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uniform civil code

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Editorial : MORE IMRAANAS & SHA BANOOS – URGENT NEED FOR UNIFORM CIVIL CODE Recent case of rape victim, SMT. Imraana has proved that how inhuman , illogical the fatwa & shariat laws of muslim community are. It reminds us of medieval times. The so-called ardent followers of shariat laws, only force it on their women folk. The shariat laws with respect to men folk like prohibition on drinking, smoking, adultery,etc & the punishments like public stoning to death are not enforced. The muslim men are authorised by shariat to marry more women but they must look after all their needs as per shariat. They can divorce their wives by triple talaq if they are not satisfied with them. This part of shariat is carried out by menfolk however the other part of shariat which stipulates paying back of dukthari, woman's belongings,her properties all to her after talaq are not at all followed.

The male chauvinists in muslim community are the worst violators of shariat. They are suitably manipulating shariat to supress muslim women. The central government is also dancing to the tunes to safeguard it's vote bank. Take the case of shaa banoo during P.M. Rajiv gandhi's regime. Inspite of supreme court ruling to pay living expenses to her by her ex-husband, the govt passed a bill annulling the SC verdict.

The govt gives subsidy to haj pilgrims, does it give the same amount of subsidy to kashi pilgrims, bodhgaya pilgrims, bethleham & jerusalem pilgrims ? The women folk of different religions don't enjoy same property rights in their parent's property. The govt has enacted various laws which are itself unequal, illogical & violative of fundamental rights of citizens, all to appease a votebank.

All religions are based on humanity & equitable justice, are good, great & lead to the same supreme power. It is the subsequent interpretations which are inhuman. According to times, the medieval rituals which may be right at that time, at that place but now inhuman, illogical at this time & at this place-india, should be dropped. The religion must be within the confines of home. Before law, everybody is equal & must be treated as equals, both women & men.

Hereby, HRW urges the honourable supreme court of india to order the govt of india to enact uniform civil code within a time frame. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM. Your's sincerely, Nagaraj.m.r.

Reproduced from The Times Of India August 16, 2007 page10

We do frame people, says NCB official

Sub-Inspector Tell HC How They Plant Drugs On Innocents

Abhinav Garg / TNN

New Delhi:It's been suspected by many, but confirmation of the police falsely implicating people by planting drugs on them has now come from the policeman himself who has been accused of planting drugs on two innocent people.

Sub-Inspector Ranbir Singh of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) admitted at the Delhi High Court that testing kits for checking banned drugs wereoften defective. What's more officers often replaced the recovered substance with lethal drugs in order to implicate them. A shocked court has summoned the NCB director to explain the charge.

Ranbir is himself tainted of this grave abuse of authority. There is an FIR against him for falsely implicating rwo persons under the harsh Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances act. He claimed to have recovered 100gm heroin from them which later turned out to be harmless paracetomal powder.

The officer is now seeking to get the FIR quashed and in his defence has claimed that he was not the only one who framed people, several other officers did the same.

The Judge has also summoned the Kamala Market Narcotics Cell in-charge from whose area Singh allegedly picked up the two persons.

The Director and the Cell in-charge will have to explain before the court as to how these two innocents were booked and thrown into jail when two forensic reports clearly stated that the substance in question was paracetomol.

The case in which Singh is involved took place in March last year. Gyanender and Santosh were arrested by him for alleged possesion of heroin. The substance was sent for testing to two CFCL labs-one in Rohini and the other in Chandigarh- and both labs reported back that the powder was'nt heroin but just parecetomal.

After this came to light, the additional sessions judge hearing the case acquited the two men and recommended that an FIR be lodged against Singh as the two undertrials had to languish in jail because of the wanton abuse of authority.

The high court, while hearing a petition filed by Singh seeking quashing of FIR against him found it intriguing that even when the investigating team is equipped with "field testing kit" to test the contraband, they had mistaken paracetomal powder for heroin. Upon which Singh revealed that kits were often defective and that officers also changed the actual recovered substance with banned contraband.


Dear Sir ,

INDIA: Please order an investigation into the killing of eleven children and a youth in Nendra village in Chhattisgarh

Name of the victims: 1. Soyam Rama, aged 16 years – father's name Dula 2. Soyam Raju, aged 2 years – father's name Penta 3. Vajam Rama, aged 11 years – father's name Ganga 4. Madakam Ramily, aged 5 years – father's name Ganga 5. Madakam Buddaraiah, aged 14 years – father's name Unga 6. Midiyam Nagaiah, aged 5 years – father's name Bajari 7. Sodi Irma, aged 12 years – father's name Yarma 8. Podium Adama, aged 7 years – father's name Unga 9. Vetti Raju, aged 9 years – father's name Masa 10. Madakam Ithe, aged 13 – father's name Kessa 11. Soyam Raju, aged 12 years – father's name Bheemulu 12. Mr. Soyam Nareya, aged 20 years – father's name Tammaiah [all are residents of Nendra village, Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh and belongs to the Scheduled Tribe of India] Alleged perpetrators: Members of the Indian Reserve Battalion [Nagaland] stationed in Chhattisgargh and those attached to the Salwa Judum - Dantewada Date and place of incident: March 13, 2007 at Nendra village, Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh

I am writing to request you to immediately take actions against those who were responsible for the massacre of eleven children in Nendra village, Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh. I am informed that on March 13, 2007 eleven children and a local youth was gunned down by the members of the Indian Reserve Battalion [Nagaland] stationed in Chhattisgarh and the members of the local faction of the Salwa Judum.

I am concerned that the villagers did not even complain about the incident since they have lost faith in the state administration. I am also concerned about the escalating violence in Chhattisgarh, which is fanning out of control. I have been informed that the state government has nearly failed in addressing the law and order situation in the state and is now increasingly resorting to promoting private armed militia groups in the state.

I therefore urge you to immediately intervene in this case so that a proper complaint is registered regarding the incident and the case is investigated and the perpetrators punished. I also urge you to make sure that the Chhattisgarh state government takes all necessary steps to regain the faith of the local communities in the state.

Towards this end the operation of Salwa Judum in the state must be immediately stopped and the state must declare and practice non-tolerance to violence used by the state as well as by the Naxalites.

The state administration must also ensure that the tribal communities staying in remote villages in the state are not forcefully evacuated and their resources are not allowed to be exploited indiscriminately.

I trust that you will take action in this case.

Your’s sincerely,



Dear Sir ,

INDIA: Please immediately intervene to ensure the safety of a husband and wife who has disappeared from the hospital in West Bengal

Name of victims: Mrs. BB [name concealed] and her husband residing at Dogachia village in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal Alleged perpetrators: Mr. Tushar Kar, Officer-in-Charge of Gaighata Police Station, North 24 Parganas and other police officers Place of disappearance: Dr. J. R. Dhar Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bongaon, North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal (admission number PN 10948 at the hospital's female surgical ward) Date of incident: 26 May 2007

I am writing to express concern about the case of Mrs. BB and her husband who have disappeared from Dr. J. R. Dhar Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bongaon, North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal on May 26, 2007. It is alleged that BB was admitted to the hospital the previous day after her husband came to know that she was tortured and severely ill-treated by the police officers named above. BB was in custody for 10 days since she was taken into custody from her house on May 16, 2007 and released on May 25, 2007.

I am informed that BB was detained in custody since arrest and was ill-treated severely in custody. I am also informed that BB was not produced in court during her detention at the police station. I am also informed that BB was admitted at the Dr. J. R. Dhar Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bongaon, North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal on May 26, 2007. I am aware that BB and her husband has mysteriously disappeared from the hospital the next day and allegedly taken into custody by the police officers named above from the hospital.

I am concerned about this case and therefore urge you to intervene in this case to make sure that BB and her husband safely return home. I also request you to take all necessary steps so that the whereabouts of BB and her husband is made known to their relatives.

I further urge you to inquire this case to find out whether BB was tortured and ill-treated while in custody. If the officers named above are found guilty of forced disappearance and custodial violence they must be immediately removed from service and punished.

I trust that you will take action in this case.

Your’s sincerely,



Dear Chief Minister, INDIA: Corrupt village administration likely to cause starvation deaths in Shankarpur village Persons affected: The lower caste community in Shankarpur village Location: Shankarpur village, Chiraigaon block in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh I am disturbed to hear of the appalling living condition of lower caste community in Shankarpur village in Varanasi district. I am informed that the village head Mr. Sundar Yadav is allegedly a corrupt person who is denying rationed food grains to the lower caste community in the village. I am informed that the village head had taken several steps discriminating the lower caste community in the village. Of particular importance is the cancellation of existing ration cards of the members of the lower caste community in Shankarpur and arbitrary issuance of new cards to the members from the Yadav community to which the village head belong. I am informed that several complaints were filed by the villagers against the village head against which no action was taken by the district administration. I am also informed that the Village Secretary and some officers from the local Block Office are helping the village head in his deeds. I am also informed that as of now about 47 families are facing acute starvation in the village and that all these families belong either to the scheduled caste or the scheduled tribe. I am further informed that it is difficult to complain against the village head since so far none of the complaints made against the village head was taken up by the local police. At the same time whoever complained was threatened by the village head. I am informed that a local human rights activist Mr. Harischandra Sonkar, was threatened, verbally abused and assaulted by the village head and his son since he had complained against the village head. I therefore urge you to take immediate steps so that the 47 families who are denied food and ration in Shankapur village will receive rationed food grains at the earliest. I also urge you to request the local police to investigate the complaints filed against the village head of Shankarpur Mr. Sundar Yadav and his son Mr. Vinod Yadav. Your’s sincerely,


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