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editorial : AN APPEAL

Dear madam / sir ,

Herby , we do seek the kind intervention of your good offices in the interest of justice , to stop common people's human rights / fundamental rights violations , & to enable them to perform their constitutionally prescribed fundamental duties.

Case details can be read at the following web pages. Due to space constraint, full text is not reproduced here. Thanking you.

Your's sincerely,















Corrupt judges of India

False Affidavits , Information Hiding – Crimes of supreme court of India & Public Servants

Many public servants are leading luxurious lifestyles , beyond the legal sources of their income. Many public servants are filing false affidavits about their annual income , wealth details to Election Commission of India / Vigilance Commission / other authorities , as the case may be. These authorities are not properly verifying these affidavits . many scams , scandals are coming to light day in & day out , politicians are accussing each other of involvement in scams. Whereas , the said authorities are keeping mum , as if those affidavits filed by tainted public servants are true.

The tainted public servants are not even providing full , right information to public as per RTI Act, lest the truth come out. Just imagine , even the supreme court of India violated RTI Act – failed to give information to our publication as per RTI Act , lest the truth – skeletons in judiciary comes out.

Some public servants , caught redhanded during luxurious spending , easily says that it is at their political paty's expense or their well wisher's expense. However no entries are found in the account books of said parties to that respect. The law forbids public servants from accepting gifts , hospitality , favours beyond the value of rupees one hundred ( Rs. 100 ) , as it may be a form of bribe.

Hereby , HRW urges the honourable supreme court of India , to enforce RTI Act , annual filing of affidavits by public servants , fool-proof verification of those affidavits by public committees comprising ordinary citizens as mandatory encompassing all public offices. As a first step , it must be enforced to judges , police personnel & tax officials . then alone , many socio-economic problems , corruption in India can be solved.

Crimes of supreme court of India

Crimes of Supreme Court Of India - RTI Act violations , constitutional rights & Human rights violations by supreme court of india the public servants & the government must be role models in law abiding acts , for others to emulate & follow. if a student makes a mistake it is excusable & can be corrected by the teacher. if the teacher himself makes a mistake , all his students will do the same mistake. if a thief steals , he can be caught , legally punished & reformed . if a police himself commits crime , many thieves go scot-free under his patronage. even if a police , public servant commits a crime , he can be legally prosecuted & justice can be sought by the aggrieved. just think , if a judge himself that too apex court of the land itself commits crime - violations of RTI Act , constitutional rights & human rights of public and obstructs the public from performing their constitutional fundamental duties , what happens ? it gives a booster dose to the rich & mighty , those in power , criminals in public service to committ more crimes. that is exactly what is happenning in india. the educated public must raise to the occassion & peacefully , democratically must oppose this criminalisation of judiciary , public service. then alone , we can build a RAM RAJYA OF MAHATMA GANDHI'S DREAM.



In a democratic country like india , when ever people suffer injustice they go to government officials seeking justice . when they don't get justice there , they appeal to their peoples representatives – MPs , MLAs seeking justice . still , if they don't get justice people appeal to law courts seeking justice. Now , criminalization of bureaucracy & politics is almost complete in India , people are not getting justice , their grievances are not getting redressed. However , nowadays we are seeing reports of corruption , malpractices of judges in the media. In this backdrop our publication appealed to the ultimate saviour of law , custodian of constitutional rights the honourable SUPREME COURT OF INDIA bringing before it various cases of injustices , human rights / fundamental rights violations concerning public involving public interest , threat to life of editor & his family members , etc. there was no reply , no action till date.

As a last resort , our publication sought information as per RTI ACT 2005 , following information from the honourable supreme court of India. The public information officer has declined to give information except in one with regard to PIL filing conditions ( vide letter no : Dy no.199/RTI/2007 dated may 25 , 2007). an ordinary criminal doesn't speak out because he is afraid that truth will come out & he hides or destroys all evidences . In the same manner , the government officials are violating RTI act in one way or the other , all with the objective to hide information or else their criminal acts will become public. In the same manner , the P.I.O of honourable supreme court of India is hiding the information , all with the objective to hide the crimes of some judges & to shield the guilty judges. What is the difference between petty criminals & these officials of judiciary ?

Our publication has highest respect for the judiciary & all constitutional authorities. It is the corrupt officials in those very same departments who are bringing disgrace to the very offices they occupy. This is our humble appeal to the honourable chief justice of India , honest few among the judiciary to cleanse the system , to uphold the dignity & sanctity of the judiciary or else where the common people has to go seeking justice.

Hereby , we do humbly request the honourable chief justice of India , to answer the following questions , to provide information as per RTI ACT 2005 , in the larger public interest. A copy of our application seeking information is provided below.






Q1. How many cases of allegations against judges were made in the media about misuse of office , criminal acts by judges from munsiff court to supreme court of India ? since 1947 till date ?

Q2. are the enquiry report findings, action taken reports of such cases accessible to public ? if not why ?

Q3. what action has been taken against guilty judges ?

Q4. are the guilty judges legally prosecuted in all such cases ? or has it just ended with their resignation from services or his superior judge not allotting him any judicial work ?

Q5. why some high ranking judges are not legally prosecuted for their wrong doings ?

Q6. are judges above law ? are not everybody equal before law ?

Q7. do the judiciary subject , all the cases handled by accussed / tainted , guilty judges to review , to undo past unjust judgements ?

Q8. how ? if not why ?

Q9. how do the judiciary monitor the net wealth growth of some judges including the wealth in the name of judge's family members ?

Q10. do all the judges file their annual income , wealth statements on sworn affidavits to the higher judiciary ? defaulters how many ?

Q11. how does the judiciary verifies those statements ?

Q12. is such statements made public , on web ?

Q13. when the judgement of a lower court is turned down by the higher court , what action is initiated against lower court judge for making unjust judgement & meating out injustice ?

Q14. when allegations of corruption , misuse of office , etc against judges are made , why the accussed – judges are not subjected to tests like "poly graph , lie detector , brain mapping , etc" , in the interest of justice & truth ?

Q15. judges are not employees of government , so they are ineligible to be the members of "Karnataka state government judicial department house building co-operative society". Then how come , many judges including supreme court judges are admitted as members of this society & allotted prime residential site worth crores of rupees for a few thousands by the said society at said society's – judicial layout , yelahanka , Bangalore ? while the ordinary members like peons , clerks in judicial department are waiting for a site since years , is not the whole thing grossly illegal ?

Q16. in more than 70% of cases before all courts in India , central government or state government or government agency is one of the parties. How many judges or their family members , have received out of turn , favourable allotments of sites , gas agency , petrol pumps , etc by the government ? is not such allotments illegal ? what action ?

Q17. when a person under police custody or judicial custody suffer 3rd degree torture by police , is not the judge of the respective court which is handling that tortured person's case responsible for it ?

Q18. has the higher judiciary legally prosecuted respective judges & the police officers for committing 3rd degree torture , on charges of attempt to murder & murder ? if not why ?

Q19. registrar , Mysore district & sessions court , has called for the candidatures to various vacancies in that court from the public vide notification no : ADMN/A/10825/2003 dated 19/11/2003 & collected application fees from the candidates. Till date , they have not even conducted the interview ? is it not public cheating by judiciary ? what action to undo the injustices to unemployed ?

Q20. registrar , Bangalore city civil court , has called for the candidatures to various vacancies in that court from the public vide notification no : ADM-I(A)422/03 dated 19/05/2003 & collected application fees from the candidates. Till date , they have not even conducted the interview ? is it not public cheating by the judiciary ? what action to undo injustices to unemployed ?

Q21. when a person doesn't get adequate food , medical care while under police custody or judicial custody , is not the respective judge dealing that person's case responsible for it ? what action ?

Q22. how judiciary is monitoring food & medical care to prisoners ?

Q23. numerous accussed persons are suffering in jail under judicial custody , for periods far exceeding the legally stipulated sentence periods. For example : a pick-pocketer is in jail for one year , the judge finds him guilty of offence & gives him 3 months sentence. What about the excess punishment of 9 months. Is not the judge responsible for the illegal , excess punishment of the convict ? what action against the judge in such cases ?

Q24. numerous innocents suffer in jail for years & finally the judge finds them as innocents & acquits them of the charges. What about the prison sentence , the innocent has already served ? is not the judge responsible for this illegal , unjust punishment to an innocent ? remedy ? what action against the judge ?

Q25. does the privileges of judges cover both their official actions & the actions arising out of misuse of office ?

Q26. does the privileges of judges cover both their official actions as judges & their personal actions as individuals ?

Q27. are the fundamental rights of citizens supreme or the privileges of judges , constitutional functionaries supreme ?

Q28. what is the criteria adopted for promotion of judges ?

Q29. what is the criteria adopted for appointment of advocates from bar , as the judges ?

Q30. what is the criteria adopted for appointment of retired judges , as governors of states , members or as chairman of commissions , etc ?

Q31. how many judges belonging to oppressed classes – scheduled caste , scheduled tribe , other backward classes , minorities & women are their in supreme court , state high courts & subordinate courts ? kindly provide specific figures .

Q32. what are the legal measures enforced by judiciary , to enforce the accountability of judges & to check corruption in judiciary ?

Q33. are not these measures a failure , looking at present state of affairs of judiciary ?

Q34. does the judges arrange for distribution of alchoholic drinks at the official meetings , parties , at the tax payer's expense ?

Q35. does any judges have included their consumption of alchoholic drinks , in their hotel bill & claimed traveling allowance ?

Q36. what action has been taken against – selectors ie Karnataka high court judges & newly selected women judges involved in roost resort scandal in Mysore , Karnataka ?

Q37. when common people / tax payers & even government employees are not getting proper health care from government at government hospitals. Is it right & just to provide premium health care to judges , constitutional functionaries at 5-star private hospitals in India , abroad , all at tax payer's expense ?

Q38. are the judges subjected to periodical health check-ups to ascertain their health , mental faculties & mental balance in the midst of all work pressures , emotional tensions ?

Q39. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary for accepting applications seeking public interest litigations ?

Q40. why numerous appeals for PIL by me , were not considered ?

Q41. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary , for appointing "amicus curie" in a case ?

Q42. why my appeal to honourable supreme court , to make me as an "amicus curie" in late P.M Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case , was not considered by the court ?

Q43. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary , for initiating suo-motto action ?

Q44. numerous cases of injustices are reported in the media daily , with supporting evidences . why not the judiciary take suo-motto action in all such cases ?

Q45. legal aid boards pre-judge the cases in the name of taking legal opinion , before providing legal aid to the needy ? is it not needy person's rights violation ?

Q46. is not the safety of witnesses , parties in cases responsibility of the court , both during hearing of the case & afterwards ?

Q47. is the use of 3rd degree torture by police on prisoners , during the police custody / judicial custody / prison sentence right ? what action ?

Q48. when the corrupt police officer & government prosecution advocate together cover-up evidences , conducts improper investigation intentionally to fail the case – to cover-up rich crooks , high & mighty people , what action judge takes in such cases ?

Q49. how does the judiciary monitor the wealth growth of police , government advoctes , tax officials , officials of licensing authorities , to ensure proper & fair prosecution of cases against rich & mighty ?

Q50. what are the status of appeals made by human rights activist NAGARAJ.M.R. to the honourable supreme court of India ?

Q51. corruption is rampant for selection of officers to quasi-judicial positions like district / taluk magistrates , tax officers , revenue officers , land acquisition officers , etc. how the judiciary monitors over their quasi-judicial actions ?

Q52. subject to conditions , I , NAGARAJ.M.R. , editor , e-voice of human rights watch , do offer my free services to honourable supreme court of India , to apprehend corrupt judges , are you – the honourable court ready to utilize it ?

Q53. what are the status of my appeals , sent to the honourable supreme court of India , through government of india's on-line grievance system ( DPG & DARPG ) :

DPG/M/2006/80008 , DARPG/E/2006/00057, DARPG/E/2006/00225 , DPG/M/2006/80021 , DARPG/E/2006/00253 , DPG/M/2006/80032 , DARPG/E/2006/01149 , DPG/M/2006/80047 , DARPG/E/2006/01164 , DPG/M/2006/80043 , DPG/M/2006/80085 , DARPG/E/2006/06704 , DARPG/E/2006/07017 , DARPG/E/2006/07018 , DPG/M/2006/80159 , DPG/M/2006/80162 , DARPG/E/2006/07864 , DPG/M/2006/80165 , DARPG/E/2006/07877 , DPG/M/2006/80167 , DARPG/E/2006/08028 , DARPG/E/2006/08029 , DARPG/E/2006/08032 , DARPG/E/2006/08043 , DARPG/E/2006/08044 , DPG/M/2006/80174 , DPG/M/2006/80193 , DARPG/E/2007/00044 , DPG/M/2007/80003 , DPG/M/2007/80010 , DARPG/E/2007/00164 , DARPG/E/2007/00165 , DPG/M/2007/80014 , DPG/M/2007/80025 , DPG/M/2007/80049 , DPG/M/2007/80055 , DPG/M/2007/80056 , DPG/M/2007/80078 , DPG/M/2007/80082 , DARPG/E/2007/02618

Q54. the appeals made to the honourable supreme court of India , copies of which are available at following web pages : , , , , ,

what are the status of those appeals ?

Q55. in the media , we have seen reports about judges committing crimes – rape , attempt to murder , swindling government money , untouchability practice , the disrespect to national flag , sale of judicial orders , bail , etc. by this way , judges themselves are making contempt of court , constitution of India & citizens of India. How you are protecting the honour of the judiciary , constitution of India & citizens of India ? please answer.





DATE : 27/04/2007 NAGARAJ.M.R.


BMW Expose – pointer to failure of indian judicialsystem


Recent NDTV BMW Expose points towards , how rottenour judicial system has become. In a democracy like India , for a common man judiciary is the last saviour . When thatsaviour himself becomes a demon , to whom he should turn . the said case pointtowards cases involving rich & mighty , whether it is a criminal case ,civil or tax cases , etc , when rich & mighty are involved they purchaseboth defence & prosecution side involving witnesses , governmentofficials testifying. Those who don'tfall into their lines are threatened ,assaulted & even murdered. As awhole the judicial process is derailed. The honest judge who is presiding overthe case remains as a mute spectator & forced to acquit the criminal forfailure of prosecution , for lack of evidences. In some cases , the judgesthemselves are also corrupt , which makes the job much easier for the rich& mighty criminals to go scot-free.

Take thecase of editor of e - voice of human rights watch , inspite of suffering numerousinjustices , physical assaults , murder attempts , etc and repeated appeals to the authoritiesincluding the chief justice of India & president of India , justice is nowhere in sight , police have repeatedly enquired the sufferer of injustice butthey never questioned the perpetrators of injustices. It is the constitutionalduty of president of India &chief justice of India as custodians of law , to safe guard thefundamental rights & human rights of every Indian citizen , but till datethey have failed to do their duty. The supreme court of India has evenfailed to provide information , reply to the application dated 27/04/2007 of editor of this publication seeking information as per RTI Act 2005. All theseactions & inactions of supreme court of India & president of India , has emboldened the rich & mightycriminals that they can do any thing in India & go scot-free. In thisback drop , further if any thing untoward happens to editor of e – voice of human rights watch or to his family members , to his dependents ,IT IS H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA & HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA WHO WILLBE BOTH RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

What is needed is protection of witnesses , protectionof both defense & prosecution side witnesses , transparency in the judicialsystem , accountability of judges & advocates , code of conduct foradvocates & judges. By these measures alone , we can protect & respect our constitution of India , citizen's rights.

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF SOME CORRUPT INDIAN JUDGES ??? In the past there were media reports about judges selling judicial orders like bail , acquittal , warrant , etc for a price. We have read about judges lifting furnitures from govt bungalow , judges attempting to rape a victim for giving favourable judgement , judge involved in murder attempt , judge cleaning his official chamber with ganga water as it was previously occupied by a judge belonging to backward caste , judge misusing medical reimbursement allowance , judge filing fase affidavit , newly appointed women judges paying back for the favours received in an immoral manner to the selectors ie high court judges , etc. Indian judiciary is no better than outside civil society , it is just a reflection of it. It is rotten & corrupt. When ever a voice is raised against the corrupt judges that is silenced by contempt proceedings. Right from munsiff Judges , quasi-judicial officers like magistrates , to the apex court corruption is wide spread. Some of them are utterly wealthy & leading luxurious lifestyles much beyond the scope of their legal income. HRW has brought to the notice of apex court, numerous cases of crimes by rich & mighty . no reply from apex court. HRW editor himself has suffered numerous fundamental & human rights violations perpetrated by rich & mighty to silence him . HRW has appealed about that too to the apex court , no reply. HRW editor was not permitted to appear before JAIN COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY & the court , probing late P.M.Rajiv Gandhi assassination case , as an amicus curie. As a result of raising his voice against injustices , HRW editor was beaten up & attempts to murder him were made , his newspaper publications were closed , his home page was hacked , free web blog services were abruptly stopped , government jobs he was eligible to on merit - were denied to him by manipulation. HRW & his family were threatened of false fix-ups in cases , 3rd degree torture by police. Inspite of bringing all these issues to the notice of apex court – there is no reply nor any action. Police are not registering my complaints about this issue nor legal services authority are giving legal aid to me , about these issues. It proves some officials in the apex court are hand in glove with the criminal nexus. WHAT IS THE PRICE TAKEN BY SUCH JUDGES FROM CRIMINALS , FOR KEEPING MUM ??? HRW has utmost respect for the judiciary. There are few honest judges in the judiciary by whom only the wheel of democracy is turning in india , we salute those honest few. This is an appeal to bring to book criminals in the garb of judges, who are hiding behind legal immunity privileges & making money. I , e-Voice Of Human Rights Watch's Editor nagaraj.M.R. hereby do offer my services ( subject to conditions ) in bringing to book the corrupt elements in judiciary. Are you ready honourable chief justice of india sir ?

NARCO-ANALYSIS – RIGHT OR WRONG? The advances in science must be used by the police to find out the truth, to solve the mysteries of the crimes. It is the better option for both investigation / interrogation than the classical interrogation method involving third degree torture, where in the accused breaks -down & blurts out the truth, usually, in most of the cases innocents unable to bear the torture confesses to the crimes they have not at all committed. The scientific tools of interrogation namely Narco-analysis . Brain mapping & polygraph Tests must be made mandatory for interrogation. The perpetrators of third degree torture i.e. Police Military personnel must be punished severelly. Not just on innocents, even on proven criminals police have no rights to torture. It is grossly inhuman & illegal.

At present, there is certain bias in the usage of scientific interrogation tools:-

1) Generally everybody is afraid of police & their corrupt practices. Even innocent persons are frightened of false fix-ups & third degree torture by police. This fear shows up in their heightened anxiety level, changes in their blood pressure, respiration, heart-beat etc., There are chances of misinterpreting this as the "Fear of a criminal of being caught"

2) These scientific tools are in the hands of police only. Therefore it is biased towards the police or prosecution in a case. Forensic science labs where these scientific interrogations are conducted are under the control of Police department . Fundamental objective of police is to prove their case, the prosecutions stand point rather than finding out the truth. Sometimes, the stand points of prosecution police are influenced by caste, political & monetary considerations. This bias reflects in the preparation of the "Questionnaire by the Interrogator" The interrogator if he wants to bring out a negative image of the accused before the court, he prepares the questionnaire such that only negative issues come out as the answers. If the accused has got political patronage & has paid hefty bribe to the police questionnaire is prepared such as to bring out a positive image, to highlight innocent image of the accused. Leaving out all other related questions, which brings out truth, a negative image of the accused. The police are the one who decide the fate, destiny of the accused.

3) Every human being has two personalities with in his sub - conscious mind one personality is evil, selfish & craves for all material pleasures. The other personality is good , humane & sociable one. Whenever an issue comes up before a human being , whenever a human being sees, reads or hears a subject two opinions are formulated about it by him. One by his evil, selfish ego the other by his good, humane self .A perfect human being, a social being is one who controls his mind, contains the evil influences of his selfish self and follows the guidance of his good self. This readily expresses itself through good humane social actions. A criminal is one who does not have control over his mind and acts according to the evil guidance of the selfish self. There are chances of mis-interpretation during scientific interrogation . If you expose only evil self you will get a negative image or else if you expose only the good self you will get a positive image of the accused. For a balanced view, you have to see the both evil-self & good self of the accused together with his past & present actions.

4) At present only it is the prosecution who can use these scientific interrogation facilities, but not the defence. In the fake stamp paper scam during Narco Analysis , king pin Mr. Karim Lala Telgi blurted out the truth - gave out the names of his VVIP accomplices, Police accomplices, his business details, so far so good.

Hereby I do request you to order both the union government & all state governments :-

1) To keep the forensic science laboratories under the control of autonomous bodies like National Human Rights Commission.

2) To make the scientific facilities of interrogation available for both the prosecution & the defence of course, for a fee.

3) To enact legislation to subject the corrupt investigating officer, corrupt public prosecutor, corrupt presiding judge of the case, etc., to scientific interrogations, by both the defence & prosecution. 4) To factor in the allowances for the natural fear for police (for their corrupt, ruthless, devil face)

5) To create an unbiased impartial atmosphere free of fear or favour to conduct the scientific interrogation.

6) To enact guidelines for scientific interrogation for framing questions to bring out both good & evil self in the sub conscious to have a balanced view of the man under question together with his past & present actions .

7) To make it mandatory for all cases including VVIPs . In various cases scams, involving VVIPs cases drag on for years. Public money is wasted through waste of deliberations of the house (Parliament, Legislative Assembly), Waste through constitution of Parliamentary committees , Judicial commissions, why not all those VVIPs accused of involvement in scams subjected to tests like Narco analysis, poly graph, Brain finger printing etc., So that L K Advani & Murali Manohar Joshi will tell about Babri Masjid demolition, Sonia gandhi family will tell about Bofors, George Fernandese about Tehelka, P V Narasimha Rao about Jain Diary, Forgery case , Sukharam about Telecom purchases, Lallo Prasad Yadav about fodder scam. The scam tainted VVIP list goes on. Why not these VVIPs are subjected to scientific interrogation with unbiased questionnaire?



A criminal is not born, but made by social circumstances. For the crime scenario in India , every citizen of India is indirectly responsible. Our present inefficient, corrupt legal system , is wholly dependent on evidences which a rich criminal can create or destroy at his sweet will. Police forcibly take confessions from the accussed , by applying 3rd degree torture methods. Some of the judges are literally auctioning " judicial orders" for bribe. Due to all these reasons one cann't be 100% sure about one criminal's conviction. In such cases, capital punishment will be unfair & inhuman. It must be made mandatory, in all death penalty cases that polygraph, lie detector tests, etc must be conducted on " death convicts " , to know whether they are innocent or guilty inspite of hostile evidences. Fundamentally, the capital punishment has failed

as a deterrent.

The people who clamour for continuance of death penalty are BIASED, INHUMAN, BUTCHERS & CANIBALS. Why don't they ask for death penalty to policemen, who murder people through 3rd degree torture, in lock-ups & fake encounters ? why don't they ask for death penalty to corrupt judges who sells judicial orders for bribe ? why don't they ask for death penalty to builders who cause building collapses, resulting in mass murders ? why don't they ask for death

penalty to corrupt government doctors who refuses to treat poor patient without bribe, causing the murder of poor patient ? why don't they ask for death penalty to industrialist/ traders who sell adulterated food items, spurious drugs/ medicines, in turn causing mass murders ? why don't they ask for death penalty to corrupt government officials , who help criminals, industrialists? Why don't they ask for death penalty to politicians who create communal & other riots, who have ties with foreign intelligence agencies, terrorist outfits ? Why don't they ask for death penalty to mole in the P.M.O & the senior officers of National Security Council who passed on national secrets ? Why don't they ask for death penalty to public servants , ministers who gave aid , support to terrorist outfits like L.T.T.E out of government of india coffers , killing hundreds of srilankans , tamils ?

These are the guilty persons , criminals who don't personally , directly murder human beings but cunningly murder hundreds which go unnoticed by any. For the person who barbarically murders one human being you prescribe CAPITAL PUNISHMENT but for those who murder hundreds you say nothing why ? THEY WON'T ASK FOR IT, BECAUSE MOST OF THE PERSONS WHO ARE DEMANDING DEATH PENALTY ARE BIASED, SELFISH & BELONG TO ONE OF THE SECTIONS OF CRIMINALS MENTIONED ABOVE. They lack objectivity.

Death penalty is the ultimate . cruel , inhuman and degrading punishment. It violates the right to life Article 1 of universal declaration of human rights. It is irrevocable , prone to judicial errors and can be inflicted on innocents. It has never been shown to deter crime more effectively than other punishments. In most of the countries including india , judicial system is ineffective , inefficient to prosecute impartially both poor & rich criminals. Those condemned to death penalty mostly come from poor background who are unable to afford wise & articulate Advocates who can efficiently argue their case. Against these poor accussed , the criminal nexus of police-criminal-bureaucrat builds up fake evidences , extracts forced confessions by 3rd degree torture. Most of death convicts world over belongs to either poor , TRIBALS , DALITS , etnic minorities , political dissidents , children , mentally ill. No rich & mighty criminal is ever prosecuted let alone hanged.

The judicial system which depends on technical facts like evidences lacks sense to figure out truth out of fake evidences , also as judges are human beings they are prone to err. Add to this corruption in judiciary. Death penalty is irreversible & irrevocable. In a mature democracy like U.S.A with relatively efficient judicial system itself hundreds of cases of death convicts were found to be wrong , convicts were found to be innocents upon review & were let free. Where as in india , the accussed lacks the wherewithal to argue his case in the first place then how can he arrange for case review ? no judge is god , if a hanged person is found to be innocent the judge doesn't has the ability to bring back the hanged person to life , do such judges have right to snatch away lives ?


1. to stay all death penalties until equitable criminal justice system with respect to above mentioned rich & mighty criminals is put into force .

2. until death penalty is abolished, to make poly graph, lie detector tests mandatory for all death convicts in a free & fair manner by a neutral authority , to ascertain whether the convict is really guilty or innocent of the alleged crime .

3. until death penalty is abolished , to give a peaceful choice of death to the death convicts like sleeping pill, injection, gun shot, etc instead of medieval & barbaric " death by hanging".

4. finally, to abolish death penalty from statuette books.

3RD DEGREE TORTURE PERPETRATED BY POLICE IN INDIA- Gross violations of human rights by police At the outset , HRW salutes the few honest police personnel who are silently doing their duties inspite of pressures , harassment by political bosses & corrupt superiors , inspite of frequent transfers , promotion holdups , etc. overcoming the lure of bribe ,those few are silently doing their duties without any publicity or fanfare. we salute them & pay our respects to them and hereby appeal to those few honest to catch their corrupt colleagues. The police are trained , to crack open the cases of crimes by just holding onto a thread of clue. Based on that clue they investigate like "Sherlock holmes" and apprehend the real criminals. nowadays , when police are under various pressures , stresses – they are frequently using 3rd degree torture methods on innocents. Mainly there are 3 reasons for this : 1) when the investigating officer (I.O) lacks the brains of Sherlock holmes , to cover-up his own inefficiency he uses 3rd degree torture on innocents. 2) When the I.O is biased towards rich , powerful crooks , to frame innocents & to extract false confessions from them , 3rd degree torture is used on innocents. 3) When the I.O is properly doing the investigations , but the higher-ups need very quick results – under work stress I.O uses 3rd degree torture on innocents. Nowhere in statuette books , police are legally authorized to punish let alone torture the detainees / arrested / accussed / suspects. Only the judiciary has the right to punish the guilty not the police. Even the judiciary doesn't have the right to punish the accussed / suspects , then how come police are using 3rd degree torture unabetted. Even during encounters , police only have the legal right , authority to immobilize the opponents so as to arrest them but not to kill them. There is a reasoning among some sections of society & police that use of 3RD DEGREE TORTURE by police is a detterent of crimes. It is false & biased. Take for instance there are numerous scams involving 100's of crores of public money – like stock scam , fodder scam , etc involving rich businessmen , VVIP crooks. Why don't police use 3rd degree torture against such rich crooks and recover crores of public money where as the police use 3rd degree torture against a pick-pocketer to recover hundred rupees stolen ? double standards by police. In media we have seen numerous cases of corrupt police officials in league with criminals. For the sake of bribe , such police officials bury cases , destroy evidences , go slow , frame innocents , murder innocents in the name of encounter , etc. why don't police use 3rd degree torture against their corrupt colleagues who are aiding criminals , anti nationals ? double standards by police. All the bravery of police is shown before poor , innocents , tribals , dalits , before them police give the pose of heroes. Whereas , before rich , VVIP crooks , they are zeroes. They are simply like scarecrows before rich crooks. Torture in any form by anybody is inhuman & illegal. For the purpose of investigations police have scientific investigative tools like polygraph, brain mapping , lie detector , etc. these scientific tools must be used against rich crooks & petty criminals without bias. hereby we urge the GOI & all state governments : 1) to book cases of murder against police personnel who use 3rd degree torture on detainees and kill detainees in the name of encounter killings. 2) To dismiss such inhuman , cruel personnel from police service and to forfeit all monetary benefits due to them like gratuity , pension , etc. 3) To pay such forfeited amount together with matching government contribution as compensation to family of the victim's of 3rd degree torture & encounter killings. 4) To review , all cases where false confessions were extracted from innocents by 3rd degree torture. 5) To make liable the executive magistrate of the area , in whose jurisdiction torture is perpetrated by police on innocents. 6) To make it incumbent on all judicial magistrates ,to provide a torture free climate to all parties , witnesses in cases before his court. 7) To make public the amount & source of ransom money paid to forest brigand veerappan to secure the release of matinee idol mr. raj kumar. 8) To make public justice A.J.Sadashiva's report on "torture of tribals , human rights violations by Karnataka police in M.M.HILLS , KARNATAKA". 9) To make it mandatory for police to use scientific tools of investigations like brain mapping , polygraph , etc without bias against suspects rich or poor. 10) To include human rights education in preliminary & refresher training of police personnel. 11) To recruit persons on merit to police force who have aptitude & knack for investigations. 12) To insulate police from interference from politicians & superiors. 13) To make police force answerable to a neutral apex body instead of political bosses. Such body must be empowered to deal with all service matters of police. 14) The political bosses & the society must treat police in a humane manner and must know that they too have practical limitations. Then on a reciprocal basis , police will also treat others humanely. 15) The police must be relieved fully from the sentry duties of biggies & must be put on detective , investigative works.


Recently, it has been reported in the media , how in gujarath state high ranking police officials took SUPARI to murder & committed the murders by giving it the name of encounter. Nowadays , it has become common place that police take law into their own hands , settle scores , conducts their own courts of justice like compromise panchayaths at police stations. All these acts of police are illegal , the police must first thought the lessons of law before enforcing it. The murderers ,criminals in police uniform must be punished at the earliest.

LAW GUARDIANS THEMSELVES ARE LAW BREAKERS - POLICE TURNING INTO ROBBERERS IN KARNATAKA In india corruption has spread it's tentacles far & wide. Recently karnataka lokayukta has arrested 5 top cops on charges of corruption . in raid he has unearthed crores of rupees worth propperties & cash. Nowadyas police play the role of a mediator in land disputes , property disputes , accident cases , etc. They don't book the cases as per law , instead they settle it through mediation & in some cases coerces innocents , poor people without backing to come to compromise with rich criminals.

They threaten poor people with faslse fix-ups in cases , 3rd degree torture , etc , if they don't agree to compromise . without an alternative poor people agree to the forced down compromise formula. In the end , mediating cop gets a hefty commission from the rich criminal. The corrupt cops collect mamools from bar owners , transporters , etc to shield their illegal deals. Now as the Mumbai encounter specialisty S.I. DAYA NAYAK's case is unfolding , it is becoming clear what he did as a S.I OF POLICE are not encounter deaths , cunningly planned & ruthlessly executed supari murders. Mr.daya nayak is not a encounter specialist but a hit man for the under world in uniform. Literally corrupt police are nothing but GOONDAS , ROWDIES IN UNIFORM.

The corrupt habbits of corrupt police die hard. Even if they are posted to C.B.I , VIGILANCE , LOKAYUKTA , etc, they make money by passing on information about raid details. Thereby , they help the guilty to escape. Abiut this issue karnataka upalokayukta himself has expressed his heplessness . lokayukta police are on deputation from state police , lokayukta don't have any powers to take disciplinary action against his own subordinates , he can recommend it only to his mother organisation. What a paradox. Cops turning into thieves & the lokayukta police who are supposed to book corrupt themselves corrupt.

The politicians in power simply make statements about giving more powers to lokayukta , on record they don't do any thing. As the corrupt officials are one of the sources of party funds & those corrupt officials themselves help corrupt politicians in doing corrupt deals & shielding it. H.D kumara swamy chief minister of karnataka has said "I want to send a strong message to government servants that stringent action will be taken against corrupt elements among them without fear or favour. We will empower the Lokayukta with more legal powers to continue its crackdown on all officials indulging in corrupt activities."

The arrested police personnel are deputy superintendent of police (Bangalore rural) N. Krishnappa, Crime Branch inspector Shami-ur-Rahman, VVIP security inspector N. Narayanaswamy, Koramangala (south Bangalore) inspector Mir Arif Ali and Yeshwantpur (north Bangalore) inspector Shivanna. Lokayukta chief N. Venkatachalaiah said: "It is not about the quantum of money or properties seized but the rot that has set in the system. If lawmakers turn into law breakers, how can people have confidence in them?"

However these corrupt people pay a part of the looted booty to their superiors & political masters , as a result in the end nothing happens out of enquiries or investigations. At the most these guilty person are transferred to another fertile location away from the eyes of people to make more money. in some cases even the guilty corrupt officers are promoted. The fate of over 100 reports of the Karnataka Lokayukta against government servants, facing charges of corruption, is hanging in the balance with the Karnataka High Court declaring that Lokayukta will not inherit the powers of Upalokayukta to take suo motu action, when Upalokayukta's post is vacant.

Further, the future of about 1,000 cases being investigated by the Lokayukta has also become uncertain as in all these cases the Lokayukta had exercised the suo motu power available only to the Upalokayukta under the Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984. The Lokayukta had invoked suo motu powers and initiated action on complaints against government servants as the State government had failed to appoint Upalokayukta. The post is vacant since April 2002. The Karnataka High Court, in the case between Prof S N Hegde, former vice-chancellor of Mysore University and the Karnataka Lokayukta, has declared that Lokayukta had no jurisdiction to discharge the functions of Upalokayukta when "no Upalokayukta is appointed".

The High Court had also clarified that the Lokayukta can carry out functions of Upalokayukta only when Upalokayukta is unable to discharge his duties due to "absence, illness or any other causes". However, the Lokayukta was empowered to investigate a case, not defined under the Act, if the Government refers the case to the Lokayukta through a notification, according High Court's observation.

But the State government, except in a few cases, has neither referred the complaints to the Lokayukta through a special notification nor appointed Upalokayukta so that it can inquire into these complaints. With this, it is clear that in all these cases Lokayukta acted without jurisdiction as government had not referred most of the complaints to Lokayukta when post of Upalokayukta is vacant, said a senior advocate.

In the light of the above observations by the High Court to the most of the cases investigated by the Lokayukta while exercising the powers of Upalokayukta would mean that all the action taken by the Lokayukta would become void ab-initio (not legally binding), observed an advocate. However, the benefit of these judgement would available to the government servants only when they question Lokayukta's action before the High Court, said an official of the Law Department. "Inaction on the part of the Government in appointing Upalokayukta has seriously affected the painstaking investigations done by the Lokayukta", said a police officer attached to Lokayukta police wing. Meanwhile, realising the impact of the High Court order, the State government, apart from preferring an appeal against this verdict before a larger bench, has initiated the measures to clothe the Lokayukta with suo motu powers. According sources, the government was also studying the possibility of giving suo motu powers with retrospective effect so that the reports already submitted by the Lokayukta and the cases under investigation would not become invalid following High Court's verdict. Lokayukta Justice N Venkatachala and State Advocate General A N Jayaram said that they have decided to challenge this judgement of single judge bench before a division of the High Court. However all is not last , there are few sincere hard working police officers in the state police , there are sincere public servants like lokayukta & upa lokayukta , let all of us support them. India will be a corruption free country.

education sevice or money spinning business – crimes by educational institutions _ an appeal to honourable supreme court of India

Education is a wealth which must be shared with the needy & education alone elevates human beings from all miseries. Keeping this in mind in the olden days numerous philanthropists have donated buildings , lands , money to educational institutions. Keeping the same objective in mind & knowing fully well about rampant illiteracy in India resulting in various social problems , our constitutional frame workers made literacy of masses a priority for every government & part of directive principles of our constitution.

Now , various politicians , their cronies some of whom are not even matriculates are opening schools , colleges , professional institutions not to serve society by providing education to the masses. But to make money , as education is a no loss only profit business. Are these people opening these educational institutions as corporate bodies which legally permits them to indulge in educational businesses, NO. They form charitable trusts & educational institutions as part of those trusts with the avowed objective of serving the society , needy poor persons & to provide them education. Therby , they get prime lands , CA sites from government authorities at concessional rates , they get tax cuts , they import instruments & equipments at concessional rates with duty exemptions. The government extends all these benefits to those trusts to serve the poor. However , these trusts never admit poor persons to their institutions , they extract huge donations from parents of students. Sometimes they give fictious receipts , some don't give any receipts at all. The trustees never remitt those donations to the trust account. After paying such huge donations , still those parents are not admitted as members of the very same trust, lest they speak out against trust fund misuse. So, naturally the trust cheats the government of the taxes which ideally it must pay.

Many schools & professional colleges even lack the basic educational infrastructure to provide education , still they are running the show since years . courtesy corrupt public servants. Take the recent government of Karnataka education department order , which has ordered to shut down more than 22200 schools in Karnataka state. These 2200 schools were functioning since years teaching students in English medium although they were legally permitted to teach only in kannada medium. The range A.E.Os , E.O , B.D.O everybody were aware of this but kept mum as bribe money was in their mouth , the only persons who didn't know the truth were hapless parents. The schools gave wide advertisements , pamphlets inviting admissions for English medium schools , even on the boards of school , school stationeries , receipts , etc , it is mentioned as ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL. So , in this mass cheating act of educational institution managements together with corrupt government servants , now hapless parents & careers of budding young children is getting a beating. The shameless double act of government now to close down these schools is not right , the government should have done this in the very first year of these educational institutions. These managements have cheated the parents & also violated the faith of the consumer .

Hereby , we do humbly request you to register cheating case against managements of these 2200 educational institutions together with respective range A.E.O , E.O , B.D.O as per IPC and to provide relief , compensation to parents of students as per consumer act.

ANTI DALIT POLICIES OF PRIVATE I.T.Is IN KARNATAKA Recently in the last week , Karnataka lokayukta sleuths have caught redhanded the joint director of DG E&T at mysore while taking bribe to sanction financial grant in aid to private I.T.Is. this is the second time that official has been caught by lokayukta sleuths. This is just one case , In DG E&T there is corruption galore , students pay bribe to get attendance , to get internal assessment marks , etc. the staff pay bribe to DG E&T officials to get grants , to get heir monthly salary bills passed , to get affiliations , etc. The problem in private I.T.Is are so acute that , certain institutions promoted by people with political connections don't have adequate training infrastructure for students , staff strength - students to teacher ratio is less than the norm , portions are not thought properly nor completed in time , the students even lack basic necessities like urinals – the fate of girl students only god must assist. The miracle such institutions are functioning since years & have even got government financial grant in aid . In such private I.T.Is , the corrupt managements have recruited only forward caste people who can pay bribe . the managements in league with corrupt DG E&T officials have extracted bribes from the staff members to secure government grant in aid , also every month the managements recover 25-30% of salary from the staff without any receipt. The end looser in all these the STUDENTS. How come these private I.T.Is who have only employed forward caste people , lacking adequate teaching infrastructure have got affiliations from the government ? how come they are functioning since years in this fashion ? how come they have got government financial grants , while private I.T.Is run by honest managements providing proper infrastructure to students & employing staff irrespective of religion or caste , are struggling to get government grant in aid ? the miracle is enacted by the people like above stated corrupt ones .



In India, every human soul is weeping after witnessing massive los of human lives In earth quake , heavy rains & floods. Add to this various natural tragedies. When your fellow countrymen are suffering, in Kashmir militants butchered innocents, in delhi also they murdered innocents through serial bomb blasts. Recently in maharashtra they made bomb blasts. Kashmiri militants claim they are fighting for kashmiris, when the very same kashmiris were suffering from loses due to earthquake why didn't the so-called jihadis didn't make any relief efforts? Why didn't their foreign master – Pakistan didn't make any relief efforts? Within the pak occupied Kashmir ( pok) itself, Pakistan didn't make appropriate relief efforts. It is government of India & international community who provided proper & timely relief.

The foreign powers are not at all interested in your well being. They are ready to spend millions of dollars for aiding terrorism, but not ready to spend a few hundreds for your education , health care or self employment schemes through NGOs. The fact is they don't want your well being, they don't want you to prosper, live peacefully. The ultimate objective of these foreign powers is to take you on the path of self destruction, destruction of your motherland & to finally usurp the power, to subjugate you into slavery in turn looting the resources of your country.

Ofcourse, in India there is rampant corruption. Still democracy is live & kicking in India, it is the best form of governance. You have got real examples of countries in Africa, latin America, wherein the countries have secured independence through separatist / terrorist movements. The terrorist leaders themselves have become prime minister / president of newly independent countries. Now, they are more corrupt & barbaric than their predecessors . even after getting independence, the lives of commonfolk has become bad to worse. By independence , only leaders have benefited. Will you lead another struggle ? this is endless, as the selfishness , greed of leaders knows no bounds.

In the past, government of India aided tamil separatists, Pakistan terrorists, etc, butchering innocents. The government of U.S.A aided terrorists in Africa, afghanisthan, latin America , murdering innocents. Various countries have aided terrorism while preaching peace. These barbaric acts were motivated by selfish, corrupt, ego-centric leaders. Now, in the bomeerang effects of their actions, innocents are dying in bomb blasts, etc.

Violence breds violence. Peace & compassion results in all round harmony, prosperity. Every human being must struggle against injustices in a peaceful & legal manner. The struggle must be against the corrupt system, for that peaceful struggle democracy is the best forum. Don't be pawns in the hands of foreign powers, politicians. They are not at all interested in your welfare, well being. At the end, it is the leaders who become ministers & amass wealth through corruption. The common folk like you will remain as fiddlings, minions forever.

Just imagine yourselves in the place of victims of delhi serial bomb blasts ( 29/10/2005). Your mother & wife are crying, your children are dead , your father's hands & limbs are ripped apart in the blast. How does it feel to be one ? no religion, no god asks it's followers to cause destruction. All religions, gods are full of eternal love & compassion. Let that god shine his light, upon you all on the violent path. Let us build ram rajya of mahatma's dream through non violent means within the existing democratic framework .that ram rajya is aptly described by poet shri. Ravindranath tagore as, Where the mind is without fear & the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches it's arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has not lost it's way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom , my father Let my country awake.

FAILURE OF CONSTITUTIONAL DUTIES BY H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA & HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA – SHOW CAUSE NOTICE In the democratic india , whenever a citizen suffers from injustice , violation of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights / human rights he can appeal to the higher Authorities for justice , then to the next higher authority in the hierarchy . if it fails he can approach the police , courts of justice. Finally he can appeal to the first citizen of the country & supreme court of india . Now , corruption is more prevalent in police & judiciary. To my numerous appeals for justice , HRW's appeals for justice concerning public good , the public servants have failed to perform , the police have taken biased action & finally H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA , HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA are mum. They have failed to perform their constitutional duties. All the doors of justice are closed for me. HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH has brought to the notice of government cases of rights violations , crimes , tax evasions by public servants & corporate bodies , it also offerred it's services in apprehending corporate criminals stealing crores of tax money. there was no response . the police & authorities are keen , over zealous in apprehending & prosecuting a pick-pcketer stealing Rs.10 , where as it cover-ups the crimes of corporate criminals stealing lakhs , crores of tax money. the government even rewards such corporate criminals with tax exemptions , subsidies , etc. Is it equitable justice ? true democracy of mahatma's vision ? This type of corrupt administration in india since independence has made the lives of commoners miserable and is the main driving force for the rise of NAXALISM , TERRORISM / SEPARATIST MOVEMENTS & UNDER WORLD. However violence is not the solution, violence breeds more violence & mahatma's democracy true swaraj cann't be set up on the basis of violence. When all the doors of justice are closed for a commonman ( sufferer of gross injustices ) without financial might or contacts , he has the following options : 1. to take law into his own hands & settle scores. But it is illegal although naturally justified . 2. to suffer more & more injustices conciling to the fact , ground reality that democracy in india is fake only a facade. 3. To committ suicide to runaway from all injustices. But that is illegal & cowardice. 4. To spread awareness among public about corruption in police , judiciary , public service & to kindle the light of crusade in them within legal democratic frame work although presently sufferring from gross injustices. All in the hope that tommorrow will be bright & sunny , with the dawn of mahatma gandhi's swaraj. Your excellency & your honourable sir , kindly tell me – tell the common people which way to take & answer the show-cause notice. _____________________________________________________________________ SHOW-CAUSE NOTICE TO H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA & HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA. In india democracy is a farce , freedom a mirage. the most basic freedom RIGHT TO INFORMATION & EXPRESSION , is not honoured by the government,as the information opens up the crimes of V.V.I.Ps & leads to their ill-gotten wealth. The public servants are least bothered about the lives of people or justice to them. these type of fat cats , parasites are a drain on the public exchequer . these people want ,wish me to see dead , wish to see HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH closed . so that, a voice against injustices is silenced forever , the crimes of V.V.I.Ps closed , buried forever. To my numerous appeals , HRW's appeals to you ,you have not yet clearly shows that you are least bothered about the lives of people or justice to them .it proves that you are hell bent to protect the criminals at any cost. you are just pressurising the police to enquire me ,to take my statement, to repeatedly call me to police station all with a view to silence me.all of you enjoy "legal immunity privileges" ,why don't you have given powers to the police / investigating officer to summon all of you for enquiry ?or else why don't all of you are not appearing before the police voluntarily for enquiry ?at the least why don't all of you are not sending your statement about the case to the police either through legal counsel or through post? you are aiding criminals ,by denying me job oppurtunities in R.B.I CURRENCY NOTE PRESS mysore , city civil court ,bangalore , distict court , mysore ,etc & by illegally closing my newspaper. there is a gross, total mismatch between your actions and your oath of office. this amounts to public cheating & moral turpitude on your part. are making contempt of the very august office you hold. are making contempt of the constitution of india. are making contempt of citizens of india. are sponsoring & aiding terorrism & organized crime. are violating the fundamental & human rights of the citizens of india and of neighbouring countries. are violating & making contempt of the U.N HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER to which india is a signatory. are obstructing me from performing my fundamental duties as a citizen of india. Both of you are hereby called upon to SHOW-CAUSE within 30 days , why you cann't be legally prosecuted for the above mentioned crimes . in future , with regard to this case if i am called to police station or court , etc, the loss of my wages & the related expenses must be borne by the government. Meanwhile , if anything untoward happens to me or to my dependents, both of you will be directly held responsible along with the perpatrators of crime and you are liable to pay rupees twenty lakhs as compensation to the survivors of my family.if none of my dependents survive,donate rupees twenty lakhs to the mother theresa's MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY TRUST,kolkata.india.

Edited, printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ #LIG-2 / 761,HUDCO FIRST STAGE ,OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL ,MYSORE ………. 570017INDIA……………………cell :09341820313 home page :,, , ,, contact : , A member of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA

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