Tuesday, March 20, 2007

are VVIPs above law ? 2

LEGAL IMMUNITY VS LEGAL PROSECUTION We at HRW , have highest regard & respects for the honest few in public service & parliament. It is only due to the sincere efforts of those honest few , wheel of democracy is turning in India. We salute those honest few public servants. We have highest regards & respect for all constitutional institutions & persons. In democratic India , as per law all are equal. However due to manipulation of law some are proving to be more than equals. now criminalization of politics , public service is almost complete. There are many accussed persons in Indian parliament & state legislatures as members of the house – as law makers. Some of these members are making contempt of the house , very august office they hold , constitution of India & citizens of India.. these accussed persons are king makers , they can make or break a government. For the fear of government falling down , their colleagues in the government never give legal sanction to the authorities to to legally prosecute such tainted MPs , MLAs. In this way one helps the other on quid pro quo. As a result , the tainted members misuse the legal immunity privileges. In this backdrop , the recent ruling of supreme court of India is welcome that prior government sanction is not needed to proceed against tainted MPs & MLAs. Hereby , we urge the GOI & all state governments to answer the following questions : 1) how many present MPs , MLAs are facing criminal charges ? how many in the past year wise ?what type ? 2) how many MPs , MLAs are absconders in police records , but are very much present in the house ? 3) how impartiality of investigations is ensured in such cases ? 4) why brain mapping , lie detector tests , etc are not used on such tainted public servants to elicit truth , instead of forming committees , CBI enquiry which takes years spending crores finally returning empty handed ? 5) how many MPs , MLAs , film stars , sports persons have attended parties hosted by anti-national dawood ibrahim abroad ? 6) how wealth growth of public servants is monitored ? 7) what action has been taken about former union minister mr.subramaniam swamy's complaint that late prime minister rajiv gandhi's family received funds from foreign intelligence agency ? 8) what action about KGB officer mitrokhin's revelation in his book that , highest persons in GOI were working for foreign intelligence outfits ? are they still ? 9) what action about former union minister mr.natwar singh's complaint of a leak in PMO which leaked out india's nuclear secrets to foreign countries ? are they still ? 10) how many MPs , MLAs occupied offices of profit prior to recent amendment to the same section ? yearwise ? 11) why all of them were not disqualified from the membership of the house ? 12) how you monitor MPs , MLAs of foreign origin or having spouses of foreign origin or having foreign friends , acquaintances while in India & their tour abroad , from national security perspective ? 13) how many bills passed by the parliament / state legislatures approved by the president / governors are pending enforcement due to delay in gazette notification ? year wise ? delay ?

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