his constituency , people's wishes aspirations are of primary importance & supreme. What people need is a honest
representative, who simply delivers the people's aspirations on the floor of the house back & forth , without superimposing it with his own ideas & party ideas. For true democracy , the people's representatives must be true postmans.

Towards this end , the people must be educated about their democratic rights & responsibilities. This is an appeal to the honest few in the parliament & state legislatures to weed out their corrupt colleagues , lobbyists, to uphold the dignity of the house & to
install democracy in it's true form.

Covering up Late  PM Rajiv  Gandhi Assassination conspiracy &  BOFORS SCAM

The CBI & GOI is more interested in  favoring accused persons ,  Quattrochi  & closing BOFORS Case  than punishing the guilty.

The GOI  & investigating authorities have failed to punish the real master minds behind the Late Prime minister Shri . Rajiv Gandhi assassination case .
When  a responsible Indian citizen volunteered to appear before the supreme court of india as an amicus curie , to give certain information before the court relating to this assassination , he was not at all permitted. Instead he was threatened , attempts made to murder him , his news paper was closed , his jobs were illegally snatched away , police & investigating agencies repeatedly grilled him ,  THE PURPOSE IS TO SILENCE THAT PERSON . The Police failed to act upon his complaints. The Supreme Court of India Failed to admit his PIL Petitions. ALL TO COVER UP THE POWERS THAT BE .

who are covering-up late p.m. rajiv gandhi assassination case? who are those conspirators? who are trying to silence me?  I am even being denied proper medical care by government  hospital authorities & ESI Hospital authorities , so that I will die sooner – my voice silenced.

My sufferings began hand in hand with my crusade. I have raised various issues of social concern from time to time at the appropriate levels, one of those is LATE P.M. RAJIV GANDHI ASASSINATION CASE. where-in only the tools of the conspirator's were punished where as the conspirators are roaming free. i have raised this topic of inequity , travesty of justice and sought a fair, proper enquiry& trial , at various forums. but to no avail.
the conspirators were disturbed by this and tried to silence me by threatening me, physically assaulting me and even made attempts to murder me. they prevented me from appearing before the JAIN COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY. they even manipulated the recruitment systems to deny me the appointments in R.B.I.CURRENCY NOTE PRESS MYSORE, P.E.S. COLLEGEOF ENGINEERING MANDYA, N.I.E MYSORE , District Court Mysore & Illegally snatched away my job in RPG Cables  Ltd , Mysore . they even tried to silence me by forcibly closing down my newspaper publications THE TESTUDO & VOICE OF CRUSADER.
my appeals for justice resulted only in police enquiries. the central intelligence bureau(I.B.) state intelligence & state police personnel enquired me exhaustively number of times, but they never did enquire the powers that be. any way these people don't have practical powers to enquire such people. the highest constitutional functionaries who can order a proper enquiry, trial are keeping mum inspite of repeated appeals. probably they are acting under the directions of conspirators. thereby they are not only covering up the crime, they are actively sponsoring terrorism , but are also violating my fundamental /  human rights & obstructing me from performing my fundamental duties as a citizen of india.


In India, it is nothing new to silence voices seeking justice. Only on paper , in the book called “Constitution of India” , every citizen is treated as equal . In practice , public servants behave as public masters & treat commoners worse . In Their crimes & actions our public servants even outsmart British occupiers. The criminal nexus of politician – police – public servant goes to any length to silence the voices seeking justice  , to threaten them  , to cut-off their sources of livelihood , to falsely implicate them  fix them in criminal cases , to assault them & finally to finish them. Indian judiciary has failed to uphold the “The Constitution of India” in letter & spirit. NOW, ONE MORE VOICE SEEKING JUSTICE IS ON THE FIRING LINES OF CRIMINAL NEXUS  - the voice of Mr. Nagaraj . M . R . editor , S.O.S-e – Voice For Justice & SOS e – Clarion of Dalit.  Nagaraj will sooner or later will be added along with satyendra dubey & shanmughan Manjunath , by the criminal nexus.


In india , Law is one & same for all , however in it's implementation & enforcement  , the public servants are practicing double standards. Poor Innocents are harassed , tortured all in the name of law , rules , technicalities .

Whereas , Rich Criminals are manipulating the evidences , records & are going scot free. The Public Servants treat Rich Criminals Favourably with kid gloves ofcourse for a price.

Now , take for instance , public servants of the rank of supreme court chief justice & President of india are hiding information relating to crime , covering-up crimes , violating commoner's human rights , fundamental rights , obstructing citizen from performing their Constitutionally prescribed Fundamental Duties as  Citizens of India , no action by police , they are not even registering the complaint.

Whereas , if a commoner cover-ups a crime or evidence , he also becomes a criminal , if a commoner violates the fundamental / human right of a rich person , if a commoner obstructs a public servant from performing his public duties , all those become crimes & he is legally booked for each counts.

Why not police registering complaint  against the corrupt public servants for their crimes & it’s cover up. IS IT NOT DOUBLE STANDARD.

Will you lend your support for this democratic , non-violent struggle for peace , justice , along with Mr.Nagaraj.M.R. All humane persons are welcome. Jai hind . vande matarm.


Your’s sincerely ,



The Death of Honesty

Published November 22nd, 2005 in CrimeIndia and Society.
Manjunath Shanmugham (27) , an IIM-L alumni and IOL employee, was killed by the owners of a petrol pump he had recommended be shut down for adulterating oil.
At the time of writing, only one mainstream newspaper has carried the story.
Some bloggers have pointed out the callousness and total loss of focus on part of the mainstream media for not carrying the story of a man who died for his honesty. I am not going to do that.
On the other hand, I would like to thank the mainstream media from shielding us from this piece of disturbing news.
Because I want to be entertained. Because I want to tell my next generation:” Always speak the truth. Always be honest. Remember truth always wins. ” without the gnawing feeling at the back of my mind ” Will this advice, if taken to heart, kill the kid?”
That’s why I don’t need to know.
But I do. Because of an incident that took place a long time ago. I was 14 then and my parents and I were returning from our uncle’s place on a local train. At some point, some rice smugglers got onto the train (who seemingly avoid octroi by routing their supply through non-conventional channels eg a passenger compartment), obviously without tickets and literally took over the compartment asking people to leave their seats and harassing passengers. Before you could say “CPM assholes”, the compartment was full of gunny bags and more ruffians than you could shake a finger at.
Some of the passengers protested, my father among them.
Then as the train reached the station, Railway Police men entered the compartment. My father went upto them complaining about these rice smugglers. By this time, the more worldy-wise passengers (except my dad that is) had slipped away as they knew something my dad did not—the Railway Police are the fighting unit of the rice smugglers. Yes sirree bob welcome to Jyoti Basu’s Ramrajya sorry Marxrajya.
Soon it was my father against a dozen RPF “people” who were openly threatening him with physical harm. The rice smugglers had, in the melee, made their quiet getaway. They then took my father to the RPF outpost where they were going to “take action” against him for obstructing them in performing their duties. What irony !
I remember being petrified at the prospect of these men hurting my father as my mother and I went and sat in that thana as my father was surrounded by more of these guardians of the law. Fortunately, their OC “pacified” his rank and file and that too after seeing Baba’s visiting card which had Professor, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta on it and thus being able to reason that assaulting my father may (may being the operative word here) raise a media stink—a fact that the goombahs below him had not realized.
So he escorted the 3 of us outside the station and I remember him apologizing privately to my father saying that he knew exactly what was going on, but so well-connected are the smugglers and the cops with the powers-that-be that he was helpless to do anything.
As I mentioned, I was 14 then. I had learnt my lesson—look the other way. Cowardly. Sure. I prefer being a coward than having a broken nose or being dead. And I am sure I am not the only one who feels so.
And thats why these stories deserve to be suppressed because they can only convince more 14 year olds that honesty does not pay. Now, we dont want them to lose their idealism, do we?
Am I being cynical here? I think not. A few blogs will be written on Manjunath’s death, a few readers will say “chuk-chuk look what India has come to”, a few of us will burn with righteous indignation before we bury ourselves in the sordid Abu Salem trial. He shall be forgotten, by most of us, in a day or two.
But his family wont forget him. They will always live with the feeling that their son died for being honest—-something he could have avoided without much ado. If he only had taken the money, he would have been still breathing. Like the rest of us.
What a waste of a fine human being.
So here’s my advice to everyone. Idolize Manjunath. Shed a tear for him. Discuss his honesty and the petrol-pump-allotment policies of the government over a cup of coffee.
Promise not to steal office supplies for a week. Err make it two days.
But do not under any circumstance try to follow him.
Remember that “Satyameva Jayate” is nothing more than a crappy Vinod Khanna movie.
Remember that.
And stay alive.


Early life

Satyendra K. Dubey, the son of Bageshwari Dubey and Phulamati Devi, was born at the village of Shahpur in the Siwan district of Bihar, India. The family of five girls and two boys subsisted on a small piece of land, and Bageshwari also held a low-paying clerical position in a nearby sugar mill.
Until the age of 15 he studied at the Gang Baksh Kanodiya High School Shahpur and joined junior college at Allahabad, about three hundred kilometers away. Living away from home was a considerable drain on the meager resources of his family. However, he pursued his dream of becoming an engineer, and was admitted to the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur in 1990, the first person from his village to enter an IIT.
He graduated with an excellent academic record in 1994. Subsequently, he did his M. Tech (Civil Engg.) from IT-BHU in 1996.

[edit] Professional Life

For some time, Dubey worked at the Ministry of Surface Transport in Delhi, before he was selected for the Indian Engineering Service (IES), India's top engineering bureaucracy.
While at the ministry he once called the police when offered a bribe[1]
In July 2002 he was employed by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).
Dubey became the Assistant Project Manager at Koderma, Jharkhand, responsible for managing a part of the Aurangabad-Barachatti section of National Highway 1 (The Grand Trunk Road). This highway was part of the Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) Corridor Project, the Prime Minister's baby, which aimed to connect the metros of the country by four-lane limited-access highways totalling 14,000 km, at an overall cost more than USD 10 billion.
During this period, he got the contractor of the project to suspend three of his engineers after exposing serious financial irregularities. At one point, he had the contractor rebuild six kilometers of under-quality road, a huge loss for the road contract mafia.

[edit] Exposing Corruption

The GQ project had strict controls to ensure that the construction work would be carried on by experienced firms with proper systems. A second independent contract was given for supervision of the project. However, Dubey discovered that the contracted firm, Larsen and Toubro, had been quietly subcontracting the actual work to smaller low-technology groups, controlled by the local mafia. When he wrote to his boss, NHAI Project Director SK Soni, and to Brig Satish Kapoor, engineer overlooking the supervision, there was no action.
According to the case file after his murder (FIR), Dubey had been facing several threats following his action against corruption at Koderma. A subsequent FIR filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) named both Soni and Kapoor.
In August 2003 when he was transferred to Gaya, a transfer which he opposed since he felt that it did not serve the interests of NHAI.
At Gaya, he exposed large-scale flouting of NHAI rules regarding sub-contracting and quality control. At this time he took a departmental test and was promoted as deputy general manager, which made him eligible to take charge as project director. Since there was no project director's post in Gaya, he was likely to be posted to Koderma soon.
There was widespread sentiment (based on their pattern of operation), that the criminal nexus, opposed to having him as director, may have been behind his murder.

[edit] Letter to the Prime Minister

Meanwhile, faced with the possibility of high-level corruption within the NHAI, Dubey wrote directly to the Prime MinisterAtal Bihari Vajpayee, detailing the financial and contractual irregularities in the project. While the letter was not signed, he attached a separate bio-data so that the matter would be taken more seriously. Despite a direct request that his identity be kept secret and its sensitive content that pointed fingers at some of his superiors, the letter along with bio-data was forwarded immediately to the Ministry for Road Transport. Dubey also sent the same letter to the Chairman, NHAI.
Soon Dubey received a reprimand: the vigilance office of NHAI officially "cautioned" Dubey for the impropriety of writing a letter directly to the Prime minister. In the process, through connections in the NHAI and the Ministry, it is likely that the letter may have reached the criminal nexus running the highway construction projects in Bihar.
Following the event, pressure is mounting in India to incorporate a Whistleblower Law.

[edit] Great Loot of Public Money: Contents of Letter

The letter said the NHAI officials showed a great hurry in giving mobilisation advance to selected contractors for financial consideration. "In some cases the contractors have been given mobilisation advance just a day after signing the contract agreement."
"The entire mobilisation advance of 10 per cent of contract value, which goes up to Rs 40 crore (USD 10 million) in certain cases, are paid to contractors within a few weeks of award of work but there is little follow up to ensure that they are actually mobilised at the site with the same pace, and the result is that the advance remains lying with contractors or gets diverted to their other activities," it said.
Dubey also highlighted the problems of sub-contracting by the primary contractors like Larsen and Toubro.
"Though the NHAI is going for international competitive bidding to procure the most competent civil contractors for execution of its projects, when it comes to actual execution, it is found that most of the works, sometimes even up to 100 per cent are subcontracted to petty contractors incapable of executing such big projects," he said. Everyone in the NHAI is aware of the phenomenon of subcontracting but looked the other way.
"A dream project of unparalleled importance to the Nation but in reality a great loot of public money because of very poor implementation at every state." wrote Dubey.
Finally, he ends: "I have written all these in my individual capacity. However, I will keep on addressing these issues in my official capacity in the limited domain within the powers delegated to me," the letter said.

[edit] Assassination

On November 27, 2003, Dubey was returning from a wedding in Varanasi, and called his driver to meet him at the station. He reached Gaya railway station at three in the morning, and found that the his car was not able to come because of a battery malfunction.
It appears that at this point Dubey decided to take a rickshaw home. When he didn’t reach home, his driver went to look for him and found him dead by the side of the road in the suburb of A.P. Colony. He had been shot.
The news ignited tremendous public hue and cry. The matter was raised in Parliament, and the Prime Minister shifted the onus of investigation from the Bihar Police (who might themselves be implicated), to the CBI.
The CBI registered a case against unknown persons under 120-B (criminal conspiracy) and 302 (murder) of Indian Penal Code and various provision under Arms Act on December 14 2003.

[edit] The investigation

In early investigations, the CBI interrogated the rickshaw puller Pradeep Kumar who was caught using Dubey's stolen cell phone. The mobile phone was switched off for about a fortnight after the murder, but then Kumar called his 'second wife' in Kolkata, following which the CBI traced the rickshaw puller to his slum in Gaya. Although Kumar had a criminal history in similar cases of robbery, it appears he was released after interrogation, and could not be traced a month later.
Two other suspects, Sheonath Sah and Mukendra Paswan, were questioned by the CBI. They were found dead from poisoning on February 1,2004, within 25 hours of the CBI questioning. Sah's father lodged an FIR against the CBI with the Bihar Police, but CBI Director Umashanker Mishra called their deaths a suicide in a press meeting a few days later.
CBI later arrested four persons, Uday Mallah, Mantu Kumar, Tutu Kumar and Babloo, all belonging to Katari village of Gaya on 6.6.2004. On 13.6.2004, CBI arrested another accused Sarvan Paswan[2]. In conclusion of its investigations, CBI arraigned four persons on September 3,2004. Based on testimony by Pradeep Kumar, who was his rickshaw puller, the event was presented as an attempted robbery. Because Satyendra put up a fight about giving up his briefcase, he was shot.
The person accused of actually shooting Dubey with a country-made pistol was Mantu Kumar, son of Lachhu Singh, of Village Katari, Gaya district. Accomplices with him included Uday Kumar, Pinku Ravidas and Shravan Kumar.

[edit] Murderer escapes

Mantu Kumar was arrested from near his home in Panchayatee khada in Gaya. He had apparently been living in Gaya town and working as a rickshawpuller. On September 192005, while the case was being heard in PatnaBihar in the court of Addl. Session Judge, J M Sharma, Mantu Kumar escaped from the court premises, leading to widespread allegations of police complicity. While Mantu was being held at the high security Beur Jail, the invigilation can be lax during such court appearances, and it is a common tactic of the mafia to organize a few policemen to make it possible for the criminal to escape.
It was felt that the escape was engineered by higher-ups who may have executed the murder through Mantu Kumar. The CBI announced a cash reward of Rs. 1 Lakh for apprehending Mantu. [3]

[edit] Who ordered the murder

It is possible that Dubey may have been the victim of a simple robbery during which Mantu Kumar shot him, as alleged in the case filed by CBI. However, given the death and disappearance of several witnesses and the startling escape of the prime accused, there is wide-spread speculation that vested interests may have engaged the criminals who actually pulled the trigger.
As for the GQ project, the Supreme Court is currently overlooking investigations into the corruption charges initially raised by the Dubey letter. Several official have been indicted and a technical team is overseeing the actual construction.
Also, as of September 2005, news reports indicated that the law ministry was about to introduce legislation to protect whistleblowers.
Meanwhile, on 10 February 2006, a 600 meter stretch of the highway connecting Kolkata to Chennai subsided into the ground, opening up ten meter gorges near BallyWest Bengal [4]. This stretch had been completed a year back by a multinational firm, selected after global tendering.

[edit] Legacy

Dubey's murder drew several protests in India and abroad, especially by the media. Student and Alumni bodies of IITs took the lead in raising this issue. S. K. Dubey Foundation for Fight Against Corruption in India was launched to systematically fight against corruption [1]IIT Kanpurinstituted an annual award in his name, Satyendra K Dubey Memorial Award, to be given to an IIT alumnus [2] for displaying highest professional integrity in upholding human values. Arvind Kejriwal, a recipient of this award, went on to receive the Ramon Magsaysay Award as well. Indian Express had also announced a fellowship in the name of Dubey [3].
Satyendra Dubey was recognised posthumously by several awards, which included the Whistleblower of the year award from the London-based Index on Censorship [4], the Transparency International's Annual integrity award and the Service Excellence award from the All India Management Association[5]
On 2007-11-26 NDTV aired a documentary by Mini Vaid on Satyendra Dubey[5].

[edit] See also

  • Jessica Lal murder case of a Delhi-model shot by Manu Sharma, the son of Haryana's electricity minister. After a huge hue and cry, Manu Sharma was convicted and is serving out his prison term.
  • Sanjeev Nanda hit-and-run case where the grandson of a former Chief of Navy, ran over 6 people in 1999 and acquitted in a lower court, the case is continuing in a higher court.

[edit] References

1.       ^ S.K. Dubey Foundation
4.       ^ 2
5.       ^ Mini Vaid (2007-11-27). "Can you hear the whistle blow?". Indian Express Retrieved on 2007-11-27. 

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Shanmugam Manjunath ( Kannadaಷಣ್ಮುಗಂ ಮಂಜುನಾಥ) (1978 Kolar-2005) was a marketing manager for the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) who was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in UP. Who later became a rallying cry for IIMIIT and other institutes students.


[edit] Education

Manjunath earned his Computer Science Engineering degree from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of EngineeringMysore, and an MBA fromIndian Institute of Management Lucknow.

[edit] Opposition to corruption and murder

While working for the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in Lucknow, he had ordered two petrol pumps at Lakhimpur Kheri sealed for selling adulterated fuel for three months. When the pump started operating again a month later, Manjunath decided to conduct a surprise raid around November 19, 2005.
Having not heard from his son for three days, at around 9 that night, his father, M Shanmughan, had sent an SMS: "How are you?". There was no reply because that very night, during his inspection, Manjunath had been shot dead in Gola Gokarannath town of Lakhimpur Kheri. His body, riddled with at least six bullets, was found in the backseat of his own car, which was being driven by two employees of the petrol pump. Both were arrested and the main accused, pump-owner Pawan Kumar ('Monu') Mittal, was held on November 23 along with seven others.

[edit] Murder Trial

Manjunath's death came close on the heels of the assassination of Satyendra Dubey, suspected to have been for similar reasons (fighting corruption). Following the murder, there was immense media spotlight on the case. S. Manjunath's batchmates from IIM Lucknow (where he was affectionately called machan) also kept the story alive.
Fortunately, the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust took up the case with dogged determination. The Trust lawyer Mr. I.B Singh, the Public Prosecutor Sri Chandramohan Singh, Trustees, volunteers and supporters worked hard to ensure quick justice.16 months after the murder,all eight accused were guilty by the Lakhimpur Khiri Sessions Court (not a fast track court!). This is in sharp contrast to the 6 years for theSanjeev Nanda hit-and-run case and the Jessica Lall murder case to come to trial. where the son of an influential MP was acquitted by a smaller court and finally convicted in the Delhi High Court after a sustained outcry by the public and dogged campaign by the media.
The main accused Monu Mittal and 7 accomplices were convicted of murder by Sessions judge, Lakhimpur Kheri. [1]
Bail appeals by the convicted killers are being heard in the Lucknow High Court - the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust lawyer Mr. I.B Singh continues to work closely with the case.

[edit] Aftermath

The conviction gives renewed faith for citizens of India in their legal justice system in terms of punishing the guilty and also timely justice, bringing it somewhat in line with western justice systems. The speed of this case is also the result of efforts undertaken by the government to clear the huge backlog of cases in Indian courts.
Indian Oil Corporation paid Rs. 26 lakhs compensation to the family. The matter of adulteration in diesel was taken up by the Energy Coordination Committee chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. One of the policy remedies being considered is to minimize the subsidy in the price of kerosene (used as cooking fuel by the weaker classes), and to explore alternate mechanisms for implementing the subsidy. Subsequently, several tanker trucks, laden with thousands of liters of kerosene, were seized en route to a district neighbouring Lakhimpur Kheri [1].

[edit] The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust

A pan IIM initiative, "The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust" was registered on 23 February 2006, Manjunath's birth anniversary. With immediate objectives of fighting the case, they have a broader agenda of improving governance in Indian public life.
On 26 March 2007, the main accused Pawan Kumar Mittal was awarded death sentence, while the other seven accused were sentenced to life imprisonment.
Key Initiatives The Trust runs India's first (and only) National Right To Information Act Helpline (080)666-00-999. The 12*7 (8 am - 8 pm)multi language Helpline, serviced by professionally trained call center agents, guides citizens through the features of this powerful tool against corruption.

[edit] The Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award

The Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award carries a citation and a Rs. One Lakh Cash Award; to honour those who have reported and worked to rectify systemic corruption. The first Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award was awarded on March 24, 2007 to Prof. R.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor Lucknow University for his extraordinary courage in taking on criminals and politicians to clean up Lucknow University and implement the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. The award was presented in a public function by Chairman & Chief Mentor of Infosys Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy.
Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti president Akhil Gogoi received the prestigious 2nd Shanmugam Manjunath Integrity Award from the Magsassay awardee Kiran Bedi at a function held on March 28, 2008 at the IIT Delhi Seminar Hall. Mr Gogoi who hails from upper Assam’s Golaghat district has been awarded for his fight against corruption. [3]

[edit] Notes

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  • Satyendra Dubey: Assassinated Nov 2003 for whistleblowing on the criminal nexus in highway construction in Bihar.

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