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EDITORIAL : LAND MAFIA silencing an Innocent woman in Puttaparthi Andhra Pradesh
- LOCAL POLICE & JUDICIARY hand in gloves with the mafia - An appeal to Honourable supreme court of India

Land mafia with the support of local police are harassing an innocent woman by name Ms.Pushpa & her family in Puttaparthi , Andhra Pradesh. Ms.Pushpa & her family are living under threat to their lives , the approach road to their house is partly closed , they have suffered attempts of murder on their lives by police & rowdy elements , police have illegally entered her house & illegally confiscated her property. All for the reason that THEY REFUSED TO SELL THEIR PROPERTY TO THE NEIGHBOURING BUILDER (WHO IS AN INFLUENTIAL POLITICIAN) WHO IS ILLEGALLY BUILDING A HUGE COMPLEX . On top of this , the police have foisted false cases on Ms.Pushpa to silence her , circulated pamphlets , fake stories in the local media defaming Ms.pushpa & her family , offending the dignity of a woman .
The local Judiciary has failed to stop further injustices to this lady & failed to take legal action against public servants who failed to do their duty . These public servants – local police , local judiciary , PUDA officials , Jail officials , Government Doctor together with the complainant Ms.Pushpa must be subjected to narco analysis test. Till date Unauthorised construction by neighbouring builder (taking away the acess to Ms.Pushpa & her family’s property) is going on unhindered.
Ms.Pushpa presently an under trial in district jail , Ananthpur (admitted at Governement Hospital Ananthapur) IS UNDER FAST UNTO DEATH protesting against the inaction of Local Judiciary & Police , which is aiding the criminals to continue their crimes. If Ms.Pushpa & any of her family member dies , suffers bodily injuries , etc , the Local Jurisdictional Police , Jurisdictional Magistrate together with the Superintendent of police , District Collector & Principal District & Sessions Judge of the said Ananthapur District , Andhra Pradesh will be responsible for it.

Hereby , we do request the Honourable Supreme court of India , to conduct a thorough enquiry by a third party not belonging to Andhra Pradesh , to find the truth & give justice to the aggrieved. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM.
Your’s sincerely ,
Nagaraj .M.R.

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 08:16:50 +0530
Subject: Sir..I need your kind attention immediately as iam in need..urgent..

humbly..Iam miss.Pushpa.Kolasani resident of puttaparthi,Anantapur Dist.AP. a law graduate but engased in to computer animation bussiness..problem is
I am on hunger strike for last 37 days demanding for judicial enquiry on magistrate who has given me for illegal judicial remand in a falsly implicated case against me by the police.Anantapur in Cr.No.50/10, U/s.353C.P.Cto bend me for compromise in S.C.No.13/08, S.C.No.367/05 ,pending in the court of Asst.Sessions Judge.Penukonda, C.C.S.R.02/09, pending in the court of JFCM.Penukonda and few other related cases linked with them in which police or directly involved and now they are at trail stage but they have even influenced my legal councel I am permited to take the procecution side party in person in the place of PP and Spl.PP who were appointed earlier in them who made me arrested exactly one year before same like this though my recall petition was pending before the bench IN COUNTER again it has been repeated thats why i have started hunger strike since then to put an end for their dramma once for all..i have sent a petition to the NHRC and the Chief Justice of High Court.AP but of no use at I am under the treatment of Govt.General Hospital.Anantapur..police are forcing them too to not to issue any copyies of my medical reports to submit to the i am taking a risk of sending this mail to you with the help of hospital staff only..may not e all the times i shall engage my sister Mrs.S.Ch.Padma to contact you over phone in this regard on behalf of me..i need your guidence and timely any cost Iam not ready to let them go this 3 magistrates and even GJ of anantapur is also involved now..i am ready to put forth all the clear and documentary evidence to prove their sisters phone Nos are...09441552129, 09441111772..pls o respond immediately..
thank you sir,

6/20-D.kolasani buildings,
university road,


 1. how many times since 1987 , PUDA/ GOVERNMENT has revised / modified the mysore city's comprehensive city development plan ?

2. how many cases of CDP violations were registered by PUDA / GOVERNMENT since 1987 till date ?

3. how many cases of CDP violations were legalized in the CDP revision / modification by the authorities ?

4. when an application for alienation of land is made to you , say from civic amenity site to commercial , what norms are followed by PUDA / GOVERNMENT ?

5. how do you provide alternate civic amenity site in the locality , if the area is already full ? do you deprive people of civic amenities ?

6. during such alienation , is the PUDA  / GOVERNMENT collecting market rate difference between civic amenity site & commercial site ? if not why ?

7. in Puttaparthi city , many building complexes , buildings have been built fully violating building bye-laws – no set off , no parking space , no emergency fire exit , no earthquake tolerant . what action by PUDA  / GOVERNMENT ?

8. how many cases of building bye-laws violations has been registered by PUDA / GOVERNMENT since 1987 ? what is the action status report yearwise ?

9. how much of PUDA's  / GOVERNMENT's lands , sites , buildings & houses have been illegally occupied by criminal tresspassers since 1987 ?

10. has the PUDA / GOVERNMENT registered criminal cases against each such illegal occupation ? if not why ? provide status report yearwise ?

11. in how many cases of such illegal occupation PUDA / GOVERNMENT has legalized , regularized such illegal occupation just through PUDA's  resolution instead of of reallotting the same through public notification to the next senior most in the waiting list , after giving notice of allotment cancellation to original allottee ? if not done so why ?

12. has the PUDA  / GOVERNMENT followed all legal norms in re-allotment of lands , sites , houses , etc to the illegal occupiers ? what is the procedure followed ?

13. in Puttaparthi city , numerous housing societies & real estate Developers have mushroomed , Land allotments of how many housing societies , real estate firms among them are legally authorized by PUDA , GOVERNMENT & how many not ? since 1987 till date ?

14. has the PUDA  / GOVERNMENT filed criminal complaints against such illegal housing societies & illegal real estate firms ? if not why ?

15. what action PUDA  / GOVERNMENT has initiated against real estate firms & housing societies who have violated PUDA norms , layout plans , etc ? if not why ?

16. the government has framed building bye-laws like width of road , space for civic amenities , parking space , emergency fire exit , etc keeping high in the mind safety of people first. PUDA  / GOVERNMENT is in the practice of levying a pittance as penalty on the building byelaw violators , layout Development plan violators & legalizing those
violations. Safety of public & amenities of public are totally neglected by PUDA / GOVERNMENT . When public people die , suffer injuries / accidents – say during a fire tragedy in a complex due to lack of fire exit , when people park vehicles on pavement in front of a business complex as the complex doesn't have a parking space of it's own , the pedestrians going that way are forced to come down on road resulting in accidents , injuries & deaths . is not the PUDA / GOVERNMENT responsible for those accidents , injuries & deaths ?

17. what is the criteria adopted by PUDA  / GOVERNMENT for out of Turn allotment of Lands , sites , houses to renowned sports persons , judges , journalists , politicians , artists , etc ?

18. how many judges , artists , politicians , journalists , sports persons , etc have benefited from these out of turn allotments by PUDA  / GOVERNMENT ? specific figures yearwise since 1987 ?

19. what action has been taken against developers , housing societies , who have violated PUDA  / GOVERNMENT norms ?

20. when poor scheduled caste , scheduled tribe people , minority people illegally live On PUDA  / GOVERNMENT sites building temporary huts , PUDA / AUTHORITIES with the help of police razes down those huts & evicts the poor by brute force. Whereas , when cronies of political bigwigs illegally occupy PUDA / GOVERNMENT lands worth crores of rupees & build big complexes earning thousands of rupees monthly rent , PUDA or authorities not even files police complaint against them instead regularizes the illegal occupation by levying a pittance as fine. Why this double standard by PUDA /  GOVERNMENT ?

21. HOW MANY CASES OF ILLEGAL OCCUPATIONS are regularized by PUDA / GOVERNMENT since 1987 till date ? yearwise figures ?

22. how much of PUDA / GOVERNMENT lands , sites , houses are under illegal occupation ? status report yearwise since 1987 ?

23. how much of those has been recovered ? has the PUDA ,AUTHORITIES recovered the rents earned by illegal occupation ?

24. have you filed police complaints against those criminals – tresspassers ? if not why ?

25. is the PUDA / GOVERNMENT giving wide publicity & sufficient time to bidders about it's auction schedules ?

26. is the PUDA / GOVERNMENT giving market value to land loosers ?

27. is the PUDA / GOVERNMENT exactly using the acquired lands , for the same purpose mentioned in the project plan ?

28. is the PUDA / AUTHORITIES acquiring lands at lower rates from farmers & selling it at a premium , by way making profits just like a real estate agency ?

29. in villages , there are cattle grazing grounds meant for the usage of whole villagers, forest for the usage of whole village , lands belonging to village temples. Some villagers have donated their personal lands to village temples , cattle grazing for the benefit of whole villagers. All the villagers are stake holders , owners of such lands. When PUDA /
GOVERNMENT acquires such lands to whom does it pay compensation ? what about welfare objectives of those lands ?

30. till date , how many lakes , ponds , how many feeder canals have been closed , filled with mud , developed , sold as sites , etc by PUDA  or other land developers ?

31. has the PUDA ,  taken alternate steps to create new lakes , ponds ? how many are created till date ?

32. in & around Puttaparthi city , high tension electric lines are there in busy residential areas . as per Indian electricity act , no permanent structures should be under the HT lines. However there are buildings under it. In some places , HT lines runs in the middle of the road. The authorities Have developed those areas beneath HT lines as parks , rented out
advertisement spaces & built permanent fencing of those areas spending lakhs of taxpayer's money. This fencing obstructs the movement of service personnel of electricity board , to service HT line. Are all these structures under
& surrounding HT lines legal ?

33. till date how many burial grounds are acquired & sold as sites by PUDA / GOVERNMENT or other developers ? specific figures yearwise since 1987 castewise , religionwise ?

34. in & around Puttaparthi  city , in how many areas developed by PUDA & private developers , the sewage water generated in those areas is directly let into lake , ponds ?

35. how many tributaries , lakes , ponds are killed in this fashion by PUDA  & other developers , housing societies ?

36. how many business complexes , flats , residential layouts developed by private real estate developers , housing societies are dumping the sewage , / waste generated in their buildings , into unauthorized dumping grounds , lakes , etc . thus disturbing the environment & creating public health hazard ? how the PUDA Is monitoring sewage / waste disposal ? status report yearwise since 1987 till date .

37. how many unauthorized housing layouts are there in & around Puttaparthi city ? what action by PUDA / GOVERNMENT against them ? action taken report yearwise since 1987 till date .

38. around Puttaparthi city , vast areas of village farm lands , agricultural lands are acquired by private real estate developers for non agricultural purposes by a single firm or single owner. Are these actions legal ? some of these real estate agents have sold those lands to private industries , multinational companies for crores of rupees. Has the PUDA  /
GOVERNMENT given alienation of land ie conversion from agricultural to industrial usage. Has APIADB given consent to it ?

39. can a single individual / firm can purchase such vast tracts of agricultural lands , is it legal ? is it within the APIADB's
comprehensive industrial area development plan ?

40. has the PUDA , APIADB given wide publicity , public notice calling for objections before alienation of such lands ?

41. are all those alienations , strictly in conformance to PUDA's  CDP & APIADB's industrial area development plan ? violations how many ?

42. is the PUDA & APIADB revising / modifying CDP & INDUSTRIAL AREA DEVELOPMENT PLAN , to suit those real estate developers & Private companies ? on what legal grounds ?

43.what action has been taken based on  Complaint made by Ms.Pushpa Regarding illegal complex construction , neighbouring her house ?
44.Why the illegal structure mentioned by the complainanant was not demolished ?
45. If PUDA does not have man power for demolition , did it request the appropriate authorities , for the same ? when ?
46.Is it right , legal for PUDA officials to postpone the demolition of illegal structures in anticipation of regularization of the same by government ?
47.Is not legalizing a crime itself a crime ?
48.numerous NGO's , trusts promoted by religious bodies , mutts are allotted prime lands at preferrential rates , for the reason that they will use it for public / social welfare. however many of the trusts are using the whole or part of the land for commercial purposes other than the stated public / social welfare purpose. what action has been taken by         PUDA  or government in such cases ? many trusts have violated government norms in this way since 1987 till date? what action taken by PUDA  & government action taken report yearwise since 1987 till date ? many such illegalities / violations by trusts are regularized by PUDA  or authorities , on what legal grounds ? ATR since 1987 till date ?

51.before regularizing such violations have you sought public objections & given media publicity ? if not why ? you are monitoring the net wealth growth of some PUDA / REVENUE officials & their family members , who have land acquisition / denotifying , land usage conversion authorities ? many trusts , NGOs are allotted prime residential / commercial lands by PUDA  / GOVERNMENT on lease basis , in turn the said trusts , NGOs have sublet it either partly or wholly to others ? many such lease allotments are sold by PUDA / GOVERNMENT before the expiry of lease period , without public auction ?

55. what are the norms followed by PUDA  / GOVERNMENT for the sale of leased lands to the lessee before the expiry of lease period ?

Crimes @ Reserve Bank of India 
-       An appeal to central information commission

Ref  no. RTI APPEAL via web DPG/B/2008/80341
RBI is a public authority , set up by an act of parliament. Numerous 
irregularities , illegalities , crimes have taken place at RBI , still
it is fully covered up by those in influential positions.
We requested the CPIO of RBI HQ for information as per RTI Act  ( our 
letter dt 20th September 2008 ) about various issues concerning the
activities of that institution in whole. However the CPIO OF RBI HQ
through his letter no.DAPM.CO.RIA.4001/07.50.01/2008-09 dt October
03rd 2008 declined to give information citing certain ruses. ( RBI Ref
no. RIA 798/2008-09 )
He has stated that some information pertains to security press , 
nashik &
 note press at mysore. True , both those institutions are 
fully owned subsidiaries of RBI , hence RBI is in a position to
answer. Still , RBI can transfer a copy of our RTI Application  to
those authorities as per provisions of Sec 6(3) of RTI ACT 2005. CPIO
didn’t do that.
One more ruse of CPIO of RBI is that , I am seeking his views / 
opinions on issues concerning RBI activities. He is wrong , I am
seeking to know the official / legal stand of   RBI regarding it’s
activities for example , appointment of rowdies as loan recovery
agents by banks , etc. CPIO has failed to state the official stand
regarding various activities of RBI.
One more ruse given by CPIO of RBI is that I have raised many issues , 
to be specific 103 questions on various topics concerning RBI , giving
information on all those diverts the resources of authorities , hence
information request is denied. TRUE , information sought is many , so
do the crimes @ RBI which are also many. When compared to magnitude of
crimes @ RBI which is 3-4 times the entire budget outlays of Indian
government  to the tune of crores of rupees  , the resources spent to
ascertain information as per our RTI Application is just few hundreds
of rupees. When compared to the money spent by RBI officials by way of
TA / DA during their travel , etc, our information request resource
needs are peanuts.
To sum up , CPIO of RBI is hell bent to protect the criminals @ RBI 
lest the truth comes into open. Hereby , we request the honourable
central information commission  to order the RBI to give us truthful
information in whole , so that justice is given to those victimized &
fat criminals are sent to gallows.
Read the article "Crimes @ RESERVE BANK OF INDIA"  @ 
,  ,

- An appeal to honourable supreme court of India

The central bank of India  Reserve Bank Of India , which is supposed 
to direct the fiscal policies of government of India , has failed to
do so. It has enabled many looters in the garb of entrepreneurs  , to
swindle the exchequer to the tune of crores of rupees. The premiere
investigating agency of India CBI has failed to nail the culprits.
Hereby , I do request the honourable supreme court of India to treat 
this as a PIL application & to provide speedy justice in following
Read the article "Crimes @ RESERVE BANK OF INDIA"  @ 
,  ,
Read the article "PF scam shame shame judges" @

-       Trauma of an old man
Complete case details also available at

As per allegations of RBI management Bangalore in 1977-79 , criminal 
nexus of RBI employees stole Rs. 220000 from RBI Bangalore. All the
banks , government treasuries in Karnataka , submit defaced /
currency notes to RBI Bangalore in exchange for good notes. RBI after
collecting such defaced currency notes , sorts out fairly good notes
which can be reissued & burns off the remaining totally defaced
currency notes. All these process is done in a systematic manner.
As per allegations of the management , the crime took place in the 
period of 1977-79 at RBI Bangalore. A nexus of employees, took away
the currency bundles meant for destruction & substituted it in the
place of bundles of reissuables.
Charge sheet issued by RBI Bangalore office to mr.G.Hariram 
Staff no.3698/156/84-85 dt 1 april 1985
Amended charge sheet staff no 3798/156-84/85 dt 8 april 1985
CBI has charge sheeted 17 employees in connection with this case , 
case olde no. cc34/1989       new no.  sc 436/1991            . the
honourable 21 city additional city civil & sessions court Bangalore in
it's order dated 24.01.1992
   discharged        03  charge sheeted employees , as the prosecution
failed to prove the charges against them. They came out clean , as
they were innocents saddled with the crime done by others. One of the
charge sheeted employee who turned approver for the prosecution, has
given detailed account of the crime. Nowhere he has mentioned the
involvement of accussed no.15 mr.G.Hariram in the crime.
Even after coming out clean, mr.G.Hariram was not reinstated into 
service by RBI. They gave the ruse of domestic enquiry & showed
contempt to the court order. On appeal, the honourable high court of
Karnataka ordered RBI to review it's order with respect to
mr.G.Hariram , still RBI failed to reinstate mr.G.Hariram into service
, once gain showing contempt to the court of law.
In India as per law , the decisions of court of law are binding on all 
, orders of court over rides the organisation's internal rules ,
service rules , etc. inspite of lack of evidences, in a whimsical
manner the higher authorities of RBI , fixed some innocents as the
scape goats heaped all charges against them ( against whom they had
personal grudge , dislikes ). RBI  repeatedly showed contempt to the
court orders , dismissed the scape goat - ailing old man mr.G.Hariram
from service. RBI snatched away his PF money towards the alleged loss
to the bank , didn't pay his gratuity amount , salary arrears and
finally he was even deprived of the pension. As a result , the old man
has even lost his social prestige, dignity , his family suffered a lot
& he is a mental wreck today.
Why RBI authoroties are hell bent upon to send away the innocents / 
scape goats away from service ? why CBI didn't conduct polygraph tests
of all the accussed , specifically higher officers of RBI , managers
of RBI office Bangalore ? probably the scape goats were aware of the
crimes master minded by higher ups & didn't co-operate with the higher
ups in their crimes. So, the criminals were afraid that the scape
goats will blurt out truth to the world , fixed non co-operating
innocents themselves as criminals.
Who will give justice to innocents like old man mr.G.Hariram & who 
will bell the corrupt , criminals , fat cats of RBI ?

( SEE RULE 22 OF RTI ACT 2005 )
PIN – 570017.
WITH RESPECT TO CASE NO  old CC34 / 1989 & NEW NO SC436/1991   AT 21
CHARGE SHEET NO staff no.3698/156/84-85 dt 01.01.1985
Amended charge sheet  staff no.3798/156-84/85 dt 08.04.1985
1. Why didn't you notice the alleged crimes of 1977 , 78 & 79 till the 
mid of  1979 ?
2. This crime came to light only due to anonymous phone calls of good 
Samaritans to authorities , but not due to your inspection . is your
inspection division working properly ?
3. why there is no security check up of officers during entry & exit 
out of premises ?
4. why there is no individual weighment , individual statement of 
value of bags of reissuable notes & bags of
 note meant for destruction 
, after sorting is done, why they are not tallied with total weight ,
value of notes issued for sorting ?
5. Immediately after noticing the crime, why did not you transfer all 
the employees of those sections ?
6. why did not you take steps to preserve3 & protect respective 
documents relating to such high profile crime ?
7. why didn't you immediately issue charge sheet to all the accussed & 
waited till 1983 ?
8. Why RBI has left out , so many officers ( who worked in the same 
sections for more period than accused officers ) from domestic
enquiry ?
9. why CBI also failed to put those people in the charge sheet before 
the court ?
10. is it because they were in favorable terms with the vested 
interests ?
11. did the CBI dance to the tune of vested interests in RBI while 
preparing charge sheet & during investigation , instead  of
independent investigation ?
12. those left out probables from the charge sheet might have caused 
the destruction of evidences / records. During the course of domestic
enquiry / court proceedings , it has been recorded that some records
have been destroyed. Are not CBI & RBI responsible for destruction of
evidences , aiding true criminals get away ?
13. in normal times , what is the period specified in RBI regulations 
for preserving old documents / records ?
14. after noticing such a high profile crime the RBI must have taken 
utmost care to preserve such old records for indefinite time , for
producing before courts of law as & when demanded. But it  didn't ,
why ?
15. does not this point to connivance of higher authorities of RBI , 
with the criminals ?
16. RBI authorities have conducted domestic mass enquiries , instead 
of individual enquiries , is it not detrimental to the rights of
defense ?
17. RBI authorities have stated  that court proceedings & domestic 
enquiry are independent of each other & are not binding on one
another. However  RBI authorities straight away took on record of
domestic enquiry the court statements , evidences , but didn't honour
the order of same court of law ? why this double standard by RBI ?
18. The alleged crime  was committed in 1977-79, but charge sheet was 
framed in mid 1985 , why this long delay ?
19. didn't this facilitate the masterminds of crime to destroy , 
manipulate evidences ?
20. as stated before court , indeed some records , 22nd currency note 
packet were missing , who is responsible for it ?
21. has the CBI conducted enquiry , polygraph test of RBI higher 
officers - S.N.RAZDAN , W.S.SARAF , J.P.AWASTHI , J.MITRA & others ,
if not why ?
22. is it not due to inefficiency , negligence of duty by such high 
ranking managers , that such a crime occurred in RBI Bangalore ?
23. what disciplinary action RBI has taken against the inefficient , 
negligent higher officials ?
24. whatever internal rules an organization makes must be within the 
line of law. If such internal laws of the organization are violative
of law , fundamental rights of employees , such internal rules become
illegal. Are not the way of RBI disciplinary proceedings illegal ?
25. as per RBI pension regulations 1990 , RBI has the right to deduct 
any loss caused to the bank , from the pension of RBI employee if the
misconduct of employee is proved in judicial proceedings . even though
mr.G.Hariram came out clean from the court , why  RBI has denied his
pension ?
26. judicial courts of law are appellate authorities over & above , 
domestic enquiry committees & judicial orders supersedes the domestic
enquiry proceedings. Still RBI showed contempt of court & didn't
reinstate mr..G.Hariram into service , why ?
27. even if an employee's misconduct causing loss to the bank is 
proved , before denying him pension (towards making up loss to the
bank) , previous sanction of the central board of RBI must be taken.
But in mr.G.Hariram's case , pension was denied in full without taking
previous sanction of the central board of RBI , is it not illegal ?
28. RBI alleged that mr..G.Hariram caused loss to the tune of Rs.14000 
to the bank & recovered it from his provident fund dues. There was
nothing left over to recover , still RBI  completely denied pension to
mr.G.Hariram , why ?
29. ideally, domestic enquiry findings / disciplinary actions should 
be completed first , then the employee can appeal to appropriate court
of law. In mr.G.Hariram's case , CBI & RBI failed to prove the charges
in court of law , as a result court discharged him from the charges.
To cover-up it's failures RBI management dragged domestic enquiry much
beyond court orders date & gave findings indicting mr..G.Hariram. does
the enquiry officer of domestic enquiry think that he is over & above
the court of law ? is it not illegal & contempt of court ?
30. ideally , RBI authorities should have appealed to higher court 
against lower court order discharging mr.G.Hariram from charges. But
it was not done , why ?
31. did the RBI pay interim relief to mr.G.Hariram , during suspension 
period ?
32. the undue delay in filing charge sheet , consequent destruction of 
key evidences , dishonour / contempt of court orders , undue haste in
giving findings , dismissal , denial of of pension without central
board's sanction , all point towards criminals within RBI higher
management. What disciplinary action has been taken against
J.P.AWASTHI, S.N.RAZDAN,J.MITRA, W.SARAF & others ? if not why ?
33. why charge sheet was amended? Is it legal ?
34. did the charge sheet was amended to falsely implicate 
mr..G.Hariram , by including cancelled
 note vault in the charge 
sheet ?
35. does not this itself show that it is not statement of actual 
happenings / facts , but a cunning ploy to mislead investigation
towards fixed innocents from actual criminals ?
36. is it true that that only 5% of sample inspection is done out of 
bundled verified defective
 note packets ?
37. is not the conduct of joint / mass enquiries of all charge sheeted 
officers illegal ?
38. how come such an important evidence 22nd note packet went 
missing ?
39. is it because it may point towards real criminals ?
40. as per the statement of management witness / inspection head / 
expert mr.vijendra rao , the notes of earlier dates have been removed
from packets made into new bundles , right ?
41. as per his statement , entire certificates , seals of some asst 
treasurers are there , who didn't work at all on that day is not it ?
42. does not it show that some body else was misusing the seals , 
putting some innocents seals over the notes ?
43. does it not show that , crime has taken place at verification 
section ?
44. does it not show involvement of some asst treasurers ?
45. why asst treasurers have not been charge sheeted ?
46. why inspection of RBI Bangalore office was not done between 1975 & 
1979 ?
47. is it not true that you failed to produce all records showing 
internal inspection / audits , during domestic enquiry & court
proceedings ?
48. your expert mr.vijendra rao has stated that some seal marks are 
smudged , he has stated some seal marks appears to be so & so. He has
clearly nowhere stated that this seal mark is exactly this , so he
himself is not 100% sure ?
49. your expert nowhere said that 100% sure this seal mark is this , 
on that day this seal was issued to mr.G.Hariram , isn't it ?
50. your expert says during 1975 , he didn't notice3 any fraud. 
However approver says
 fraud was there before mid 1977 also. Why no 
action has been taken ?
51. why you didn't produce all records of all persons , who have 
specifically worked in alleged sections , the registers of those
departments with daily activity report containing seal nos , packet
nos , bag nos , etc ?
52. are not their chances of some criminals putting the seal marks of 
innocent officers over the notes , bundles , bags , etc ?
53. your expert is not 100% sure of seal mark , your records are not 
there to prove the presence of charge sheeted officers in the alleged
sections , neither your expert nor your records are 100% sure on what
date , at what stage , by whom crime was committed , isn't it ?
54. is not the charge sheet amounting to higher ups picking up 
officers they dislike & falsely implicating them ?
55. is it not cunning ploy of higher ups to divert attention from 
original criminals ?
56. why no action was taken against currency officer of 1977-79 
mr.J.Mitra ? why his pension , super annuation benefits were not
withheld ?
57. what is your justification , supporting evidence , records for 
picking up only three officers including mr.G.Hariram for legal
prosecution and leaving the majority of probables ?
58. why you have dropped charges against five asst treasurers ? why 
you didn't even conduct domestic enquiry against them , let alone
legal prosecution ?
59. Is it RBI's & CBI's way of fair play & justice ?
60. as inly 5% sampling of verified note bundles are done , there are 
more possibilities of rebundled packets getting unnoticed in relaxed
95% lot , isn't it ?
61. you have left out so many officers who worked in those sections, 
some of whom even became management witnesses , instead of being
charge sheeted by the management, is it fair play & legal ?
62. who are the bank employees , from whom you have recovered the 
alleged bank loss of Rs.220000 ?
63. were all of them charge sheeted , enquired , legally prosecuted , 
dismissed & their pension , gratuity withheld ?
64. you don't have any internal statuotary records to prove that 
mr.G.Hariram worked in those departments , except a currency officer's
 note dated just on the eve of charge sheet years after the 
alleged crime ? does it not prove that this
 note has been concocted 
just to fix mr.G.Hariram ?
65. where as you have records of other officials attendance in those 
departments , but not charge sheeted them why ?
66. three officers of staff grade A daily work in three sections out 
of 40 officers , why you have picked up only mr.G.Hariram , out of
1095 working days , he has worked for only 223 days in those
sections , still those officers who worked for more days in those
sections are not charge sheeted why ? the approver , the management
expert witness , shift registers , V2 registers , Destruction
certificates , Form CD 55 , etc , nobody , no records were able to say
on what date , at what stage , by whom crime took place , also they
were unable to say on what date at what stage crime was committed by
mr.G.Hariram ? is it not futile imagination , cunning ploy of RBI
higher authorities to fix innocent Mr.G.Hariram ?
67. the management expert witnesses said , the most probable place of 
crime is punching / Cancelled
 Note Vault , incinerator , where asst 
treasurers were joint custodians . they were not enquired & let off
why ?
68.        the charge sheet alleges extraction / substitution of 
 note packets. Where as the management expert witness say 
substitution of defaced notes only ? is not there difference between
loss of one number of
 note & 100 number of notes ?
69.         as per the normal course of duty , staff officers does not 
count notes in each bundles , but they just count the number of
bundles only. Is not there chances of inserted
 note bundles or bundles 
containing less number of notes going unnoticed ? is it not the
failure of statuotary system of work practices ?
70.         does not all these prove higher authorities of RBI & CBI 
were hell bent to fix mr.G.Hariram & to shield the original
criminals ?
Questions with respect to other cases :
71.         how do you monitor the work of bank officials nominated as 
directors of companies which have availed bank loans ?
72.         how do you monitor the work of companies , in which banks 
have invested ?
73.         how do you monitor the rapid wealth growth of certain bank 
officials , who work in shares investment / equity funds section ,
etc ?
74.         inspite of project reports by bank officials , over 
assessment of collateral securites / value of debtor companies by bank
officials , the loans become NPAs  & full value  cann't be realized in
the market by selling off the assets of debtor companies also. In such
cases , what action is taken against erring bank officials who collude
with criminal industrialists for availing higher amount of loan than
permissible ?
75.         give bankwise  specific figures of NPAs.
76.         give names of industrial groups / promoters whose 
companies have become NPAs , so that public can be aware of them  ,
before investing in new companies promoted by them.
77.         is not collection of loan from debtors of bank through 
rowdies / recovery agents , illegal ?
78.         why not criminal complaints filed against bank mangers for 
aiding , abetting rowdism , murdering people ?
79.         if your method of employing rowdies to collect loans of Rs. 
10000 from commoners is right , what would you do to a promoter of a
debtor company to recover loans of crores of rupees , supari killing ?
but debtors of crores of rupees is let off coolly by banks , why ?
80.         what is the exact amount of loss caused to the exchequer 
by karim lala telgi who printed fake stamp papers ?
81.         what action has been taken against those involved ?
82.         have you taken action against all those mentioned by telgi 
during narco analysis test , if not why ? is it because they are
powerful & bigwigs ?
83.         how you are controlling the illegal finance activities , 
money lending by individuals , pawn brokers & chit fund companies ?
84.         how you are monitoring the receipt of public donations , 
foreign donations by many NGOs ?
85.         how many erring NGOs , chit fund companies , pawn 
brokers , individuals you have booked for illegal finance activities ?
86.  who were responsible for selling the good printing machine at 
security press nasik to scamster karim lala telgi as scrap ?
87.  who recruited the candidates below merit rankings in R.B.I for 
what criminal roles ?
88. how many irregularities have taken place in R.B.I till date ?
89. who is responsible for installing, operating & supervising the 
security set-up in R.B.I ?
90.  how the raw materials ie number of paper sheets, ink, etc are 
accounted for in inward stores & while issuing for printing ?
91.  how wastages, scrap of ink , papers , etc in the printing process 
are accounted for?
92.  How the finished goods ie currency notes are accounted for ?
93.  Who keeps physical figures & possession of goods, inventory of 
all the above?
94.  How the scrap paper is disposed off ?
95. From security angle who keeps track from start till dispatch ?
96.        Give me the merit ranking list of all candidates for the 
post of stores assistant in BRBNMPL in the year 1995-96 ?
97.        give me the merit ranking list of all candidates for the 
post of process assistant at BRBNMPL in the year 1996 ?
98.        give me the merit ranking list of all candidates for the 
post of process assistants & maintenance assistants at BRBNMPL in the
year 1996-1998 ?
99.        is not RBI & BRBNMPL authorities created by statuotary 
laws , fully funded by public money ie from government exchequer ?
100.   still why BRBNMPL & RBI refused to answer my previous 
information request as per RTI Act ? are you afraid that skeletons
will come out of cubboard ?
101.   what action initiated against the SBI  branch Bangalore  & SBI 
Overseas branch for loss of cheque / draft amounting to crores of
rupees ? if not why ?
102.   give me specific figures bank wise with respect to loss caused 
to the bank by loss of cheques or demand drafts , etc ?
103. how RBI is containing crimes of loss of cheques / DDs  causing 
huge losses to the banks to the tune of crores of rupees ?
P.M.MARG ,MUMBAI-400001.
Date : 01.11.2008                                 Your’s sincerely, 
Place : Mysore                                     


In " mysooru mithra" a kannada daily dated 15/06/2005, the editor has 
written about a copy of the complaint made by Transparency
International India-Bangalore to central vigilance commission of
In indian banks , there is a strange practice that whenever a cheque 
is put before the clearing house by a bank, the clearing house sends
that cheque to the service branch of bank paying. The service branch
then sends that cheque to the appropriate bank branch
for deduction of cash from the cheque account. In this travel , if the
cheque is lost or misplaced midway, the service branch pays out of
it's suspense account to the cash collecting bank. Logically,
afterwards the service branch must initiate a thorough inquiry, get
authentication from both persons one who gave cheque & other who
collected cheque. Finally, the money must be transferred from the
account of cheque giver to the suspense account.
However , upto 1997 two branches of state bank of india in bangalore & 
overseas branch sufferred from frequent loss of cheques totally
cheque loss the bank has paid out of suspense account, totally
amounting to Rs.3200 crore. However the bank has not
initiated any enquiry to recover that amount from the cheque givers.
In the 1997 internal audit report of the bank itself , this has been 
clearly pointed out. Till date, even the central vigilance commission
has not initiated any action about it. A member of central vigilance
commission happens to be ex-chairman of state bank of india.
It is just an instance of two branches of SBI, what about hundreds of 
branches of SBI, what about thousands of branches of other public
sector,private sector & co-operative banks. It is
all the way. Few months back to cover-up the crimes
of global trust bank ( GTB) , it was taken over by oriental bank of
commerce ( OBC).
While sanctioning a loan of just Rs.10000 to a common man , he has to
comply with lengthy legalities. If he defaults, bankers breath down
his neck, bankers send rowdies in the form of recovery agents to
humiliate the common man & his properties are
auctioned-off, finally all dues to the last penny are recovered. In
most of the cases bankers even force the defaulters to commit suicide.
However influential persons easily gets loans amounting to hundreds of
crores of rupees, coolly defaults, siphons-off the funds & shuts his
shop. No recovery at all , just it becomes a non- performing asset
(NPA) in the bank ledger. The total NPAs of all public sector banks is
more than Rs.80000 crore. This burden is spead over the crores of
hapless indians.
The government takes pride in murdering forest brigand veerappan. The 
ill-gotten wealth of veerappan is not even pea nuts before this huge
amount. Remember past finance scams – MS SHOES, HAWALA, HARSHAD MEHTA
SHARE SCAM, KETAN PAREKH SHARE SCAM, UTI, etc. totally in all these
scams billions of dollars of public money have gone to the coffers of
criminals. These scamsters put veerappan to shame in their turnover.
However the government is not even exhibiting a fraction of it's
ELIMINATE VEERAPPAN DRIVE against these scamsters, why?
In india, both central & state government tax/ revenue officials are 
neck deep in corruption. By, taking bribe they make lower assessment
of income, gains, etc & spare businessmen from the tax payment. The
government in return for favours received from
lobbies, gives tax exemptions to them at it's sweet will. All these
scams & it's cover-ups are insider jobs. The government is not
interested to collect, recover it's own monies
amounting to billions of billions of dollars every year. However our 5-
star leaders living at the expense of tax-payers, go-on foreign jaunts
with a begging bowl for a few lakhs of dollars. What a shame?
More than 50 billion indians are barely surviving on a single meal per 
day & hundreds are dying due to starvation, billions don't even have
basic necessities of life. If the government even just collects a
fraction of it's dues from scamsters, defaulting industrialists –
people won't die of hunger in india. Has this enlightened our thick
skinned netas ?


An age old saying – AS THE KING SO DOES THE SUBJECTS. In india various 
financial scams, crimes & it's cover-ups have taken place amounting to
billions of billions of dollars have taken place, made possible , just
due to the involvement of the king – the netas & government officials
themselves in the shameful act – the crime.
The tax officials are utterly corrupt, the wards of these officials 
spend double their pappa's salary just during
weekends. Now, realise their financial might. These ill-gotten wealth
is destabilising our economy & might have even found it's way into the
hands of underworld, terorrists. INDIA WILL BE DEFEATED FROM
Hereby, the HRW urges you to make public:
1. the financial worth of finance minister to tax official at circle 
level, on annual basis including his spouse's worth & property
2. to make public the NPAs, losses & monies under litigation by both 
private & public sector banks annually.
3. to make public measures taken to recover these monies.
4. to publish annual accounts with complete details of discretionary 
funds allotted to the defence ministry, president, prime minister,
chief ministers , governors & intelligence agencies.
Public want to know whether proper discretion is being applied while 


Even in ordinary branches of banks , the safety 
locker room keys & currency chest room keys are with senior managers
only. with advance of technology various electronic gadgets like
burglar alarms, user id & palm readers are in use. It is quite
shocking to know that , in high security
these gadgets were not in use & the keys were easily accessible to
ordinary security guards. Also, in mysore
 press there is no proper 
accounting practices for blank papers issued for printing , after
printing is done accounts of accepted notes & rejected notes is not
at all kept. CBI is putting the whole blame on an ordinary security
guards & hurrying to close the case. The repeated thefts are not at
all possible by security guards alone without the help of insiders /
higher executives. CBI is trying to fool whom?
Even with respect to my complaint regarding 
recruitment scandal complaint no: DPG/B/2005/80049 (2) (RBI) new
complaint no: DPG/Z/2005/90040, neither CBI nor secretary ( finance
sector ) department of economic affairs government of india nor the
 governor has taken any steps till date , why? 
Hereby, e-voice  urges the honourable union finance
minister & CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION to look into the matter & to
provide speedy justice to all concerned.

Lie detector tests for C.B.I officers ?

Nowadays even free e-mail accounts need password to operate, to 
operate a bank locker there are multi level security settings.
However , it is ridiculous, unbelievable to note that in the high
security reserve bank of india currency note
 press mysore, there were 
no different key sets , palm readers, pass words, no different
authorised persons, no troops of security guards, to access the area.
Just only one security guard- a constable.
It is a cock & bull story of C.B.I, that all alone a single security 
guard stole the booty. There must be a crime syndicate. The C.B.I
officers themselves must be subjected to polygraph, brain mapping
tests to know why they are lying , to cover-up whom? The C.B.I has
not answered previous questions raised by  us. The C.B.I must answer
the following questions :
1. who were responsible for selling the good printing machine at 
 press nasik to scamster karim lala telgi as scrap ? 
2. who recruited the candidates below merit rankings in
 R.B.I for 
what criminal roles ?
3. how many irregularities have taken place in
 R.B.I till date ? 
4. who is responsible for installing, operating & supervising the
security set-up in
 R.B.I ? 
5. how the raw materials ie number of paper sheets, ink, etc are
accounted for in inward stores & while issuing for printing ?
6. how wastages, scrap of ink , papers , etc in the printing process
are accounted for?
7. How the finished goods ie currency notes are accounted for ?
8. Who keeps physical figures & possession of goods, inventory of all
the above?
9. How the scrap paper is disposed off ?
10. From security angle who keeps track from start till dispatch ?


Dear sir,
I have applied for the post of STORES ASSISTANT in 
1995 & for the post of PROCESS ASSISTANT in 1996 for vaccancies at
Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited ( BRBNMPL) MYSORE
& SALBONI. I didn't even get the interview/written test call letter.
However candidates with lesser merit ranking were selected. My 
requests for a copy of merit ranking list fell on deaf ears.
In the end of 1996, i once again applied for the
round i got written test call letters for both posts. I have
successfully cleared the common written test for both posts.
Subsequently i got the interview call letters for both posts. I have
successfully appeared for the common interview for both posts.
However candidates of lesser merit were selected & i didn't get any
communication at all. My repeated requests for MERIT RANKING LIST
fell on deaf ears.
It is the criminals in R.B.I MANAGEMENT who 
declared a good printing machine at nasik security
 press as scrap & 
sold it to fake stamp paper king pin karim lala telgi It may be
possible that the criminals in the
 R.B.I MANAGEMENT selected 
candidates who suited their criminal objectives. As a result there is
frequent occurrence of currency thefts & related
irregularities at
 R.B.I CURRENCY NOTE PRESS, mysore & salboni. 
Hereby, i call upon the C.B.I to look into this matter.
Also, hereby i urge you to provide me justice by giving merit ranking 
lists of all recruitments made from 1995onwards till date.
Specifically, for the above mentioned 4 posts in accordance with the

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