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Crimes of Government of USA

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Editor: Nagaraj.M.R....vol.5 . issue.10......07/03/2009

EDITORIAL : GUNS N' ROSES – international war crimes tribunal

9 / 11 WTC attack , 26 / 11 MUMBAI attack , bomb blasts in pakistan

India, U.S.A , U.K , Pakistan and various other countries have given birth to & supported various terror outfits, all with the objective of widening their area of influence, to get hold of governance of other countries, to loot resources of other countries. At no time they were bothered about the welfare of innocent people in those victim countries.

Now, when the Frankenstein monster they fathered TERRORISM is haunting them , came home to roost in their own backyards , all these countries are crying foul.

Take for instance Pakistan , it has got enough problems on hand , poverty , unemployment , malnutrition , hunger , illiteracy is rampant in Pakistan. Ordinary Pakistanis are suffering, ordinary Pakistanis does not need neither war nor jihad , what they need is food , healthcare , education for their children.

Take for instance india, it has lot of problems on hand like starvation, lack of education , health care, etc. The GOI says it doesn't have enough funds to solve these problems. These problems are of pre-independece vintage, increasing multifold after independence of india. Still the government of india spent crores of rupees on training , arming of tamil terrorists in srilanka , unnecessarily poked it's nose in east pakistan creating bangladesh, created terrorist outfits in punjab & northeast to counter the influence of other terrorist outfits. ALL THE WHILE PREACHING PANCHASHEEL PRINCIPLES – peaceful co-existance , respect for neighbour's boundaries, etc, in the same breath. What ordinary Indians , commonfolk need is food , shelter , healthcare & education.

Take the case of USA , from the beginning since decades , it is the habbit of US administrators, britishers to sow the seeds of discontent between two countries , make them to go to war with each other ( simultaneously selling military hardware worth billions of dollars to those same countries by the way making profit in billions ) & to finally play the role of a truce maker thereby getting a foothold in the newly formed government plus getting reconstruction projects worth billions of dollars leading to profit of billions. Just remember the US invasion of iraq , citing presence of WMDs, finally nothing was found. However USA made billions of profit by business.

The common folk of whichever country , whichever religion you take , does not want war , everybody wants peace. The common folk need food , shelter , healthcare & education. It is the scheming politicians who go on the path of violence. POOJYA BAPUJI's , MAHATMA GANDHIJI's principles of non violence , non interference in the affairs of other individuals / other countries , love / compassion for fellow human beings is much relevant today.

Hereby, e-Voice urges the international war crimes tribunal , to order the respective governments who aided terrorism ,to pay damages to victim countries. Jai hind. Vande mataram Your's sincerely, Nagaraj.m.r.

CRIMES OF FORMER U.S PRESIDENT Mr. George W Bush From the day one the government of u.s.a is selfish & violating the rights of other countrymen. During cold war days , to expand it's influence & to give more business for u.s arms manufacturers , the u.s.a sowed the seeds of terrorism in various countries & nurtured them through arms & finance supply , training. The AL-QUEDA & TALIBAN are it's own babies. The president bush of U.S.A was sufferring from low image ratings , the domestic economy was facing a slump , so to improve his own rating & bring more business to u.s industries , he schemed an inhuman ruthless plan. He wanted to take control of afghanisthan & iraq. He needed a ruse to invade them & concocted one murdering his very own countrymen.

human rights watch has doubted the authenticity of 9/11 in it's articles months ago. it is just a ploy of the bush to divert attention of public from his dipping ratings , domestic problems like unemployment , economic lows and more importantly to find rather fabricate a reason for attacking the arab world , iraq. finally , to help it's MNCs mint millions in reconstuction , oil contracts, etc. it is a savage act of bush for green bucks.


The government of U.S.A thrown all international conventions into wind , lied about weapons of destruction in iraq & invaded a sovereign country iraq. Still , it was unabale to find any weapons of mass destruction in iraq. In it's greed for power , green bucks , it inhumanly tortured prisoners , took them to 3rd countries for torture , bugged phones of u.s citizens & violated human rights of u.s citizens. In his ego , greed mr.bush has violated all human rights of not only u.s citizens but also human rights of innocent iraqis , afghans , etc & thrown all international laws into winds. Now, the former president himself has acknowledged the intelligence failure in iraq but defended his iraqi invasion. Mr. Bush will be remebered in the history books as a GREATEST LIAR , INHUMAN SCHEMING MEGALAMONIAC & GREEDY OLDMAN.


America was the country , which gave equal opportunity to all , treated all as equal human beings, irrespective of religion , race , colour , treated all human beings with dignity. To sum up , till a few decades ago it was the perfect working role model of democracy in the world.

Now, everything has changed , sovereign countries are attacked , bombed on false charges of possession of WMDs , people are illegally picked up on racial , religious lines , detained , tortured , etc , slapping them with labels of terrorist.

When the interests of an American corporation is threatened in third countries with respect to copyright , trade disputes , etc, the government of USA comes to it’s rescue & pressurizes the said country to oblige US dictates. If an American citize4n is victimized from criminals in third countries , the US government comes to his rescue , sends FBI team to that country to conduct parallel investigation alongside the local police. Some times criminals are extradited to USA , for legal prosecution . In all these instances American interests , takes precedence , it supersedes the local laws.

However , when the same American corporations & American citizens commit crimes , violations of local laws in third countries , they are not legally prosecuted , punished by the American laws , back home in USA , why ?

True , terrorism is a crime against humanity , a global menace. The No.1 terrorist outfit , terrorist organization in the world is government of USA. It has founded , funded , trained , armed many terrorist outfits , military rebels , etc from latin America to west asia , Nicaragua , iraq to Afghanistan , from baath party , Taliban to al-queda . in turn these terrorist outfits , military juntas have tortured , murdered , millions of innocents , local people. Is not the government of USA , respective presidents of US government responsible for these genocides ? are not the respective chief justices of US Supreme court , who failed to prosecute the respective US presidents & to stop US government from aiding & abetting terrorism, equally guilty of genocides ? are not the respective US presidents & chief justices of US supreme court , fit to be tried by international war crimes tribunal ? has the US government cared to pay compensation to victims of USA aided , abetted terrorism in third countries like Afghanistan , iraq , etc ? many American multinational companies are selling food products , medicines in third countries , which does not conform to FDA norms , some of the products they are selling is already banned in the USA itself , for it’s hazardous effects. This has resulted in numerous health disorders , deaths of consumers of said products in third countries. What action by US government against such US based MNCs ? has the US government cared to pay compensation to victims of such dangerous food / medical products ?

US government has kicked out many MNCs from from USA , for it’s environmentally hazardous operations. The said US based MNCs have set up shop in poor , under developed countries conducting their environmentally hazardous operation thres , harming the environment , health of human beings , live cattle , etc. what action by US government against such US based MNCs ? has the US government cared to pay compensation to victims in such cases ?

When Bhopal gas tragedy occurred in India due to criminal failure of US based MNC UNION CARBIDE , why the said company top executives were not legally prosecuted in USA ? why the quantum of compensation paid , is just a fraction of compensation which the company ought to have paid , if the same disaster happened in the USA itself ? does the US government think lives of Americans is more worthy than Indians ?

Why US government is not providing full social security net benefits on par with American tax payers , to H1-B visa holders , work permit holders in USA , even after collecting taxes from them ?

Did September 9 / 11 WTC ATTACKS really happened by big boeing aircrafts ? watch truth @

Would it not have been good for the US government to utilize the same terror funds for the economic wellbeing of it’s own citizens instead of aiding & abetting terrorism in third countries ?

If the US government was genuinely interested in the wellbeing of other countries , would it not have been proper to give economic , cultural co-operation to such countries than arming terrorists , rebels in those countries ?

As a result of above stated criminal acts , the respective presidents of US Government & Respective Chief Justices of US SUPREME COURT , have violated US laws , violated their oath of office , UN Convention on human rights, local laws of the victimized countries & human rights of innocent millions who died in those genocides. Hereby , I do request the incumbent H.E.Honourable President of USA & Honourable Chief Justice of US Supreme court , to publicly answer the above questions within 30 days , in the interest of truth , justice & humanity or to face the legal prosecution at the appropriate legal forum.

TRUTH FOREVER – Attempts by vested interests to silence our publication , to silence a human rights activist

The police , judges , public servants , etc question the accussed persons , to ascertain the root cause of crime or dispute, to know the truth behind every actions. The police even apply 3rd degree torture on commoners ( although it is illegal ) to elicit truth , information about crimes. When the same public wants to know the truth behind crimes involving police , judges & public servants , and seeking truth , answers , informations as per RTI ACT from police , judges & public servants , they are not answering lest the truth come out. They are citing one or the other technical reasons to hide information , to hide truth about crimes , to shield the criminals. If any of the following public servants truly stands for law , justice , truth , let them answer for the following questions publicly through media
























are you ready to catch tax thieves ?


reliance industry where is accountability ?

crimes at infosys campus

crimes by B.D.A against a poor woman

crimes of land mafia in India

currency thefts in RBI Press

killer colas & killer medicines of India

The only thing corrupt public servants know is to neglect the complaints of public , if somebody pursues with his complaint he is silenced either by falsely fixing him up or by snatching his sources of livelihood or by finishing him off. The complaints are delayed so that evidences , reports can be cooked-up , manipulated. In the present scenario , the work practices of some public servants , judges & police itself is violative of people's fundamental / human rights. Throught in my appeals I am not just referring to specific cases of human rights violations but also wrong work practices of judges , police & other public servants. Take for example , it is illegal to consume alchoholic drinks while on duty because being drunk the person's mental faculties doesn't work properly , but see many of the police officers themselves are drunk while on duty in evenings / night times. Then how come these police are able to discern between innocents & offenders. Still more , these police produce offenders / accused at odd hours in night before judicial magistrates . if the judge himself is also drunk , how can he decide the person is worth to send to police custody or to get bail , etc. in this way there are numerous wrong work practices by some of the public servants which are meating out injustice to many. However when information about such issues are requested from judiciary , police & other authorities as per RTI ACT nobody is giving full truthful information , why ?

Previously , vested interests tried to silence me in many ways , now they are trying to silence me through US based NGO HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH by foisting a case of copyright violation on our publication. Whether the said US NGO has got copyright protection in India ?, has it registered for copy right protection in India ? does the copyright protection cover newspapers ? what are the areas , jurisdiction , scope of the said copy right protection by the US based NGO HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH ? Does the copy right is given to general professional titles , names used in the society like carpenter , blacksmith , human rights watchman , etc ? copyright protection should be given to unique names , unique customized products , processes , but not to what is generally known in the society . whoever tries to silence me TRUTH CANN'T BE BURIED FOREVER BY ANYBODY – TRUTH IS FOREVER. Whatever untoward happens either to me or my family members office bearers of US based HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH , chief justice of India will be responsible for that. What I have raised in all my publications since 5 years , are issues of accountability by judges , police , town planning engineers , corporation officials , corporate bodies, but all are high & mighty & have become unaccountable to people . in India there is common law only in book but not in practice , at the end of the day no justice to common man. The corrupt public servant , criminal corporates , fraud NGOs plush with public money triumphs , injustice triumphs. God save my motherland.

BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY 1984 -Bhopal, India At the first instance the Government of India failed to ensure that Union carbide India Limited (U.C.I.L) has installed proper safety measures and fully implemented it in practice, at it's plant in Bhopal. The Government of Madhyapradesh through it's labour department, factory inspectorate & pollution control board failed to enforce safety practices & environmental protection. In turn, the U.C.I.L didn't install in full, the safety measures being followed by it's parent company union carbide corporation (U.C.C) at it's Various plants in the U.S.A. The U.C.I.L. didn't give community training to residents of nearby localities, to cope up with emergencies ie. Industrial accidents. U.C.I.L gave a go - by to safety practices, as it treated Indian lives as cheap. The government of Madhya pradesh instead of shifting slum dwellers around U.C.I.L, to other safe place, gave them legal title deeds just months before the tragedy in 1984. Now, refer the following:- 1. After the accident at it's U.C.I.L. plant at Bhopal, India in 1984, when the U.C.C. Chairman/C.E.O. came over to Bhopal from U.S.A to visit the accident site, local police arrested him on the charges of manslaughter. However, the Government of India got him released.

2. In 1985, Government of India enacted "Bhopal claims Act" took- away the right of appeal of all the Gas tragedy victims & declared itself as the sole representative of all victims. This said act itself is violative of victim's fundamental & human rights. The victims didn't choose Government of India as it's representative under will, agreement, trust or pleasure.

3. The paradox of this "Bhopal claims Act" is that, Government of India which is also a party to the crime, tragedy, itself is the appellant. The appellant (Petitioner),defendant are Government of India, Prosecution by Government of India & Judged by Government of India.

4. In 1989, when an appeal about interim compensation to be paid by the U.C.I.L to all the victims was being heard in the apex court, the supreme court of India without giving a chance to the victims to make their point, without consulting them, without making a proper assessment of damages/losses, gave an arbitrary figure as verdict & dropped all civil, criminal proceedings against U.C.C.&U.C.I.L

5. In the same year 1989, the Government of India without consulting the victims of disaster, without making proper assessment of damages/ losses, negotiated a settlement with the U.C.C. and in turn gave full legal immunity to U.C.C.& U.C.I.L from civil & Criminal proceedings

6. Even the Government of India didn't present the case of victim's-gas tragedy victims, properly before the U.S.courts, where the U.C.C is based. All these premeditated acts only benefited the criminals- U.C.C&UCIL. Are not the supreme court of India & Government of India, here to safeguard Indians and to safeguard Justice? After all these crimes, the Government of India failed to distribute compensation in time to victims. It has failed even to provide safe drinking water to the residents near the accident site, It has failed to provide comprehensive medical care to the victims, till date . It has even failed to get the accident site cleared off toxic wastes either by the culprit management or by it self, that too after 20 years. The very presence of these toxic wastes since 20 years is further contaminating, polluting the environment and taking toll of more victims. Particularly in the case of "Bhopal Gas Tragedy" the supreme court of India & Government of India are deadlier criminals than U.C.I.L&U.C.C. Just consider a case here, Just a few years back an U.S.based M.N.C ENRON set-up a power project in Maharashtra, India through it's subsidiary. When Maharashtra state Electricity Board failed to lift power from Enron& pay them monthly guaranteed revenue, Enron threatened to invoke, open the "Eschrew Clause" with the Government of India & to approach international arbiter U.K. Government of India has stood as conter-guarantee in this case. Finally the Government paid, of course subsequently the parent ENRON collapsed due to other reasons. If in this case if Government of India failed to pay-up as a counter guarantee & refused to comply with the award of International arbiter, definitely Government of U.S.A. would have stepped into the scene to protect it's MNC. Hypothetically, In the same vein if Enron has caused damages to Indians either through negligence of safe practices or industrial accidents or bank frauds amounting over and above it's Capital base & insurance cover, then it would have been the duty of parent Enron & Government of U.S.A. to step in & pay-up.

In the same way, the U.C.I.L has caused massive damages to Indians & refusing to pay commensurate to damages. Dow chemicals which took- over U.C.C. is also refusing to pay. DOW chemicals which is the new owner of U.C.C. naturally inherits both profits, credits lent & liabilities to pay of U.C.C. Still it is refusing to pay. Now it is the turn of Government of U.S.A. to cough-up the sum. Nowadays, it has become routine for central & State ministers to go- on foreign jaunts, to globe -trott inviting F.D.I / M.N.Cs to India. They do sign numerous agreements, only favouring MNC. When tragedies occur or when they cheat Indian banks/ investors, it is Indians who suffer. The ministers & bureaucrats thinks themselves as wizards and enters into agreements with MNCs, industrialists in a hush-hush manner, with vast scope for possible corruption. Is it not the duty of government to be transparent ?

An appeal to honourable supreme court of USA & HE Honourable president of USA Mr.Obama

Your government protects all Americans, all American companies both inside America & abroad. If an American tourist is murdered in a third country , American investigators fly over to that country to conduct investigation in total disregard to local laws. In the same way , if the interests of an American company is threatened in a third country American government goes to it's rescue.

However , when an American company butchers , causes mass man slaughter in a third country , as an American company did in Bhopal India , no action by American government. Still the said American company has not removed , cleared the accident site of poisonous debris at Bhopal India since decades and still causing mass man slaughter , no action by American government why ?

Some US based companies are selling soft drinks , food products , medicines , drugs in third world countries , which are causing grave health damages to the public. The quality standards of these products are fit cases of rejections by US FDA. Some US companies are selling drugs ( which are banned in the USA ) to third world countries , still us companies are exporting such dangerous medicines , foods to third countries . no action by US government , why ? is it because you think that the lives of non Americans are cheaper than Americans ?

Hereby, I do request your kindself ,

1 . to initiate criminal prosecution against US based key management personnel responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy .

2 . to make either the respective company management or US government to pay compensation to victims of Bhopal gas tragedy on par with American lives , as if the same tragedy happened in the USA itself.

3 . to order the management of the said company to clean up Bhopal off poisonous debris , from the accident site at their own expense.

4 . To legally prosecute US exporters & US based companies selling products ( which violates US FDA regulations or banned in the USA for domestic consumption ) to third countries.


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