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e –Voice Of Human Rights Watch – e-news weekly Spreading the light of humanity & freedom Editor: Nagaraj.M.R....vol.4…issue.11......15/03/2008 Support Amnesty International Editorial : Raid by Karnataka lokayukta on police officials - seizure of crores worth illegal wealth KINDLY REVIEW ALL THE PREVIOUS OFFICIAL ACTIONS OF THESE CORRUPT OFFICIALS AS THERE ARE EVERY POSSIBILITY OF INNOCENTS SUFFERRING INJUSTICES & RICH CRIMINALS GOING SCOT FREE. in our neighbourhood , in our society private sector employees earning rs.10000 monthly income are finding it hard to meet ends , whereas many of the government officials earning lesser salary than that are leading luxurious lifestyles , how ? Just yesterday Karnataka lokayukta raided & apprehended high police officials for possessing crores worth illegal wealth much above their stated legal incomes. recently in the last week Karnataka lokayukta raided , seized illegal wealth of corrupt police , transport officials. The corruption is wide spread in public service including Karnataka lokayukta , central vigilance commission & CBI itselves. In 2006, when Karnataka lokayukta arrested 5 corrupt police officials & taking them in police jeep , 2 corrupt police officials escaped like petty criminals in cinematic manner. There are vast number of corrupt public servants who are continuing their crimes unabetted due to their sharing arrangements with their higher ups. Only a minute number of corrupt are being booked, by the efforts of honest few in Karnataka lokayukta , CVC & CBI . The paradox is that the government instead of legally prosecuting those criminals – corrupt officials , is sitting over their files for years & have reinstated , promoted tainted officials. Why do rich people / criminals pay bribe to police ? definitely not for charity , but not to mention their names in the FIR , to let them continue their crimes unabetted , to suppress evidences / witnesses , not to make their arrests , to conduct improper investigations , to close a case with B report , not to produce evidences / witnesses before the court , to fix-up poor innocents , to force the poor innocents to do the bidding of rich criminals , etc . As a result of these sell out of police duties , rich criminals are going scot free , poor innocents are suffering in jail & corrupt police are amassing illegal wealth. In the same way corrupt health department officials / doctors are selling out post mortem reports , medical certificates for a price , giving out certificates of legal compliance to adulterated food / medicine manufacturers , thereby killing thousands of people in their selfish greed to make more money. The labour / pollution control board officials are selling out certicates , to criminal industrialists who are indulging in unfair labour practices , occupational hazards , thereby killing poor people , in their greed to make a fortune. The tax officials are making lesser / favourable tax assessments favouring industrialists /traders for a price, aiding them to evade tax. As a result the public exchequer is loosing money , for it's social welfare , defence , other programmes. The ill-gotten wealth of industrialists / traders ie BLACK MONEY is disturbing our national economy & finding it's way to underworld , mafia & terrorist outfits. The corrupt police , tax officials , public servants are worse parasites than britishers . the threat & damge to india's security , integrity is more from these criminals - corrupt public servants than from USA , CHINA or PAKISTAN. God save my country . jai hind. Vande mataram. Your's sincerely, Nagaraj.M.R. False Affidavits , Information Hiding – Crimes of supreme court of India & Public Servants Many public servants are leading luxurious lifestyles , beyond the legal sources of their income. Many public servants are filing false affidavits about their annual income , wealth details to Election Commission of India / Vigilance Commission / other authorities , as the case may be. These authorities are not properly verifying these affidavits . many scams , scandals are coming to light day in & day out , politicians are accussing each other of involvement in scams. Whereas , the said authorities are keeping mum , as if those affidavits filed by tainted public servants are true. The tainted public servants are not even providing full , right information to public as per RTI Act, lest the truth come out. Just imagine , even the supreme court of India violated RTI Act – failed to give information to our publication as per RTI Act , lest the truth – skeletons in judiciary comes out. Some public servants , caught redhanded during luxurious spending , easily says that it is at their political paty’s expense or their well wisher’s expense. However no entries are found in the account books of said parties to that respect. The law forbids public servants from accepting gifts , hospitality , favours beyond the value of rupees one hundred ( Rs. 100 ) , as it may be a form of bribe. Hereby , HRW urges the honourable supreme court of India , to enforce RTI Act , annual filing of affidavits by public servants , fool-proof verification of those affidavits by public committees comprising ordinary citizens as mandatory encompassing all public offices. As a first step , it must be enforced to judges , police personnel & tax officials . then alone , many socio-economic problems , corruption in India can be solved. AN APPEAL TO HONOURABLE KARNATAKA LOKAYUKTA , CENTAL VIGILANCE COMMISSIONER & DIRECTOR CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Hereby , we do call upon Karnataka lokayukta , central vigilance commission & CBI 1. To stop accepting all government officials reports , reports as sacrosanct documents , most truthful evidences. 2. to publish wealth details of it's own staff & all public servants department wise annually with provision for cross verification by public. 3. to make it mandatory for all public servants including judges , constitutional functionaries to submit annual wealth statements on affidavit & to make it public with provision for cross verification by public. 4. to initiate legal action for those giving false statements on affidavit. 5. the corrupt public servants who intentionally give false information or hide information under one pretext or the other while information is sought under RTI Act , all with a view to hide crimes must be legally prosecuted as criminals as in normal legal recourse persons who help criminals in destroying evidences , crimes are prosecuted. 6. the corrupt officials don't leave evidences in open. Their higher ups who have taken kick backs from their corrupt subordinate always give a favourable report about him. So, during legal prosecution those reports must not be relied upon. In fact , there is a gross mismatch between government reports & ground reality. Take for example , in mysore construction is going on in INFOSYS campus on huge scale . most of the construction workers are not even covered by statuotary requirement of ESI , PF. The occupational hazards are more , accidents are common place , recently even deaths of workers have occurred due to occupational hazards . in the media also it was reported , in the media report it was even mentioned that vijayanagar police have registered a case & investigating. However when the information about it was sought from labour commissioner of Karnataka as per RTI Act , assistant labour commissioner of mysore has stated that no occupational deaths have taken place in either 2006 or 2007. SEE THE GROUND REALITY IS DIFFERENT WHEREAS THE GOVERNMENT RECORD , LABOUR DEPARTMENT RECORDS SING A DIFFERENT TUNE. THE FAILURE IN OUR DEMOCRACY IS THAT THESE FAKE RECORDS , STATEMENTS OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE TAKEN AS ULTIMATE TRUTH BY COURTS OF LAW & PROSECUTING AUTHORITIES. I can give more actual examples like this. 7. so , involve public in the inspection teams , raiding parties of tax department , labour department , excise department , drugs control , weights & measures , etc. these public can put a check to the corrupt practices , fake records of these corrupt government officials. 8. kindly do remember that in 2006-07 , a corrupt judge was exposed by media efforts. The said corrupt judge in his urgency to collect bribe has not even looked at the INTENDED PERSONS TO BE ARRESTED & blindly signed the copies of arrest warrant . the arrest warrant was against H.E . PRESIDENT OF INDIA , HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA & HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. As in the normal working of government machinery if it was pursued , president of India , chief justice of India & prime minister of India should have been arrested. Technically speaking it was right. However common sense prevailed & the higher judiciary took appropriate action as the issue concerned VVIPs. Normally our courts of law , authorities work without common sense like horses of horse cart whose eyes are partially covered allowing only narrow vision , just by relying on government reports , records of corrupt public servants. The courts , authorities just functions by technicalities. This must stop for the sake of justice , fairness. 9. when a public makes complaint to Karnataka lokayukta , CVC or CBI about corrupt practices of a public servant , they must stop relying on the legal opinion of it's own advocates as they just rely on government records. Take for example the wrong legal opinion of legal expert of Karnataka lokayukta. The lokayukta has legal jurisdiction to inquire into all Karnataka state government institutions & organizations funded , supported by government of Karnataka. There are other examples where In Karnataka lokayukta has taken action against employees of Karnataka government aided institutions . The PES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING mandya is funded & aided by government of Karnataka , but when we made a complaint regarding corruption in that institution , the legal expert of Karnataka lokayukta gave his expert opinion that the said institution is out of lokayukta's legal jurisdiction , so no action is called for . based on this opinion Karnataka lokayukta rejected my complaint. Some of these legal experts are indirectly covering up criminals , stop relying on their expert opinions. 10. when a complaint is given to Karnataka lokayukta , CVC or CBI they in turn ask the complainant himself for supporting evidences , records. The government has given them vast police force to enforce law , to inquire & to collect evidences. How can a commoner can collect evidences , the criminal don't leave evidences in open , all the commoner can do is make complaint regarding the injustices he has suffered. The complaints must be accepted & inquired into with or without evidences , lack of evidences should not be the sole reason for dismissal of complaint as presently Karnataka lokayukta , CVC & CBI are doing . 11. review all the past official decisions of corrupt officials apprehended by Karnataka lokayukta , CVC & CBI. As there are possibilities of innocents suffering injustices & rich criminals going scot free. legal prosecution of cruel & inhuman STF police personnel - An appeal to H.E.HONOURABLE GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA During "catch forest brigand veerappan operation" , Special Task Force police personnel , illegally arrested , detained , tortured & murdered innocent tribal people of both tamil nadu & Karnataka states. NHRC has clearly noted the crimes of STF personnel & ordered both Karnataka & tamil nadu governments to pay compensation to victims of police atrocities. However still some of these victims are not yet paid compensation by these governments , why ? also , the government instead of legally prosecuting guilty police officers on murder charges , has given awards & promotion to guilty inhuman police officers. Is the government sending a message that 3rd degree torture & murders in lock-up / fake encounters is acceptable & legal ? is it equitable justice ? is there one set of law for police & another for common people ? Hereby , we do once again request your kindself , to dismiss guilty police officials from police service , to withhold their pension benefits , to legally prosecute them on charges of murders of innocent tribal people & on charges of attempt to murder innocent tribal people by 3rd degree torture methods. Hereby , we also request you to make public JUSTICE A.J. SADA SHIVA COMMISSION's findings about atrocities by STF personnel. citizens of india vs supreme court of india Dear Madam / Sir , Hereby , I am producing cases of human rights violations in India , by the Indian police , Indian judges & Indian public servants. Our publication e - Voice Of Human Rights Watch is struggling against the double standards of Indian police & Indian judiciary , in a democratic manner. Will you lend your support to this struggle ? Read full text of the article : Citizens Of India Vs Supreme Court Of India at following web pages : , , , ,, , V.V.I.Ps in Government Of India backstabbing indian soldiers - An appeal to supreme commander of indian armed forces H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA & request for information as per RTI Act Salutes to our Indian soldiers on the occasion of India’s republic day . Our indian armed forces is one of the best professional forces in the world. They are guarding our borders on 365*24*7 basis , enabling we the common indian people to live in peace. Where as , the soldiers themselves are facing lot of hardships ,they are far removed from their homely comforts and working in very adverse , hostile environs. The indian soldiers are sacrificing their comforts , lives for guarding the lives of us –crores of indians. However , now it seems the threat to the lives of brave indian soldiers are not from the pakistani or chinese bullets , it is from their own indian brother's. In the recent past , a joint director of RAW – an intelligence agency defected to USA , there were repeated thefts at defense HQ , war room leak at naval HQ, the senior most naval officers were kicked out of office for speaking out about illegal defense deals by higher-ups. Recently, former union minister mr.jaswant singh has stated that , a very highly placed person in the PMO was passing nuclear secrets to USA. Just a few years back , former union minister mr. Subramaniam swamy has stated that former prime minister rajiv gandhi's family has received money from foreign intelligence agencies. A former KGB officer mitrokhin , in his autobiography has stated that smt.indira gandhi , former prime minister of india herself was a KGB agent. VVIPs occupying constitutional positions are privy to defense , national & economic secrets. They are in a sound position to decide over it , to manipulate it. Some VVIPs , film stars were hobnobbing openly with terrorist leaders , underworld dons & attending dawood ibrahim's parties , etc in gulf countries. Some VVIPs have even aided terrorist outfits in other sovereign countries like LTTE in srilanka. VVIPs strikes deals with arms dealers & awards them defense contracts. As a result indian forces are flush with technologically obsolete aeroplanes , war ships , artillery , etc bought by paying crores of dollars. If any defense personnel questions these actions , he is court-martialled & put behind bars. If any ordinary citizens questions them , he is silenced through the brute force of police. Even election commission of india , didn't give information about criminal antecedents of certain VVIP candidates tom an indian citizen on request. The courts have suo motto powers to take action on news reports , but they have not taken any even on appeal. The police don't take action against such VVIPs & are not even registering complaints against them. Most public servants are only bothered about their position , favours , post-retirement postings , etc. In their scope of things , national security is nowhere on their mind or actions. On the public side , the same VVIPs condemn terrorism & other foreign countries. They deploy indian soldiers on the borders , terrorist infected areas , to contain the mafia . they send our soldiers with 3rd class arms & ammunition , riding 3rd class aeroplanes , ships & artillery to contain violence , as a result our soldiers get killed like flees , like sitting ducks to be shot at, by enemies who are armed with latest weapons. As a result more number of soldiers are dying in plane crashes , terrorist bullets than to pakistani or chinese bullets. Hereby , HRW appeals to your excellency to protect our brave soldiers , by making public the following information & providing that information to HRW as per RTI Act on the following questions : 1. how GOI is monitoring VVIPs of foreign origin , those with spouses of foreign origin & those with ties , links to foreign nationals ? 2. how GOI is monitoring the activities of VVIPs , while on foreign tour ? 3. how GOI is monitoring activities of ex-VVIPs ? 4. how transparent are defense contract / tender procedures ? 5. how you protect whistle blowers / defense personnel who expose illegal defense deals ? 6. why don't the Election Commission of India fully make public the criminal antecedents of VVIP candidates ? 7. is former union minister mr.jaswanth singh's words true ? what action ? 8. is former union minister mr.subramaniam swamy's words true ? what action ? 9. did GOI aid & sponsor LTTE terrorists in srilanka ? 10. did GOI pay any compensation to victim's of LTTE's terrorism ? 11. are the charges made by former admiral mr.bhagawath & rear-admiral mr. Arun true ? what action ? 12. how many MPs , MLAs , VVIPs have links with underworld , mafia & terrorist outfits ? 13. how many film stars , sportsmen , politicians have attended the parties hosted by dawood ibrahim & others in gulf & else where ? what action ? 14. are the statements made by former KGB officer mr.mitrokhin true ? what action ? 15. how you are ensuring the safety of whistleblowers ? god save my country , our brave soldiers from traitors in the garb of VVIPs. SIMI , LeT TERRORISTS , NAXALITES or CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS - WHO ARE GREATER THREAT TO INDIA ? It is the corrupt public servants who in their greed for money aid criminal elements & hide the information relating to their crimes. These public servants not even honour the citizen’s request for information as per RTI Act , to cover-up crimes. Hereby , I do once again appeal to authorities to make public the issues raised in following cases web addresses of which are given below. Jai hind. Vande mataram. Your’s sincerely, Nagaraj.m.r. CRIMES OF BDA , , , CRIMES OF MUDA , , , CITIZENS OF INDIA Vs SUPREME COURT OF INDIA , , , SANJAY DUTT’S CRIMES CONDONED ? , , , TORTURE OF TRIBALS , , , CROSS- EXAMINATION OF UNION HOME MINISTER GOI , , , CROSS- EXAMINATION OF CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA , , , FOREIGN SPY AS INDIA’S SUPER PRIME MINISTER ¨C IS INDIA SAFE ? , , , HANG CORRUPT JUDGES , CORRUPT POLICE , CORRUPT TAX OFFICIALS TO LAMP POSTS , , , UNIFORM CIVIL CODE IN INDIA , , , WHAT IS THE PRICE OF CORRUPT JUDGES ? , , , NARCO ANALYSIS RIGHT OR WRONG ? , , , ABOLISH CAPITAL PUNISHMENT , , , 3RD DEGREE TORTURE BY POLICE- , , , ROWDIES IN UNIFORM , , , FAKE ENCOUNTERS , LOCK-UP DEATHS- , , , OPEN YOUR EYES- SUPREME COURT OF INDIA , , , CROSS-EXAMINATION OF CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA , , , CRIMES OF SUPREME COURT OF INDIA , , , CORRUPT JUDGES OF INDIA , , , ANTI-DALIT PRIVATE INSTITUTES , , , O JIHADI , TERRORIST- , , , SHOW-CAUSE NOTICE TO VVIPs- , , , CORPORATE CRIMES RPG CABLES LIMITED , , , MEGA FRAUD BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA , , , are you ready to catch tax thieves ? , , MOBILE PHONES , CURRENCY SCANDALS , , reliance industry where is accountability ? , , , crimes at infosys campus , , , crimes by B.D.A against a poor woman , , , crimes of land mafia in India , , , currency thefts in RBI Press , , , killer colas & killer medicines of India , , , Edited, printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ #LIG-2 / 761,HUDCO FIRST STAGE ,OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL ,MYSORE ………. 570017 INDIA……………………cell :09341820313 home page :,, , , , ,, contact : , A member of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA

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